Sunday, September 14, 2008

is freaking Ready For Love/LISA SMOLKIN'S ART

"Cock Sucker". this is one of my favourites.
7,000 pieces of art. quiety amassed over the last decade. by lisa kim smolkin.not even kidding.

punky brewster shoes
There's Lisa holding a photograph i took of her 7 or 8 years ago. 2000..or quite possibly was one of those toronto trips for me. Hard to say when. Her room was so good at that time: bunk bed, children's vanity with a tiny pic of isaac brock wearing an amish-type hat taped to the mirror, a console, a few records: notable Heart's LITTLE QUEEN album, her ballet warm-up leotard crucified to the wall.

Gold. "there's people out there/turning music into gold"...'those california girls/are the greatest in the world/each one a song in the making/they're singing right to me/i can hear their melody/their story is there for the taking..." I'm obsessed with that song right now. It's an obscure 80s hit by Jon Stewart and Stevie Nicks. It's called GOLD.

Dr. Hauschka

woah way too much bad company today..the band, that is. you know...'ready for love, woah baby i'm ready for love...'
i've been dee-elling music. stealing music off the internet. vancouver does this me. it's all music all the time. i've been riding tammy's nishiki all over the city - in the brutal bad v-city traffic (fools on cel phones/fools who don' t know how to drive) w/ earbuds plugged in. This neat guy i know who lives in tokyo said he'd ride his bike thru a 5-lane intersection in the absolute HEART of tokyo - quite possibly the most dangerous place in the world listening to music super cranked - not a care in the world.
nary a care.
i was inspired.
carrie was playing at a revue theatre the other night. i was so tired i felt like i was on acid and obvs couldn't go w/ ted bois. sad face. maybe my last opportunity to see it on a huge screen. haven't ever done that.

if it was raining everyday here - it would suck real bad. even though i invested in world's greatest rain gear.

i'm clearing out.
it's okay.
but it's sad
all the same.

i'm very sorry for the time lapse. i've been re-configuring. i'm going thru changes. That sabbath song is one of the sadder ones.

I got to see Hello, Blue Roses last night. I'm a lucky camper. Sydney Hermant and Daniel Bejar. Sweetheart duo. Sweetheart duo with a new baby GLORIA. I've been staying w/ them all week while i'm going thru changes/ay yeah...It's life affirming to hang out with a functioning family. Wow. People actually do it.

I know lots of people who do it. It's just nice to be around it alot.

Anyways, the show was GREAT. Sydney played flute jethro tulle style and whistled and played guitar and shook a shaker in the shape of a skull (purple) and sang in her beautiful soprano. I love their album. It's one of my favourites of the last year. Their harmonies together. Dan does these cool bows after each song. Super wicked.

Right now they are downstairs making dalle. I'm doing super boring admin stuff in my fake office. I'm doing everything BUT work on this grant deadline. whoops.

oh well.

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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