Thursday, March 25, 2010

don't overthink it

favourite thing of the week:

Katie Stelmanis. I love this budget/magic video...plastic witch hats/modern dance/drowning/synchronized swimming @ community pool/neon fire/in a dinge-y city park*..her VOICE is so beautiful.

the 'drugs' photo is by meesoo lee.♣
*Toronto - a city where great people live.
I (dont) need that gordon gekko cordless phone. JS used to re-enact this scene holding up two video cassettes in lieu of that phone...setting off peels of laughter (from me..and if you know me, you know what that sounds like).

Thursday, March 18, 2010


srsly. thot this blog had been hacked into but it had something to do w/ my TWITTER ACCOUNT. good thing i know JEFF who fixed this probz.
song of the day in honour of alex chilton
found out he wrote theme song'That 70s Show' which i managed to NEVER watch b/c i hated TV in the 90s...This sounds like Cheap Trick AND Big Star. YAH! so just to clarify: chilton from Big Star wrote this and Cheap Trick performed it.

steal a car
drive on down
pick you up
and we'll drive around

not a thing to do/but talk to you


(i'm (still) writing some songs right now. Write now). i'll just talk about it and mention it here and there & that'll be that.

Monday, March 15, 2010

"even a palace can be a prison"

(i'm trying to save some time so i'm 'publishing' this email i wrote to one of my favourite penpal friends..since dawn of time..and then i just turn it into a blog entry. anyways.....)

hi SC

i hope you got some breathing in.
i know all about that. (eg page from forthcoming 'selves': DEEP BREATHS ALWAYS RELAXED HER)
what are the galleries you have to interview @?

'fake it till you make it'

'i fake it so real/i am beyond fake'

(i still dont unnerstand that hole lyric. nor do i care to)

i just saw 'young victoria'. it was splendid. nothing & i mean NOTHING bad happens*.
she and prince albert GENUINELY were in heart/love.

i realize that i sat thru the whole movie waiting for something bad to happen.

well. he does (spoiler alert) DIE. but not in the movie. and of course she dies, too. but not till her 80s.
he died at 42 of typhoid fever.

which is why it is 'splendid' (that he didn't die in the movie. maybe all the bad stuff happens later)

they had NINE CHILDREN*. 9! all with splendid names like helena, louise, arthur, alfred, alice, leopold, beatrice and so forth.

here's my favourite piece of information:

Reflecting back into her childhood, Victoria was always prone to self pity. On Dec. 14th 1861 Albert died from typhoid fever at Windsor Castle. Victoria remained in self-imposed seclusion for ten years. This genuine, but obsessive mourning kept her occupied for the rest of her life and played an important role in the evolution of what would become the Victorian mentality.

Growing up in Victoria, I was brainwashed by images of this queen. My impressions were of her twilight years. She always looked miserable to me.

Now I know why.

(been watching some lady gaga. That is a fun video in a Prisoner: Cell Block H way/i dunno..clockwork orange/tarantino-ESQUE. too obvs?).

PS!!! WEIRD!! this JAIL motif is playing itself out over and over! (see previous blog entry) that video..and then I watched 'I've Loved You So Long' which about a sister who is released from prison..for's a beautiful movie. unfolds so perfectly. HIGHLY 'young victoria' she says, "even a palace can be a prison". I keep thinking about jail. just thinking.
also..thinking about AUSTRALIA nonstop (& about 5,000 other things)

Interesting Fact: an average person has 20,000 thoughts per day. 90% of which are useless.

*i forgot. he does take a bullet for her. (albert for victoria). my bad, s'all good. he doesn't die.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


this photo i found whilst wasting my time before bed catching myself up d-listed archives is...MY BROTHER! seriously. this is who i grew up with! THIS!

ok. my brother is a lil softer. JOAQUIN!! what happened? this photo is 2 years old..but i'm truly concerned. maybe things have mellowed out. i just saw 'the village'...i thought it was going to be scary scary but it turns into a love story and that made me happy. it's good. i love taking movies out of the library. i'd never hv watched that otherwise...unless i was on..a plane.

there are a hundred noteworthy things since my last post but i'll get back on track with that.

i'm dealing with my book stuff right now. oh yes.

Lovely Marisa Meltzer just posted this lil snippet on her blog:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i'm alive and I LIVE HERE.

boy oh boy oh boy oh B O Y!
i haven't been able to post b/c i've been IN JAIL. it's a libra/pluto/lil wayne thing and i am SO joking.
i'd never end up in jail. AZ IF.
maybe when i go to hell, i'll end up in JAIL. Hell's jail or A Jail In Hell would be hard.

this is jokes to the max. and i'm so unprofessional.

actually. i've been too busy playing the GUITAR. it's a miracle but i'm remembering all my 90s songs. how did this happen? it didn't happen 2 years ago when i tried to pick the thing up again after seven years OF NOT. there's something in the air. and you know it.

the photographs above is what i get to see everyday on my walk. this is over the little bridge i cross. i do VISUALIZATIONS for 2 seconds standing in the middle of the bridge. ok. really just PLEASE HELP ME FINISH MY BOOK.

and imagine the water rushing below though everything was finishing and moving away in the current. it must've worked.

of course by now..everything has melted. those days were very magical. ice queens.

PS i spent more time today thinking about jail. i bet ppl do illegal things just so they can go to jail. a safe place of sorts. if you're lucky in the cushy ones. saving us from ourselves.

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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