Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I've been making trees out of paper. Trees from the inside envelopes of my bank statements. Trees from collected tree sections from any book you can imagine. GRANGERIZING. like exquisite corpses. knights hanging from the tree tops. animals living below. Abstracted minimal forests from wood found out on the trails at Crag Lake...propped up skid style. against a wall. leaning.
i come from loggers.

The bird. I couldn't resist 'sticking a bird on it'...or putting a bird on it. it's an ezra jack keats' bird. i love him.

this is all part of a larger whole and just a fraction of the work i produced at the retreat.

this includes: a (two?) new 'selves-type' book(s), a boxed zine series (half-done? three quarters? hard to say. there is so much tricky poetry that needs much work. that could last years).....an angora quilt from the scraps of bunnies (so far looking like satellite photo of landmass/continents. tone on tone on tone), carefully collected fur scraps (from the tannery) and antique textiles. also. a painting series. forgot about that. some inspired by 'the joy of sex'. have u looked at that book? it's quite messed but the drawings/illustrations are beautiful. the text is demented. that book may have caused some damage? dont quote me on that.

things go into projects/sections or it will decided if it all gets mashed together and made sense of.
hard to say. may not see the light of day.

i havent made work at this volume in fifteen years.

Amy Sedaris

We share some initials. 
Here we are. That's me, Lisa Smolkin, a Chapters employee, a bunny, a book(s), some guy, a bottle of water and Amy Sedaris
That was something else.


That's my aluminum foil ball. I've been working on it for three years. it may not look like much but it is dense.
I started with nothing.
and went from there.

The big news is the Sobey Art Award nomination. We share some initials. I'm so thrilled about this long list.

I intend on posting images from the Ted Harrison Artists' Retreat that i just finished up. That was something.

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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