Thursday, July 15, 2010

Still Catching Up Here/Endless Love

Here are some interviews i have done in the last month.

this one is for the excellent WORN MAGAZINE. I am babbling about my idea of fashion:

Me Babbling About Fashion (which is kind of a hilarious concept)

One where I'm kind of emo/very exposing with Anne Elizabeth Moore

& one with the TORONTOIST with Dave Howard where we talked a bit about advertising and such

In other news, I'm about to hit the road AGAIN: here, here, here and HERE and the back again. I need a motor home.

And in other other news, I've been re-watching ENDLESS LOVE (1981) on youtube. That freaking movie!!! It's nuts. It was directed by Franco Zeffirelli who was also responsible for the 1968 Romeo And Juliet. This is basically a "modern version" of that: two teenagers so in love...they fall behind in their studies, brooke shields cant sleep, her bohemian family finally puts their foot down with DAVID who seems to have courted them all (weird confusion between the mother and DAVID. There's a scene where the mother spies on the teenagers 'making the love' in front of the fireplace IN THE LIVINGROOM of the family home. The cool doctor dad goes crazy on them and forbids them to see each other for 30 days. David can't go on (a scene of him in his room blasting 'i was made for loving you' by KISS. His mother does not understand. I wont give away the plot but it gets gnarly. If you dont want to know, dont read the next sentence. Basically there's a house fire and a psychiatric ward involved. Endless Love. I'm telling you. Dangereuse!

I have TWO COPIES of the soundtrack. I've also taken photographs of the TV screen while watching it (images of David wearing a sporty shirt with the jesus death year number 33. he's trying to ride his drop handle bike free style and looks truly gimped). I noticed this time around David and I have the same image of SATURN on our walls (from old National Geographic). Lots of planetary references. He wants to name a star after JADE (aka Brooke Shields).

James Spader plays the brother and a very gross young Tom Cruise has a slimy bit part. Ugh. He was so gross as a teenager. And as

It's an awesome movie and you watch is here for free! If you're bored and need to do some work in front of your computer. Or want to have your MIND BLOW and a broken brain. It's a great movie.

Monday, July 12, 2010

major ketchup. major catsup. need to majorly CATCH UP

(i dont even like ketchup)
a million 'blog-worthy' moments has happened in the last 3 months..i was too busy living them that blogging them. i could use a blog intern. i could use a doppleganger..i could use five of them: 'go do that in the yukon, while i do this in montreal'. etc etc etc.

i'll be back on it shortly.

miss you. stay tuned.

PS that Lennon 'Mindgames' album art was brought to you by my EX BF who i was having a visit with the other night. more like: MINDFK. AND DONT ASK ME HOW but he tried to save it to my desktop (how was he even on my computer? oh yes. we were youtubing tom petty & GOWAN videos) and MINDGAMES is still there but it's all pixilated and knowing me it'll stay there for the next 2 years b/c i 'cant be bothered' to change it/wont get around to it...or until i find My Blog Intern.

the pic of me is kinda sic but it went up by accident so it stays. Because right now everything in my life is an accident.

PPS wouldn't it be so nice to find a love like the love John and Yoko shared? It's a fantasy. It's a double fantasy. I dont believe it exists. I want to believe it exists but with my track record - it dont.

For me, my art always comes first...but then again...double fantasy: they were able to make art together and were inspired by each other to make more art. Mindgames.

PS and if i were you, i'd hit that GOWAN link. It's making me cry right now.

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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