Wednesday, December 9, 2009

cat's out of the bag

time for a sneak peak of my new book cover!

i'm SO STOKED on this cover. it happened like magic on the scanner. basically i had nothing to do with it. tell me what you think.

i found this link via 'The Comicbook Reporter'. if you scroll to the very end, you'll find me. That's right.

i attempted 'edge of seventeen' last nite at karaoke. that was so bad. hardly anyone was there (fortunately) but i definitely disgraced myself several times over. i apologized to the folks who were there. what else did i wreck? i seemed to have blocked it out. that song is OUT OF HAND. the only person who can pull it off is stevie nicks herself. although elisa - body double duet - rescued it. i just stood there shaking my head.

today i went to a really nice toy store on roncesvalles 'scooter girl'. i was meeting a lady who ordered a custom black angora bunny. i picked out a few SCHLEICH animals for my collection. The Sea Of Tea got me into those. I got a polar bear, an ostrich and a tiny black bear who looks like Frances (manx cat gone). The polar bear is good value - only $6.49 for basically a small sculpture. But this might be a gift for a polar bear friend. I know. this is fascinating.

um i better get back to packing. again. not quite a master yet.
that entry just felt like a bad note i passed in class. SORRY! i might as well be karaoke-ing 'edge of seventeen'. o. wait lindsay lohan can do that song!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Apocalypse Now/Roses Rise Above

just for Part B of Marathon Life. Part Zee? i dont know. no. cos that'd b The End.

I really, really love the text i received from a pal whilst trying to sleep after Hell Day Of Work. whilst falling asleep: beepbeepprockersong cel phone goingoff. text reads:

'what do you think about The Pick-Up Artist?'

i look at txt and shake my head 'not' and go back to sleep.10 minutes later...wake up AGAIN to:

'from 1987, that is'

this is a penpal friend from 1994. the only communication we have these days is relating thru movies. last week he lied to me (via txt) that

Krzysztof Kieślowski

does indeed have a post Three Colours piece: "Puce". K.K. had to make it cos he was broke. sofia coppola has a bad acting job death scene in it. Lying. (btw of that trilogy "Red" is my favourite. I even had the soundtrack).

i informed him i'm still making my way thru 'i spit on your grave' aka 'day of the woman' that rape revenge movie. (starring giallo actress Camille Keaton - granddaughter of Buster. She was married to the filmmaker: Meir Zarchi. Why would a husband put his wife thru that? I"m serious. there's a 30 minute 'rape scene' that is total B-movie but also barf-inducing. I have to keep turning it off.

'the pick-up artist' stars robert downey (pre'junior') and the effervescent (of that time): MOLLY RINGWALD. JC says: 'it's bad. trying to make an adult john hughes movie'.

ART above are sketches by the outstanding artist BROOKE NECHVATEL. i'm sure she 'doodled' these whilst on hold (on phone). Or lazily doodling whilst watching...i dunno...Falcon's Crest?

i love my new hat by julie sinden! thanks to anabela who is connecting the good ladies making stuff up one by one. i wore it in the house. i switched to pajamas and the hat stayed on.

please click anabela's name and you can see what i've been doing for the last...11-days...prior to those days were many many many days of sewing, sewing sewing like that vermeer lacemaker.

hey woah. Rose Melberg's on the radio just now. she's my birthday pal. her voice is one of the most beautiful voices EVER. one time we did a duet once. A Heart song from Little Queen. Treat Me Well. I couldn't find it on youtube so listen to THIS instead. Best Heart song ever. MISTRAL WIND.

ps. took me two days to get this post up.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

coach taylor

my friend asked me once, 'do u wish coach taylor was your dad?' he's the coach from friday night lights. i thought, 'no'. he's quite spazzy and when he's very angry his face twitches. but. he has a heart of gold. honorable.
i hv no idea why i'm bloggin it up at 3am when i have to wake up in 5 hrs or so do work a 12 hr day at an 11-day korporate kraft market. self-torture. hard-wired. still. working on that. one step forward ten backwards.

the self-healing cookbook is my favourite cookbook in the whole world. i dont follow recipes. ever. i buy what i want at the store. i bring it home. i do something with it. i make something up. i hate looking for things and gathering. i hate butter and sugar and anything white in food. etc. i hate following other people's instructions - unless that person is my friend. i'd say this cookbook is a friend. the lady who wrote it - kristina turner - was part of that wild findhorn place in SCOTLAND (get me to scotland. now. highland cattle asap. get married for free at gretna green. yesterday). findhorn is the place where the earth was totally barren but the couple who started it somehow grew the most beautiful lush snowballing garden. ever. so the lady cooked there. when she wrote this cookbook she sang the whole time she worked on it.

(i'm too tired to fact check. i just made all of that up).

my friend lisa just started a blog and it's super killer. I LOVE IT. the aesthetic. zero text 'cept concise, diamond-like quotes. nice one. macrobiotic psychedelic. i wish i had that restraint. it'll never happen. we are working on a project. i gather images from here and there wherever. i save them up. i edit. i put them in an envelope. i mail them to her. she receives. she sorts. my instruction is: anything 'wrong' goes in the circular file/is filed under 'g' although in 2009 filed under 'r' for 'recycling' otherwise it's citizen's arrest. we are to make art from these piles.

i'm preparing for a haircut. each strand cries tears when cut.

a totally dumb and very unedited poem called 'at the corporate craft fair'

people seem
to love the bunnies
i make.

it is kind of shocking
to me.

i stand and sit for hours on end
and listen to them
speaking of 'receive'
i had no idea.
how much

i shake my head
and go to bed


Friday, November 27, 2009


what? oh ya. i have a blog. it's been awhile b/c i've been really busy making bunnies. duh squared. all the world knows. all the world doesn't care. rah rah rah. and yes. i can only do so much multi-tasking at once. i realize this takes 5 minutes to update...but i'd rather spend...TWENTY MINUTES writing an email (letter) to a friend when i have NO TIME. so i'll blog about a blog: GOOP.
wtf is that sh*t?


what does that MEAN????inner aspect?
what? i dont have one? cos i starved it to death cos i fed it cheezies? is that like tamagachi?)
INNER ASPECT. that makes NO SENSE..gwyneth. take off, eh? so those who dont know that's paltrow's blog's tagline...for her blog 'goop'. last nite whilst trying to pass right out i thot, 'why 'goop'?' then i thot of her it's probably a childhood nickname. check. GP. etc. etc. et cetera. SHE is the only one nourshing HER inner aspect b/c CLEARLY she needs to.

but it's all goop..i mean. it's all good. she knows PLENTY *wait* ALL the famous people so that makes it all okay okay okay.

bye bye bye
(i hv to wake up in a few hours. again. i've been working 16 hr days for weeks and weeks and weeks now gearing up for the 'one of a kind show' and it's total craft olympics 2010 in advance. now i have to SELL all of the units and this is not hard and i didn't make enough b/c i was finishing my book till october and then i had to stop and get an extended deadline and now i'm scared cos i'm running out of stock. it's scary to watch my bunnies disappear sometimes. like bye bye friend! but i'm finding good homes for them. thank the world. i'm so tired i feel like i'm on crack and acid..whatever that would feel like. plus the air is so dry in real dry and there are hundreds and hundreds of people wandering and shopping. it's quite the H1-N1 scene).

ps oh and that's cat power fr awhile back and as usual it has nothing to do w/ anything.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Double Future by Sarah Cain

Lessons in ART!

this is my dear friend sarah cain. guess how we became friends? zines..penpals...and here we are..10 - 15 years later.

i love her art. she's a poet.

this is a video of sarah talking about her recent work in zurich. she speaks my language.

Monday, October 26, 2009

it really doesn't take much...

to make my day! all it takes is a BUNNYKINS plate !

(or cup or bowl or eggcup...or!)

i started writing this on elisa rose's facebook wall and then realized i can only multi-task right now so here we go:

i sure do love my new BUNNYKINS plate (replete with 'bath time scene'). awwwwwyea. am about to eat off it in about...five. thanks again, fwend.xo ps have u seen those 'airwick' ads on 'surf the channel'? they're SO BAD. three different scenes of 3 different ladies from different walks of life walking into different rooms of their house and being 'greeted' by the scent of 'airwick''s a motion-activated plug-in airfreshener..the afro-american/black* lady says: "Now that's what i'm talkin' about'...UNbelievable.

aside from the lame stereotyping, can u imagine the REEK? probably a hunnerd times worse than FEBREEZE! my most hated thing on planet earth. (sorry people if u like febreeeze. i'm one of those scent nazis...two steps away from posting up posters: can u please stop wearing your cruddy perfume at yoga class or in the office space or on the skytrain or subway? thanks')

(do u know that song 'planet earth' by duran duran? i always have that in my head. NOT to be confused with 'ordinary world'. Duran Duran. @ age 11, i would fantasize that simon lebon was my older brother and john taylor was my interest. sumthing like that. tres embarrassing. 'now that's what i'm talkin about...')

back to bunnykins..i've been eating off those since i was 3!

so elisa rose found one today at valvil in all the halloween insanity. she's got the magic touch! i think ALL of my friends have the magic touch! that includes you! she helped me today w/ my bunnies. i'm sick and rundown from too much working. i never know when to stop. i'm a SLAVE!

speaking of scents..i tried to give elisa a small tub of a lush product that brooke sent me fresh from the's made with shea butter from their 'friends in ghana'. okay. that's nice...and it's herbal...again. it reeks. she wouldn't even take it..she said, 'throw it out!' and i said, 'it's hard for me throw things away'.

back to multi-tasking...i'm mostly eating pureed soup i've been making from roasted vegetables. i have learned that if i drink it out of the mug i can still work and eat!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

yesterday was especially great because i got to see meet of my favourite kinds of dogs

i'm not real
real deal

gimme that dog
nice art
in action. totally hilarious

i really love these little Belgian dogs. Maybe they are telling me i need to move to the city of light! Antwerp. I was reminded of that idea while i watched that movie 'away we go' during sew-a-thon...that movie is really sweet somtimes verging on u-know-what but adorable nonetheless. dave eggers had a 50% hand in the writing..with a lady - Vendela Vida - to balance it out. good. there is a super hilarious scene RE 'junk in the trunk'. that jon guy from 'the office'. ya i'll take one of those. (cant believe he's engaged to emily blunt. cant believe she made that 'jane austen book club' movie happen. that movie is horrible & insulting).

in other entertainment news, i saw DESTROYER play a lil while back. that was eye-opening. i've only seen destroyer play in vancouver - where they live. he. so it was just friends standing around. seeing them/him=Dan surrounded by DESTROYER FANS was a whole other thing . i couldnt' believe it. Destroyer Fans are O.O.C. I stood next to two frat boys (baseball hats/ralph lauren dress shirts. sorry to box) singing EVERY SINGLE LYRIC holding up their bottles in salute - boggling my mind. They might as well have been quoting every word of ...'war and peace'...Dan's song lyrics are of the more complex and tailored-word story-song telling..variety. I said later, 'they might as well have been reciting 'The Highwayman' -which is like an 18 stanza epic poem thing i like to reference). i was sneakily trying to get video documentation of the guys next to me singing along. For Evidence. It was too dark. Next time. i could do a whole art project based on this business. I guess bottom line is - i have faith for humanity. Music For Men. Just for fun i yelled out really loud between songs: We Love You Dan!

back to those little dogs. i love those little dogs..they are like a cat a fox and a dog all rolled up into one. they have two layers of fur - the undercoat. One of the breed characteristics is a long ruff that surrounds the neck. They also have longer coat on their hind legs called culottes! their Dutch name means Little Sailor or Little Shepherd. They love to travel by sea. Skipper Keys. There is great debate as to whether it is a SPITZ or a sheepdog. They are small dog and wiki:

The Schipperke is also known as the "little black fox", "Tasmanian black devil" and "little black devil," often because they can be stubborn, mischievous, and headstrong because they are naturally curious and high-energy dogs. Schipperkes are very smart and independent, and sometimes debate listening to owners and doing whatever benefits them the most.

and yes..they bear a striking resemblance to my beloved gone-away cat FRANCES the black manx...born with no tail. docking need not apply.

PS i'm not a fan of tail docking.

PPS AND! i just learned that 'the pie and the patty pan' by beatrix potter is about a one of these dogs!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i hate to say it i no longer believe that love can save the day.

break through: i CAN use lambswool! it doesn't mess up the integrity of the Fierce Bunny...mind you..the lambswool is really only working for the PEEPER size now..visualize a peanut that swelled up to the size of...a twinkie. That's Peeper size.

been 'watching' that HBO show Bored To Death. I'm only listening and treating it like a radio play b/c if i look up from my sewing, i'm wastin' time! and that cannot happen right now. i'm a robot! anyways...listening to Bored To Death and have now developed a crush on JASON SCHWARTZMAN..wt? when did this happen? is this how pathetic...? i always thought he was too twee and goofy & obvious*for my complicated tastes. I'm so OVER THAT. I did glance at the screen once or twice and he was doing something incredibly hilarious (eg killing time - an hour - standing by a tree waiting...doing push-ups against the tree, attempting to climb the tree and 'falling'10 inches, pretending to tie his shoe etc. Pure comedy). That's when it started. a few years ago i was watching extras fr the Marie Antoinette DVD (which i LOVE) and he was doing a fake 'cribs' at Versailles and it was..hilarious. transcendent, basically. kid's a genius.

plus ted danson is on B.T.D...and he's just great. I 'met' him once at this antique store i used to work at. His wife Mary Steenburgen (co-starred in POWDER - world's most hilarious movie) was shopping up a storm - grabbing any 'shabby chic' item she could get her hands on. This crazy store i used to work at in vancouver was called 'salmagundi'. it was like working on an old, old ship. I'd put down my water glass and wouldn't be able to find it for the STUFF everywhere (antiques, toys, junk)...Ted Danson on the bottom floor was TOO MUCH. he's very, very short and very friendly. he was so nice. he said 'hello'. I love Ted Danson*

*plus he's on DAMAGES.

i should really blog more about salmagundi. there was some hilarious sh*t that went down there. mostly with my co-worker DREW SHAFFER. we had 5,000 jokes to keep us going. This included various personas, a fake band called "Bonus" and innumberable sketch comedy pieces with every prop you can imagine at our fingertips. One time i chased a junkie down the street who was trying to steal an antique painting. Actually. I didn't chase anyone. I just called out after him. He put the painting down and walked away.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Last nite i was up till the wee hours working on THE SELVES, stealing songs off the INTERNET when it occured to me whilst d-loading scout niblett: "by gum, i dont have 'bette davis eyes' in my library" This spawned an hour of KIM CARNES TROLLING. Who knew? My cool mom would crank KC's album VOYEUR. It was played so often the album art was always in view therefore seared into my brain. (We had an excellent stereo system).

(note: i did a very unsuccessful karaoke of 'bette davis eyes' a few weeks ago. I was mad @ myself. It is a challenging song to karaoke (all restraint). Fortunately i killed it later with 'Toxic').

Back to Kim. The real gem I dug up is a song called "Breaking Away From Sanity" which is a low-tempo highly catchy ballad w/ a CHILDRENS CHORUS.

The kids are singing:

I'm breakin' away from sanity
Showin' the ghost inside of me
I'm running away
From you and me
Breakin' away from sanity
Breakin' away from sanity

Unfortunately there is no video for this song but you can hear it here.

There is, however, an excellent video for synth-heavy awesomeness: THIS
If I were to make a video for a song that I liked, I would use elements of this video and then I'd modernize it somehow - even though 'our modern' is pritt-tee lame these days. I'd have to work it through.

Here is VOYEUR. It is truly degraded. It is 1982. It might be a video some random made of a TV screen. A 'screener'. There is also a 'live' version of Kim lip-synching 'Voyeur' wearing a very bad silver outfit and pulling some very bad moves. She's the total poster lady for BLUSHER. ('she knows just what it takes/to make a pro blush'. One of the more quizzical lyrics I know. Oh wait. There's:

I don't know what to do and I'm always in the dark
We're living in a powder keg and giving off sparks

from 'total eclipse of the heart'. Powder keg? What? Classic examples of a songwriting team@ 3 30 A.M. scrambling for a lyric.

Back to VOYEUR. The chorus is SO GOOD. I love it.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Three New Pieces Of Art

Lucas wanted to see the "Boyle" i got for my birthday. It's a pencil sketch study of Michael J. Fox from 1985. Thanks Shareballs! She's up for the Sobey Award this year (canadian art olympics. sort of). So please put your hands together in prayer (and clapping, high fives low fives) for her to win cause she deserves it! lady artists rule the world. it's not a v. good view but u get the gist. u get the gist that i dont hv time. Selena Wong did the tiny delicate gouache bunny!! i love it. it was a birthday gift. i'm very lucky (the blue bunny was uploaded as CMYK.whoops. everything on this computer is getting every image ready for PRINT. regardless, i like blue bunnies. i had a stuffed one as a kid and i left it out in the yard and my dad got mad and ripped the ears off in some fit of rage. hazy. i used to leave my toys out in the yard near my hide-away in a hedge. i made a house in there). Selena's my intern. we have lots of fun! mostly goof off. she's helping me with my book. she's a genius (look at her website!!!). she's helping me with the puzzle. she put one image together the other day - a lil illo of a girl in the rain - kinda holly hob - and Selena placed her (via ye old photoshop) into a jar of honey surrounded by stacks of other honey. i started crying when i saw it. other times i'm crying b/c i'm laughing so hard. she stays up late like i do so we email late at night while we're both parked at the computer.

and a beautiful compass pencil drawing by Alissa Coe. This drawing is v. faint and it is hard to see. apologies to the chef. i will scan it later!! promise.

an incredible tryipdych!

ps my book is killing me at this point. i am sick of my art killing me (of letting it. my fault). i cant even listen to music b/c it's too distracting. i sit in complete silence trying to BOOK it. as in: haul ass b/c it HAS TO END. my brain is in major multi-task overload (cos i'm so good @ it :))*
(get it? END...behind....). that's the probz w/ collage: INFINITE POSSIBILITY.

this is why i'm going back to the yukon. too many distractions. i have a few projects to finish up there. can't wait! so yes. i'm leaving toronto. breaking up is getting easier and easier.

i may be incoherent right now
*PS double brackets/smileys/emoticons/dbl brackets=chin resting upon other chin

(i think that was a pome)

PPS Peeve of the Week: when people say IRREGARDLESS
(actually more like peeve of the decade)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


See that man? I feel like i have that bundle of sticks on my back. i keep wanting to go as him for halloween but i keep forgetting (Read: can't be bothered. Read: dont want to dress up like man, either. Read: I dont like halloween).
i want that sticker.
this song is always the soundtrack.
(probably since i was a teen and i saw the kiefer sutherland/winona ryder movie: 1969 and i went out and bought the tape and drove around listening to it. Nothing has really changed. looking back, unfortunately, the movie is a hunk of junk but it made an impression on my would-like-to-be-late-60s mind-born-the-wrong-time. If i was born at the right time, I'd be a Boomer now. How'd you like them apples? Plus I'd be almost done! PLUS i could start selling off all my properties. Or no. Wait. I'd wait just a lil longer...what was i thinking? giving away all my boomer secrets!

(RE 'vid'. who are these amazing people who sit around all day (@ work . no doubt. The Office) making these PHOTO MONTAGES? In this instance the credit reads: Creative: Coloradream. Ya.
gd. it must take forever. good thing they're getting paid while they're doing it. I tried office work after high school and it just didn't stick. Perhaps i should re-think this. Then I could sit around and make these vidz all day AND get paid!! I bet Creed* from The Office(US) does that).

'can't find my way home' by blind faith is a very good song. i like anything haunted. take up a few notches to a great lyric:

'i'm wasted/and i/can't find my way home'.

And you have a masterpiece.

*Creed. best character and name on TV ever. Favourite expression: "Cool beans!"

Monday, September 28, 2009


hey! it's kris kristofferson! o i get it. it was such a good movie b/c they were IN LOVE! perfection.
let's make this movie like a lady would! Martin Scores - hardly working or working hard? Who's his ladyfriend running the show?
i really needed to put these 2 images together

i really love this image. there is some killer photography in Jennifer's Body.
I want to know who has my phone.
I just wrote a pal (dr. skipper) that i feel like Jennifer in jennifer's body after she becomes a succubus/demon and she's in "Needy's" kitchen in the middle of the night & she projectiles all that black vile black blood. I wrote: i wish i could throw up all of that negativity inside of me.

it's a day where you ask: What Am I Doing Wrong?
(cause you KNOW there's a gathering around assessing and summizing the sitch..of what she's doing wrong).
when some things are right but most things are So Very, Very Wrong.

of course these things turn themselves around quickly, efficiently.

if i had the time/energy i'd write a book report/movie review about J's Bod...but i dont have the articulation skills. I will say - i did enjoy it and i was laughing most of the way thru. There was a part of me that wanted it over and done with so i could get on with my life. It wasn't one of those movies you wish would never end. My pal I went with, Emily, was beside me with her ears plugged. I kept turning to her, 'are you okay?' She did get up once or twice to go stand outside. She says she was brought up by her strict feminist mother in a house where there was no horror and NO SUGAR. I grew up in a house where i'd hang out w/ my dad and he'd rewind a scene from Dawn Of The Dead 25 times in a row laughing maniacally. C'mon, dad! It was a scene in which a zombie is getting its head blown off and CLEARLY it is a watermelon. Excellent effects). I grew up in a house begging my mother to let me stay up late to watch Carrie with her on TV. Age 7? 8? 'no bloody way!' I'd sneak down regardless and watch wide-eyed, transfixed, crouched behind the pantry door. I was stealth and sneaky.

There is alot to say about that movie. alot alot alot. (jezebel who has since turned dubious b/c NO ONE can agree).

I will say this: i RAN to the theatre to see miranda july's 'me, you and everyone we know'. I was dying to see what she had made - being a huge awestruck fan of her earlier work. It left me hollow. I still dont know how i feel about it. i find it interesting to note that boys really love this movie. that tells me that these boys who love this movie (and M.July) are sensitive. This is a good sign. To be frank, I found the movie annoying b/c i think we can do better. There needs to be more movies by women and better movies by women...not just cutesy anomalies.

A young filmmaker and i were talking over the weekend about her current favourite movie: Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974). This is a martin score-say-see/seas movie and it's like...a woman made it. we talked about this. we came to the conclusion that the reason it is so ladylike/feminine is because Ellen Burstyn was driving the truck. THIS is what needs to happen. Martin let her do what she needed to do and she was a force to be reckoned with. There needs to be a thousand more movies like this (a year) till the end of time.

The wind was blowing so fiercely i swear there was a large godlike man in the sky blowing cheeks puffed out blowing in another hurricane. Hurricane Darcy. I dont know what letter they are at in the alphabet right now. cant keep track. i had ear plugs in and it woke me. HOWLING. I think this is why my phone is gone. It's called : domino effect. It is not an Excellent Effect.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

"The Dude"

The Dude. kris kristofferson. played it to perfection. i mean, jeff bridges. Figure A. "DUDE". Male. Dude. NOT female. Ladies - do you want to be called 'dude'?
I think not.
so these PANTS are called ZUBAZ. i'll never forget the day my co-worker's fiance told me The Name of These Pants. Thank you, Moses! (his name). The Dude wears these pants.

here The Dude is picking up some milk for his favourite alcoholic beverage. What is it? A Brown Cow. No. A White Russian. The perfect drink to slip a rufi into. "She'll never know!" -Random Dude.

I'm still working on working up to figuring out a way to abolish the word 'dude'. I know i can't. You wanna know why? Cos there are way too many dudes. It's wishful thinking...but i can wishfully think that people will stop calling ladies "DUDES". C'MON!

Don't get me wrong - i heart dudes. I heart dudes as much as i luv ZUBAZ.

thank you to Mel/Demo Derby for posting THIS!!!! The Inspiration! People are amazing.
This genius lady figured out the pattern for "The Dude's" sweater. Now I grew up on Vancouver Island back when everyone called them "Indian Sweaters". I know. Dude. This is more of a celtic/vaguely santa fe vibe. Whatever it is - it is globally transcendant. (i just made that up. i dont know what that means. i am procrastinating. i am sposed to be working on my book).
o ya. jennifer's body was fun!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

gearing up for Jennifer's Body

i'm having an anxiety attack still. i bought GABA for 'clarity and focus'. i asked the naturopath to recommend sumthing and she suggested this product.
BUT i read the bottle and it's for STRESS and nervous system.

hm. chronic stress.
it's a natural factors product: chewable/tropical flavour. tastes like a banana scratch n sniff. ( i just twittered that. how dumb. i'm trying to spread the word. i'm trying to help others. like me).

i still dont have much of a plan for my actual bday.

diablo is interesting right now (to follow. on twitter). her sugar scene seems to be out of control and she's going on about rollercoasters (researching online in and amongst the maelstrom of Jennifer's Body. she even made the connection on twitter that her life parallels the rollercoaster w/ it's UPS and DOWNS. DUH), baking toll house cookies, driving miles to stand in line for cupcakes, sample tweet:

"Phone rang just as I was reaching for a pint of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. Had to take call. Now have confectionary blue balls"

doesn't she realize that that kind of sugar is akin to crack?
..i guess that is how she deals w/ stresss. so much presss for jennifer's body! it's wild! lucas twitters. he went ahead and read the script. noted that much much of the dialogue was removed. he says it is more like a fairy tale. lucas is smart.


Saw "Jennifer's Body" w/ John. Probably my fav movie of the year so far.

NO! "Jennifer's Body" only did $2.7M on Friday. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

Read "Jennifer's Body" screenplay this morning. Movie cut out a bunch of dialogue; proof that direction & casting totally made it a success.

Story and focus on character is what really makes "Jennifer's Body" different. Ambiguity, absence of cliches & not relying on genre

Visuals of "Jennifer's Body" were excellent: amazing set pieces, detailed close up shots, and never attracting attention to itself.

Anne Thompson on the poor marketing of "Jennifer's Body": "neither a horror thriller for men, nor a coming-of-age horror-comedy for women"

AT again: Studio "aimed marketing @ men who like Megan Fox, but girls don’t want 2 see her." The movie is clearly made 4 a female audience.

It's a hard movie to spin. I object to the trailers making it look like a high-school movie. It's closer to a fairy tale than anything else.

Lucas writes great tweets. Tweetie bird! You can find him at 'Found Alive'.

she (DC) and i have a few things in common: a love of rollercoasters and a love of horror. let's do the math. childhood=horror movie and mood swings = rollercoaster.

However, i do not eat sugar.
this is torture. it's true. When i do eat sugar/fall off the sugar mountain band wagon - i pay the price. i pay and pay and pay. I fall off. When I do, it's hard.

but truly. i really do like her (DC). she's alot of fun. she has good juju. (what the beep is 'juju'? is it mojo? she's got the good vibrations..but she isn't very healthy. i'll tell you that much for free). But. she is still young.

in honour of diablo - i think i will go see JENNIFER'S BODY on my birthday.

i wonder when 'diablo' is going to drop that rockabilly first nickname? dontcha think she should? she already has a full-on new haircut (bleached blonde/shortie). New Look.

o and of course courtney (aka CLTRANSLATED) tweeted:

DO YOU MIND @diablocody? If you're gonna name your movie after my song could you at least footnote me a little in the press?

is this a joke? doubtful. She is so totally out of hand these days. it's nauseating. i cant stand her all over again. She can take a hike.

PS. if you hit the 'rollercoaster' link you are in for a sweet surprise. My mom and i had a brief laundermat stint in the late 80s. I think our machine at home broke down (temporarily). We had to go to the ESQUIMALT PLAZA to do laundry. I'd drive her over in my beige volkswagon Rabbit. We'd hang out there. It was a laundro/video rental combo PLUS PINBALL. It was there that i read my first SASSY magazine. (What stood out to me most Sassywise was the coloured text on black background. like coloured chalk. it was mesmerizing. all of it). It was there i found WILD RIDES. Matt Dillon is so very, very passionate about..wild rides.
of course we also played pinball. those are some Good Times memories!

I want to go on a world tour of rollercoasters and waterfalls.


fun times. me and bunny sophie need a haircut so very badly. actually sophie is more coiffed than i'll ever be.

i got to meet an angora bunny at the farmer's market last week. she's a beloved pet. it got me thinking. i want a beloved. pet. very much. it's been too long.

moving right along....

yes that day was a banner day. i got to have lunch w/ leanne who was visiting from Berlin. we met awhile back. what a lovely girl. she has the world's biggest tattoo of 'sonjaart' on her arm. fortunately i knew about it long in advance before i actually met her. if i had, say, bumped into her on the street and saw that, i might've had some kind of cardiac arrest/fainted. i don't know. a surrealist moment AT LEAST. i woulda went home and started up some tripped out dali art.

there's digression. hanging out w/ leanne helped me connect some dots. as it turns out her sister JENNA is the girl who handwrote me a letter oh so many years ago. 12, 13, 14, 15? telling me that she liked my art and what it meant to her. It was a teenage written letter with rounded script on 'binder paper'. it arrived at the perfect moment and to this day means so much to me. i have it tucked in a clear plastic sheet as a reminder.

i went and saw a Fleetwood Mac cover band last nite. . FLEETWOOD NICKS. I was quite dubious so i went online and did some research before i committed. i didn't want to see any hipster irony. NONE. There was none. I need not have worried. They were perfection. Late 40s/early 50s fronted by 'NICKS' as though she were re-writing history(uhh.herstory) cos maybe NICKS should've fronted The Mac for reals. Doesn't matter. She went on to be STEVIE. There was a single crazy Superfan dancing up a storm. Apparently she arrived wasted/arrived pumped so it kinda went from there. She had some incredible moves in her polar fleece. Sitting and watching a cover band lets your imagination run wild: "What do these people do all day?", "What are their day jobs?". We suspect NICKS is an aerobics instructor/personal trainer. She has the pipes and is very fit. 'Christine McVie' aka 'Crazy Eyes' was the other focal point in the coverband. The large-ish bass player wearing mirror shades was a bit obscured by 'Mick' and 'Stevie'. "Mick" looked a bit iggy pop/grizzled and was also pulling off a Tom Petty. In real life, Stevie is an honorary Heartbreaker. If they really knew their material, they would've done a Led Zep cover b/c Stevie Nicks (Welch Witch) loves to do 'rock 'n' roll' live.

FLEETWOOD NICKS is also available for weddings.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

THE KICK INSIDE/all the people who've died died

i just found out today - whilst listening to the completely crappy 'ontario today' on cbc - that jim carroll died. sheesh people. quit dying! he was only 60. He had a heart attack. on september 11.he's famous for his writing and songs. he wrote a song:


i've always thot it was a cool song. there's a lil leo di caprio.

he looked so scary in recent photos - as though a stricken ghost skeleton. i dont know what happened. I'm sad for him.

so people die and people are born.
my friend ayumi sent me this image today. the baby foot pressing. let's celebrate life!
(while we still can).
and that's jim with patti smith.

ps i made the mistake of looking at pics of that lady w/ EXTREME plastic surgery the other day. i'm never gonna get it out of my head. she says 'plastic surgery gives her confidence'. you know the one. proceed with caution. or: dont bother at all. or: just dont go there.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i should probably get these. i think i need these. kickn it legit.

aren't these nuts? if they weren't made by CAPEZIO, i may not have looked twice but....ya. there's a POCKET. i could PUT SH*T in that pocket!

dont know why i'm obsessed w/ jean jackets right now. i want a small-sized one that's really old/faded. Now i know why people stone and acid get that effect. run them over with their car. beat them with a bat. throw their jean jacket. stomp it.

i've been going to way too many thrift stores/buy-the-pound places.

it can get gross. now i'm done. what a time waster! it's worse than project runway!

but i got some neat things...even though things bother me. unless they are great things. special things. (like those booooots). like ANGORA. ya. high five to me. high five in the mirror. finally found some. now the world can have more bunnies. i'm thrilled. ya. real thrilled.

WOAH ALERT newsflash!! awesome art: Amy Yao
thanks to 'kathleen's blog' .See list on right and go there. Avert your eyes to the right. Her blog is great.

i want to complain about my day. but i won't. but i will. you know those kind. like a charlie brown day. he complains about it. i want to complain about it. like arguing on the phone with my bank for half an hour about FEES and CHARGES. WHERE do they come from? i complained so hard, i got a fairly large fee waived. big. all you have to say is that someone else (staff member/associate) told me/you otherwise. of course this is all the truth. i swear. i'm no lying sheister. the total opposite. i can't lie to save my life/out of a wet paperbag. but honest. Thanks banks! credit cards and cel phone companies. fees. hidden. hiding. dinging you every possible opportunity. as an artist, i dont get to do this. if i was a corporation or an institution, i could set up fees and rules and mandates that protected me at every angle. so that every precious second of my time was compensated. no bumps. like full body gear.

so i say FIGHT IT. they get to have all their dumb rules. we get to have ours. we just make them up as we go along.

that's what i do.

just ask to 'speak to a supervisor'.

i'm sure there is a red star by my name. everywhere. blackballed. A List.

thanks for comments, lovely ladies. luv you. i wouldnt be doing ANY OF THIS if it weren't for you (art, books, books, art..this thing, being alive) i'm serious. there's no other reason.

PS i did not get those above boots. they're for sale on etsy..somewhere. if you got them, you could put a note in the pocket. for someone that you like and then when you saw them you could put your boot up on a table/chair (jerri blank style) and slide the note out of the pocket of the jean boot.

PS have been listening to awesomely depressing-yet-uplifting UNWOUND. man. they play it. some of those guitar sounds perfectly emulate the sh*tty vibe of a teenager's 'sunday feeling'. Or maybe an adult's 'end of summer' feeling...on a sunday...with a book deadline..and said book scattered all over the entire house & twittering about that. 'make it stop'. i hate being a perfectionist. i want a whole-hearted trusted Art Partner to take the papers away from me & leave. WHERE ARE YOU????

Monday, September 7, 2009

i love comments

ask & receive/blah blah believe

ted bois sent me the photo he took i was describing prior. thanks teddy bois!

the destroyer picture. it's astonishingly beautiful.

here's my favourite song of the week. thanks to elisa rose for karaoke-ing it. she did good. she knows good music (DJ Grannymasherflash). note: the video for this song is really dumb so here's the karaoke version. lil wayne's on it, too. he is someone you dont want to look at too closely. i swear every single time a car drove past me this summer w/ bass thumping - it was always lil wayne. always. it made me laugh. i like some of his music fo'sure. egomania.

trying to get everyone on

i just started. i have 3 songs? i was trying to get new neko case but didn't get very far. i'm so behind. i need new music! i can only listen to STYX so many times. (jokes).

alrite. am project runway crackhead now. what are we going to call this in 5-10 years? the phenomenom of watching episode after episode after episode. many, many people do this (except probably not madonna. world class control freak). i like to use the excuse that 'i'm working'.

i had heard about P.R. before, obvs, but thot it sounded boring. fashion can bore me - like nobody i know wears those clothes. where do you wear those clothes to? to the grocery store? a boring poetry reading? that's my reality. a bunch of egomaniacs making stuff. i am, however, in awe of anyone who can pull it off: MAKE CLOTHES. the architecture of textiles. BUT!!! this show!! i love this show. watching people work/watching their creative process even fr a goofball's standpoint @ a laptop - it's better than art school. i'm learning alot. it's very inspiring. i especially love how they just go for it. Now that's inspiring! (said in jerri blank/afterschoolspecial lesson learned voice).

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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