Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The top painting is called Pain by Emile Friant. I saw it in the movie I'VE LOVED YOU SO LONG. A truly beautiful movie. I wont give it away. I'm basically counting the seconds till i can see I AM LOVE (with the amazing Tilda Swinton).

i'm still working on my book. i made headway today when it was decided (with a second party/soundboard) to put my DEATH folder away for awhile.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Robin is my favourite Muppet. He is Kermit's nephew - a kind and clever kid who sometimes feels unnoticed because of his small size. Robin likes to spend time with his uncle.

Robin debuted in the 1971 (a very important year) TV special The Frog Prince, as a prince-turned-to-frog. Although he made a few appearances on The Muppet Show's first season, his relationship to Kermit was not established until episode 212, in which Bernadette Peters encouraged him to believe in himself by singing "Just One Person."

(that video clip just blew my mind. Bernadette is my new style icon. check out THAT hair!)

Robin had a HIT SONG in the UK with his rendition of A. A. Milne's "Halfway Down the Stairs," which appeared on the first Muppet Show album in 1977. Robin also sang on several more episodes including episode 312 when he sang "Octopus' Garden" and episode 223 where he sang "Two Lost Souls" with Sweetums.

Gaga wore the Kermie jacket (slightly tacky/raver sh*t but then..that's all back)..here's some META for you..Jim Henson* made the original Kermit puppet by hacking up one of his mother's coats* (and added a cut in half ping pong ball for eyes). Basically, Jim Henson invented everything on Etsy.
The Meta: jacket on coat on jacket.

See. Lady Gaga is the second coming replete with spiritual guides and ALL.

(see latest VF. so much good copy! who knows if it's even true but awesome Gaga quotes galore (the rest of the issue sucks. all ads!))

Thanks to Robin McConnell for the Inkstuds radio interview today. on CiTR out of Vancouver (Home of the 2010 Winter Olympics).

I was testing out my skype headphones and microphone during the live interview and i sound like i'm out in the bush on a walkie talkie. It was fun!

oh sh*t speaking of MUPPET..here comes MARVIN! he keeps wanting to go outside and it's pitchblack..like i'm going to let the persian champagne-coloured caterpillar out into the wilderness! Now he's mad at me.

*Henson fellow libra. same birthday as me that's september 24. mark it on your calender. i like presents.
*30-odd years later, i followed in his footsteps (as though possessed) hacking up an angora sweater and made a bunny etc etc

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Twiki Versus Gordon 'I dont create. I own' Gekko

i never watched that buck rogers (no thank you) but i sure love TWEEKIE!!!!

i was doing some extremely important TWIKI research a few months back and FINALLY i have time to share my finds! I'm changing the spelling of his name to TWEEKIE. (@ once point i was convinced it was 'Twinkie' which is also great).

I just watched that movie GREENBERG. it's funny. there are some CHOICE MOMENTS in it (trailer doesnt show that) jennifer jason lee and noah baumbach are world's greatest couple. husband wife movie making peoples. aspiration & inspiration. together at last. The especially CHOICE moments forced me to email my EX-boyfriend cos i'm like: 'we had that conversation about 30 times' the 1987 wall street/charlie sheen 'who am i?' conversation..as well as acted it out, photographed it, re-enacted and discussed an installation piece around it in the mid-200000s..if only i had a TWEEKIE. Tweekie would help me get all my work done. TWEEKIE could be my personal assistant and i'd never feel guilty. Tweekie would've made my WALL STREET ART in 2004.

i cant find the 'who am i?' part but i'll leave you with this GREED IS GOOD speech. In case you are ever wondering why everything is falling into hell. In case you are wondering what it's like to be standing in a pair of rollerskates at the top of a frozen waterfall.

speaking of frozen..it's freaking tweekie FREEZING Up Here. Geezus murphy. My friends all back east are sunburning and stuff & i'm gells. I'm wearing 4 layers of clothing (plus drinking soup and tea for breakfast and sleeping with heating pad and hot water bottle and parked in the sauna/steamroom @ the aquatic centre etc etc) YET still eating ice cream cones at home with cold hands (current obsession. will end STAT) b/c i Just Can't Seem To Let Go Of Summer. All i want is: Next Summer.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This is hilarious

i'm trying to figure out what this is (see below)..i found it on 'boot tips ("Boots Talks for Women And Men). i'm afraid to add the link in case something bad happens. The spelling errors and bad grammar is incredible. This is probably the best "SELVES" review on record.
btw... that's the famous TOTAL HELL cake from the Montreal booklaunch at the amazingly wonderful Drawn And Quarterly bookstore. Peggy got it. I almost fell over when i saw it. There are some photographs floating around of me holding the cake. It was very heavy. I couldn't get over it. I never will. (thanks to Andrea Gin for throwing this image up on her flickr thingie).

Now here's the incredible literature:

Sonja Ahlers’ living novel takes over effeminacy and celebrity

Writers and artists Sonja Ahler said the title of the book publishing, self, came to her watching TV, 1976, west bill movie starring Sally field as a woman and multiple personality.
I always watch the end credits of movies, recalls Ahlers from her home in Whitehorse. And the personalities in the credits were billed as the Selves. And I was sitting with my then-boyfriend, and we both looked at each other and said, That should be the book title.
It is the right of the television and movie some may reject the book as useless Ahlers inspired. Use text and image of the self, gathered in a scrapbook diary – style, from the lowest and highest culture, to create a composite image formation in North America, the white women born in the 1970s and 1980s. For example, a quotation by dead poets Annie club* (” woman is her mother. This is the main thing “) is followed by a photo collages princess Diana and drew Barrymore children.
Each celebrity or icon of women in the book representing a different self, not only representing female experience, and more important is the potential of the public image of the interface and private.
The unique design of the book is like a slide in the conversation as anthropology a group of prehistoric ancestors left traces of only exists. But instead of cave drawings and bow, we get the pithy clips, for example, from gloria. ’s article about Marilyn Monroe or watercolour portrait and ASHLEY olsen consistent. It is the self that is written by the poetic fragment of modification and moving from Ahlers line drawing. She described as a “collective biography of self, or a population generation.”

POST-SCRIPT: i'm considering a dramatic reading of this brilliance. I may need to write a play around it.

*Anne Sexton

Monday, August 23, 2010

She Speaks For The Freaks

Hi. Remember me? I've been On The Road (got to p. 3 of that book b4 tossing it aside) for the last three months & am settling back into my ultra boring routine of life here in the Yukon Territory. Hip hip hooray! I get to recuperate from a three month rollercoaster ride! Life's so awesome! Love it! The SELVES book tour was FUN. I hope to have some highlights up...soon. My life isn't really that boring here..it's a uh..retreat. Things come to a screeching halt. I am forced to deal with major transition overnight. Summer to winter in twenty-four hours. I get alot of work accomplished here.

I have REAMS of writing from the rollercoaster. The Stacks. And piles from before. That means: new book. So I've been writing (in the way that i..write) and my inspirations are all above. Not Blair Warner per se (but LOVE her hair. bring that) and not susan dey (per se). They just came up when i was image hunting for SEXTON, PLATH AND DICKINSON. Hereon known as S.P.D. or D.P.S....maybe 'D' first because she influenced the others. All witches from Massachusetts. ('Witches Not Bitches').

As of late, I've been especially inspired by Plath's poetry from 1962 which is Marilyn Monroe's death year (1926-1962) and one year before Plath's own (age 30!!!). What if they were FRIENDS? i love poetry. I TRULY want people to appreciate poetry. Nowadays you have to kind of trick people into liking it by adding nice pictures to look at or music to tap your foot to. Today there are more choices to express One's Poetry. Example: you can be Eminem and rap that sh*t.

Emo-nem. I still cant decide if i totally hate him or WHAT? I made a decision recently that anyone who confuses me HAS TO GO..but i cant make my mind up w/ Emo-nem. I appreciate (!??) his honesty and candor and I relate to his need of expressing anger (crucify me now). I'm white. He's white...dude had 5 YEARS of writer's block & an addiction to sleeping pills & a million other problems that he shares with the universe (awesome) but he BEATS THAT. Recovery. When he's rapping he does NOT come up for air/spares no expense/word word word/rhyme/rhyme/rhyme/LUNGS...he'll do/say something vaguely interesting and then 2 minutes later he fks it up again. 'i dont need swine flu/to be a sick pig'). He surprises b/c I'd written him off long ago as a FratJock/Abuser but he defies categorization and gets brownie points for Prick Originality. (Will he ever get that look off his face? Doubtful). I like ONE song of his right now b/c i need a guilty pleasure while i'm taking a break from DICKINSON, PLATH AND SEXTON..it's 'wont back down' which came up by accident when i was stealing some other music off the world wide web...he ripped off the freaking ALLMAN BROTHERS 'WHIPPING POST' which is one of my favourite songs discovered from a Freaks And Geeks episode years back when i was too far into my 70s rock phase)....and then he has PINK singing along to synths & percussion and clashing cymbals.

the big 'love the way you lie' has a seriously messed and disturbing video. i dont even know what to say/where to start. i had to turn it off. that's what i'm talking about: megan fox/charlie from LOST, rhianna, duffle bags/hitting the road/domestic abuse/loving someone so much you want to kill them? Wazzat?

You Need to spare us.

now did you truly think i'd go all maudlin and write about my favourite lady poets without screwing it up w/ some eminem?

thought not.

speaking of ripping off and stealing...Madonna stole an Anne Sexton poem and passed it off as her own. apparently. it's worth the jump to the link just to see haggardness. i guess that's where the word 'hag' comes from.

I love poetry.
(i do like contemporary poetry. it just has to be REALLY GOOD is all).

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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