Monday, January 11, 2010


this movie is hilarious. it's a 1978 stylish, corny psychological thriller starring FAYE DUNAWAY fresh from her Oscar win for Network.
lots of screaming and histrionics.
a young tommy lee jones playing a cop in these off-duty awesome lean flared jeans 4 inches too long, skinny leather belt and tucked in top..he's cute in it (how come men with pock marks get hollywood attention (bill murry, edward james name 2) how come no ladies with pock marks get hollywood attention?)

i already posted this link on twitter but it's so good it's going here too!


Helmet Newton is responsible for all the high-fashion art photography. AWESOME sets & clothing. I love 1978. Faye whipping around in a Pacer (w/ faux wood paneling)
& BARBRA streisand sings the theme song which RULES. i couldn't believe it was her. normally i can't deal w/ B.S.

Avatar review (a quickie): I do believe James Cameron is not only on top of the world but may be a closeted feminist! i like his (& the small army of people responsible for this 10-year projet) message in the movie. it is a great message to the masses: war is bad. nature wins. love conquers all. fantasy can become reality. real life sucks. create an avatar.

i dont know if i liked it b/c i went in w/ zero expectations. i thot it was ALL cgi. I breathed a sigh of relief when i saw sigourney weaver (typecast) and real people. ...and yes. the CGI was out of control. When i see movies at the theatre i turn into an 8 year old - gasping and squirming. I get right into it. I'm glad to be able to access that child within at the drop of a hat. lucky me. Something i will never lose. Not at this point.

Avatar was too long though. 'Avatired', as Mindy Kaling tweeted.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

this n that

Dear Angelus Novus

say, did you go see elizabethzvonar's show @ the CAG?
i'm super ♡jealous♡/in love of the pic she used/art she made with the two girls 'channelling'

oh Art. what are you?
i just watched inglorious basterds. finally. i'm just a lil behind. i'm just catching up. that was awesome. speaking of art. the stilles. amazing use of a bowie/moroder song. felt like bladerunner for two secs.
hv u seen it? awesome but sic. splendid. engaging. sadistic. i hate war.
a masterdpiece.
(brad pitt was brad pitt)
well, gonna go steal the bowie/giorgiomoroder 'catpeople/puttingoutfire' song off the innernet

PS this is very "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?"

if you're real bored u can watch the vid/horrible cover of a Replacements song. just gotta scroll down a bit.
& read the dead-on comment below it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'd Love to get my hands on HANDS OFF!!

woah..check out this funny piece of writing on a self-defense book: Hands Off! A unique new system of self defence against assault for the women of today, by Bob Jones (1983, Bay Books).

Ya that's stevie nicks learning the ways of bob. bob teaches ladies how to defend themselves from rapists using some wild style mnemonic system. it's crazy talk!

Thank you John Webster for passing on this link (also led me to a fun site called 'awful library books' by two librarians about crappy books that cross their paths).

PS wazzup with those rasta colours? oh yea. part of Bob's system!

Monday, January 4, 2010


i was going to ask, 'hi. can someone tell me why i like this song right now?' but i already know the answer. i am only six months off. i'm catching up from the last year.
her older brother got her into fugazi. says her 'style icon' is keith richards.
in her TIK TOK video she is wearing broken down cowboy boots with duct tape (punk). she grew up poor. her single mom was a singer. as a teen she snuck into prince's house. was kicked out but left behind a demo. never got a call. for a spell she slept in her gold 1978 trans am.

in her video she is having fun.

(we should all be having fun)

the video is:
v. mall/american apparel/DOVE style. it makes me think of 'i wanna rock' by twisted sister. her hair is a lil like dee's. but it's all GIRL.
she rhymes 'crunk' with 'touch my junk' & mentions 'mick jagger'
and she brushes her teeth with some 'jack'

i dont think this is all an appropriate booze message for teens of 2day. dont say i dint warn ya.

she's a kid. you say her name like you are about to say 'ketchup'.

unfortunately the other songs aren't as good as The Hit. 'blah blah blah' is okay. I wish her well!!!!! (Post-script: Prentice says 'tik tok' reminds her of L'Trimm. Lady Tigra and Bunny D)

welcome to 2010!

oh. just read an excellent book that was a gift from carla gillis. THE BOYS OF MY YOUTH by jo ann beard. love love love it. it came out in 1998. short stories/memoirs. highly inspiring. sad, tragic, beautiful, hopeful, perfect. to me. as i sit here about to start my own. a project i've been mulling over since before 1998. we'll see. who knows? i just re-play the memoirs in my head. i try to make sense out of them.

i have a hard time getting in to books. i keep trying to read 'middlesex' by j. eugenides. dragging it around. i just can't get into it. Let me know if you know a book that i will like. i prefer books written by women about girls or ladies.

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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