Thursday, April 9, 2009

She's Out Of Control

that was a good song.
i went crazy when i saw the re-release Suspiria box..the ballet dancer in blood. The Horror. Ooooh Triumph just came on random. Lay It On The Line. it's really bad. live concert footage. it looks like one fan is holding up a spraypaint can/kerosene torch instead of a simple lighter. plus the bass player is doing double duty on the keebs (boards) which equals even more hilarious

elisa rose

look @ this packaging! half an egg carton and robin's egg tissue and chocolate eggs in blue metallic foil. and the stamps! each deer is hand carved..i believe from germany. they sell them at the 'waldorf' store in nelson. i really like waldorf dolls. i might end up switching to 'waldorf'.
Grazing mama. i love those five dollar stamps!
baby. ignore my metallic nail sampling. These little carvings are extremely delicate as in: if i breathe on it, the lil leg is gonna shard. the faces are pencilled in. it always breaks my heart to see these creations. I'd say the carver pencilled in his soul.
'i'm bummed. i'm tired of being carved by hand for peanuts'
Gross. i'm getting a haircut today for the first in SEVEN MONTHS. the last time it was BUTCHERED (in vancouver, of course where everything i do there goes to 'weird'). It set me into further Trauma Tailspin as if BEING THERE was enough at the time. i went to the lady i like who threads eyebrows. she's from iran and there's often alot of drama in her salon. her grandkids running around and screaming fights with her daughter. this woman is so gorgeous. i always tried to talk to her to offer up solutions to make her life better. she just works. Me: 'maybe you can go to the pool more often'. i'd been seeing her for 6 years. She was magic with my Friday Kahlo brows. (thanks, Mom's Side) i asked her to trim one funny piece of hair that was going sideways and 3 minutes later she had taken all her aggression out on my head which at the time was an Aslan's Lion Mane). i ended up with a horrifying 'a bob on a shag'. sydney said it was 'edgy' which was comforting for about 10 seconds. i just stuck a hat on for six months. of course this haircut happened a few hours before i was to meet up with my ex-boyfriend who i hadn't seen in almost a year. I cried it all off.
These are Insane. What do you call these? Po-Po-Po-Post Mo(dern)? Cork on kork on Cork? that's a faux cork box with KORK-EASE. Ben set me off on a 'kork-ease' hunt about a year ago. I bought these as Choice B in utter desperation. They were the last pair in my size on zappos. I thought they were 'funny' @ the time. Unfortunately they cheaped out and used VINYL under the cork straps. I don't think so. I've been on the phone and email with "Priscilla" somewhere in Georgia for almost two months trying to track down the pair i actually want - which are in Miami. "Buff" leather on the cork. Naturally the colour/size i want is sold out everywhere. At least i know the size is right. They fit me like a glove. Like if i wore a glove on my foot. I think these puppies are going back to zappos. I only lost about $75 with import fees and postage. That's a joke. It's a joke. These were purchased online with 'bunnymaking resentment/house arrest'. Maybe I should have just cut my own hair with that aggression. Not. Oh yah. There's my favourite Uriah Heap image again in the background. i think i might just make it into a stupid t-shirt and be done with it. it's just the dumbest image ever. like: paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrtttttttttttttttttttaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. i've been obsessed with it for a few years now and have made quite alot of art out of it. i've used it in not one but TWO public installations. I only noticed yesterday that the idiot fool man on the shoulders is wearing a pair of, perhaps, early ZOOBAZ (sp?) pants...those Big Lebowski pants. ya know?
Not only are these Insane they are Effen Insane. Let's get a closer look at these puppies. What do you think? Yay or nay? I think the straps are going to be destroyed/frayed in a matter of moments. poor craftmanship, people!

As for the above above photos - i get incredible packages in the mail. it's one of my main reasons for living. not to get overly dramatic about it all. This one is from Elisa Rose. It made my whole week worth it. She's a great writer. We exchange good emails. We also have a musical outfit: BODY DOUBLE.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lil Whine

only in tokyo. Nerds aka Nadiya found this.
a beautiful moment with mama cass and michelle phillips. poignant. look at all that food! Fun! i love flying. i love watching movies on planes. i like eating food on planes even though their food is usually bad. i try to bring my own.
a very, very old sasha doll. i just learned they started off cloth. i'm thinking about making some dolls. like really thinking. now that i have some real estate in my mind. rag dolls. any dolls.just something else. even clothes.
a newer sasha doll. i really love sasha dolls. i found all these freaky fan sites and it kinda turned me off them b/c the Freaky Fans styled them up and the looked like lil hookers with sick big hair. ugh. I love the innocence of the early ones with their beautiful peaceful honest expressions and simple (yet stylish) clothing. the above one is more of an 80s version. the 70s ones are The Sheet. Obvs. Their creator Sasha Morgentaler was from Switzerland. It was my understanding that after her death in 1975, the molds were to be destroyed yet they kept making them. I have one.

the only cacharel dress i could swipe off the site. this one is a bit matronly. the pockets don't do the line justice even though i believe that every article of clothing should have a pocket(s). i love liberty prints. they have a lilac one i especially like. i love cacharel. it's totally my steez. since childhood and teenagedom. i used to make alot of money as a teenager with innumerable babysitting jobs, paper routes (mortifying) and other 'canteen' tending jobs. i used all of my money to i liked 80s Esprit, polo, laura ashley, la cache etc. it was a good blend of new romantic sporty preppie/hippie. i remember paying $25 in 1986 for a pair of Christian Dior pale yellow/pink/green argyle socks. it was kinda like that. To add fuel to fire, my mom and i trolled the thrift stores and scored 24/7. We cleaned up. We had a laundry room piled, i swear, to the ceiling of clothing. i would go in there every evening and choose an outfit for the next day. I would carefully iron and lay it out for the next day. the high school halls were my runway. though i never ever strutted like a peacock. always ever humble hiding. the clothes were comforting.
america's next top model. nadiya says her eyes open from below rather than above. this reminds me of suspiria. or another late 70s dario argento. that dress and THAT PHONE.
i'd love a painting of this.

grant sent me a new 'wayne'. "Hot Revolver". Gee, what could that mean? it's ok. he definitely has His Sound. there is enuff His Sound in The World. Oh. Now that it's playing itself out real time it is turning kinda of 80s chorus. do we have the time/to listen to him/whine?
Lil Whine.
now that i have Some Time - what do i do with it? the thought of freedom and making some Real Art is shocking. the possibilities. like sea of tea said - i now have real estate in my mind. it's feeling a bit barren. my friend drew had an email:
in every dream home/a heartache. the time now: 12:34

Sunday, April 5, 2009

In Every Dream Home A Heartache

john taylor was influenced by early roxy music. i was influenced by john taylor.
one my top ten favourite album covers. which reminds me! i'm going to design my friend Lynette's band's logo. i forgot. it was a plan made 48 hours ago during the OOAK frenzy. Lynette is in the band with her sister carla. the band is called SISTER.
i'm gonna make some chief inspector jane tennyson art now, thanks. i'm too bagged to look for the correct spelling of tennison.

i'm really into early roxy music right now. the early years *
oh wow. Mother Of Pearl. In Every Dream Home A Heartache. i love it.

This past new years Dan the Man threw on roxy's Avalon cos it's baby Gloria's favourite album (was @ the time. prior was Beach Boys Pet Sounds in the car). as soon as THE MAIN THING came on - i was in my dream home.
i have a good memory of listening to my mom's copy of Avalon as a late teenager. i had spent the day on Salt Spring Island and came home to an empty house. it is a good memory.

it's tricky to download THE MAIN THING so i had to play it on youtube repeat. a video shot of the album cover propped up behind the record player playing...the album. It's the extended version. that's the youtube video. suits me fine.

i'm excited to have something *new* to listen to. early roxy feels sophisticated.

i'm alive/have survived the OOAK show. so i guess now i'm free.
now that i'm free i get to do some art i wanna uh...roxymusic album cover collages on a blog.

*thanks Prent!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Real Fiction Nails and Geode

Just some of the amazing things at the One Of A Kind show (hereon known as OOAK)

the lil spidey boy started bawling when his mom wouldn't buy him an egg. (i have some lower priced peanut bunnies in lil eggs inside of an egg carton. Genius Ian's idea). The lil boy loves eggs. I'm a real sucker for Shopping Children. I generally give them a 75% to Free Discount (depending on their allowance). I gave the lil boy an egg and he stopped crying and was suddenly joyous..then i realized i had to give the other two children eggs. But that's all fine. I forget these politiks. Then I remember.

I'm as sick as a dog. My food intake is basically: water, salt water (gargling) , a sniff of eucalyptus oil, ginger tea, nori, lysine, WELLNESS FORMULA (most kickass immunity booster on the market. 6 at a time every three hours = food), chewable zinc tablets, slippery elm (eaten like candy). But then of course I'll have My Coffee and then i got slightly bored by 9pm last night i was eating one of my chocolate rabbits (for display purposes only). My voice is back but it comes and goes. Pretty much on the verge of collapse by the end of the day. Only two days left. NADIYA is down at the show right now 'Peeping Out'. I better get my butt down there ASAP.

Oh and THE RING..that's a huge effen geode. the lady is great. she has amazing makeup. I shoulda got a shot of her makeup..but her nails and that custom made ring..blew my mind. She came by the 'booth'/bunny lemonade stand and when she left Kerri Reid and i almost chased her down to get the lost photo. i suggested a watercolour painting of this here image. fortunately the stars aligned and she came back and i got my shot.

Speaking of LOSS. LOST is losing me. It's really boring this season. the writers are clearly scrambling trying to pull it together. they've introduced too many characters. Meh. I'm losing interest. Like Hermant says: TV sucks this season.

Even Friday Night Lights is losing me. The first two seasons are stellar (except for the ending of season two cos of the writer's strike).

blah blah bla. so i settle for mediocrity MEDIUM with patricia arquette cos i adore her and i bet she is truly psychic (psy-chick). BUT! The show actually gets better as it goes along! This is almost unheard of in TV Land*. angelica huston even joins the fold! maybe she was bored. It's just something on in the background while i solve the problems of the universe. mine at least.

*the incredible irony is that i refuse to sit in front of a TV. I just wont sit thru those ads.

Friday, April 3, 2009

New Phenomenom: Blog Guilt

Everything looks better in a Coe and Waito cup.
A tiny Coe And Waito egg cup. The peepers are meant to sit in eggcups or glasses. Eggcups are getting hard to find! My mum was running around all over Victoria hunting down cups for me. She sent me out a box. Yay mom! I haven't had time for thrift stores.

"Blogguilt" became a *thing* in only recent past...for many. It's like my favourite image of a small cluster of people hunched around a laptop watching...i dunno...something great on Youtube. I don't know where my favourite Torontonian (there are many faves) Ian Phillips finds this business but..he's very good at finding it. Miranda is something else! All in earnest. Ernest. Emilio Earnest-ivo.

I've been working for weeeeeeeks towards this krazykraftfair/tradeshows/arts'n'crafts/corporate. i don't know EVENT (One Of A Kind) to sell my bunnies at. I like to make things hard - nobody knows why. I am a perfectionist and work-a-holic so i have done NOTHING BUT work towards this show. I have lots of funny photos documenting the leadings up which will hopefully be up here soon. As in: my apartment a TOTAL MESS. I set up my lemonade stand in the livingroom about 3 weeks ago so i could work with the form/set up that way.

I am on day 3 of the event (brutally long 10 hour days in an airless massive convention/arena/something space with atmospheric lighting) and my lovely assistant/manager/Boss Lady NADIYA is down there right now tending to the masses while i get ready to face the music and drag myself down there. I developed LARYNGITUS on the first day of the event. As soon as the gates opened a small crowd of ladies slammed me. Naturally I was still setting up and hadn't settled on prices so everything I said had a question mark at the end of it. A new collector emerged from the mix SHARON who bought up several largesize Fierce Bunnies from the get go. It was her birthday too..on april fool's day. She got the primo bunnies who are now sporting full outfits. Mostly angora sweaters with antique buttons and calico or cotton eyelet skirts.

I also simplified a pattern to make a new bunny! They sit in a little vessel and just kinda..peep at you. I'm happy with them. They all still make me crack up after all these years. I look at them and think: WHO ARE YOU?

Nadiya has been setting up really great scenes with them doing very funny things. We just entertain ourselves. I tend to waste time and get distracted by rambling on (with no voice) to whoever. I gotta be careful.

Nadiya is an actor and just finished a stint (that's paying gig job job) on a new show called THE BEST YEARS which she says is geared for tweens and has been slotted after 90210 on Global. Awesome. I can't wait to see it. I hope it's gonna be more DEGRASSI. Her character's name is Poppy like the newest Mike Leigh lady. I love M.L.

More soon. Pwomess.

So I have been 'talking' like a frog for the last two days or not...

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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