Thursday, May 26, 2011


This bad photo was taken last night at oh eight twelve hundred hours. midnight!!! i was driving at the time having just left BRIDESMAIDS and heading to the recycling depot.

Bridesmaids, of course, is great. I'm 10 days late.
My favourite character is Melissa McCarthy's - aka SOOKIE of Gilmor Girls. I like the randomness of her character. She's hilarious. Kristen Wiig really nailed the spirited loser thing down of my/her generation. I was cheering by the end. I went by myself last minute and probably entertained the entire theatre (on top of already high entertainment) with my laugh track.

My  favourite part was when Annie was trying to get the policeman's/love interest's attention by driving back and forth and back and forth in every possible 'get busted' scenario in her crappy car. Chugging beer, texting, throwing garbage out the window, topless, skulked down ghost driving, burning rubber, popping wheelies (no), noise pollution etc. That is my level of humour. Gentle relentlessness/keep it coming/dont stop. (kind of like how me and Lisa Smolkin have been calling each other 'guy' now for probably almost 20 yrs - inspired by her family's waitress greeting at The Keg: HI GUYS. ed. note: We are not ALL GUYS speaking of which..apparently 'hangover 2' is 'DON'T').

And ROSE BYRNE (of DAMAGES etc) whom i adore -also a treat. If Minka Kelly (aka FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) is the poor lady's Rose Byrne, what does that make Leighton Meester? (of COUNTRY STRONG fame*..she's good in C.S. which i watched TWICE not knowing whether to laugh or cry). Those last two ladies star in a new 'single white female' *thing* called THE ROOMMATE. it looks terrible but of course i'm intrigued to do my 'half-watch' while i do other tasks. maybe maybe not. I like female psycho-dramas. I like when people try to hit it and miss the nail. Mind you, it's better if we dont waste anymore energy on this. We can just listen to the new Beyonce rapture jingle.
She wins.

*i truly urge you to hit that link. it doth bloweth thine mind
Meester has a good singing voice. I havent watched Gossip Girl. No thank you. Maybe next decade. I only got into Gilmour Girls last year b/c there was a boxed set sitting in front of me and i had a huge bunny order to sew.

Friday, May 6, 2011

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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