Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Money Shots & Pennies

ya ya stevie. might hv to take this pick to the hairdress next time. i swear i've never done that.
um hi. that's jamie lee curtis KISSING michael meyers. money shot supreme! Sick!
best actress in universe: glenn close! as 'alexx forest' in FATAL ATTRACTION. she's not afraid to play the hard roles. She's not afraid to play a harsh bitch (see Damages)

I call all those pictures "money shots". I know. disgusting. But i cant think of what else to call them! I go cruising online for 30 minutes or so to find these things. It takes awhile. So i find the M.S. and high-five myself.

i'm glad someone else likes pennies as much as i do. A floor tiled with pennies! It's so beautiful. I'm gonna copy that. "Copy that! 10 four, big buddy". It's fun to copy! Everyone else is doing it! It's how we learn!
Katia gave me a big bag of pennies last month. I use them in bunnies as y'all know. I scrub each individual penny with a little toothbrush. I look for special years. I've started making birthday cards - very minimal with just the penny HOT GLUE GUNNED to the card - the year the patient was born.

Cubby (brother) works for the municipality of Esquimalt. He started off in highschool driving the Zamboni Machine (ice resurfacer. yes) and later became a garbageman. He said people would throw bags of change in the garbage. Bags of pennies.


There is a garbage strike in Toronto right now and people are going apeshit. I'm all: get a grip people.

Seriously..i throw out ONE small bag of garbage maybe once a month perhaps two. IF EVEN. I'm talking small plastic handled bag. Almost everything can be recycled. Almost everything except maybe...swept up lint or dust. If you are Kerri Reid, you can make art out of that.


(again, Cubby named his puppy "Penny")

The local CBC (so boring. i way prefer BC...) will not shut up about this one newspiece about a man who has taken upon himself to charge people $5 a bag to pick up their garbage and take it to a private dump. He's a STRIKEBREAKER. I heard the story 3 or 4 times today.

Here is some rambling from the weekend:

we'll see. if i can drag my tired ass out the house. at least i found a good outfit/uniform for the week. it's a full late 40s skirt - khaki w/ strange painterly print w/ bits of orange..kinda france-like (price: FREE), a calico/'little house' thin-strapped sun top (PRICE: $5 "i-hate-value-village-dot-com", a skinny orange neon belt from Italy (PRICE= FREE) and the awesome KORK-EASE in 'natural buff' that totally rule and fit like a glove. see somethings are awesome. (HOWEVER..PRICE = $300...and at least two months of harassing the company via phone and email. it. was.insane. i ended paying USD and an out of control brokerage fee - almost a hundred bucks. they were the last pair in that colour. sold out everywhere. i had to wait till they came in from brazil..and then tracked down at a miami warehouse...ridiculous. needlesstosay, i wear them every second.

now i understand why people want to go out. to wear an outfit that they like. i get it. or hope for a *love connection*. ha ha
or party get wasted or NOT BE WITH THEMSELVES.

i get it.
I'm just saying all that b/c i'm having problems extracting myself from the house. that's what happens when you work from home.

i am, however, trying to sprout some seeds.

i'm about to go hardcore w/ the Drawn and quarterly book. gotta get that done.
i m doing all colour, no text..so that all the world can look at it and there will be no language barriers..just the way michael (j) would've liked it!


Saturday, June 27, 2009

just a lil guy

1971. M's dog looks like my brother's dog Penny!
see. michael just wanted peace!
check that halo/nimbus
Givin' 'Er. always. Michael gave 'er. Michael was a perfectionist.
There's another Penny! From Good Times! Click that GT's link! i'm serious.
i'm joining in with the rest of the universe here! trillions of images to choose from. The top, to me, is the moist poignant. I love that dog. It's taken in 1971 when he was only 12 years old. I was just being born. So many pics of MJ - he's just GIVIN' 'ER! He gave 'er. Everything. I wonder what was taken from him. I read a couple of things tonight - Jordan Chandler - the kid who accused MJ of molestation confessed that he LIED. 'Jordy's' abusive father forced him to. Ugh. what a mess. B.S. biznazz. I knew it wasn't true! Michael sure seemed happy in all the "This Is It" press conference shots. It was a good day. I watched a short 'last rehearsals' video of the dancers who came from all over the world to audition. It was touching - albeit set up like a 'so you think you can dance' charade. I'm sad for them now. I started reading more information and i had to stop. That Good Times theme song is forever in my head.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Marilyn Chambers' still from Rabid
i guess i have felt like that a lot over the years
'remember when Fluffy died?'
quadruple amazing. check out that sick painting in the back.
not cybill shepherd but they worked that angle.

not an especially good time (above). Hair, dress.

Those are all pictures of Marilyn Chambers. I'll get those. ('cept for The Last Picture Show)


that's my favourite twitter of the day...i also like bruce la bruce's:

Hello? Michael Jackson. Heath Ledger.

which was preceded by:

Wonder if they'll reissue Michael Jackson Was My Lover: The Secret Diary of Jordie Chandler by Victor Gutierrez. I own an autographed copy.

I myself LIED on facebook today and status updated:

Heard on subway this morning: "AND FOR THE RECORD, I NEVER SHAT TALKED MICHAEL!"

a. LIE! this morning i was in bed sleeping off insomnia therefore nowhere NEAR a subway (and sleeping off my heavy sad michael dreams. for real).

b. i just want people to know that I never shit talked michael. i just didn't want to get into 'discussion' about it. So i did what the general populace does - put air quote marks around it. buffer. hide. faker.

anytime i heard a pedophilia accusation, i just felt sad. To be frank, i didn't want believe it. I didn't want to KNOW. M
mmmichael 'apparently' had prescriptive drug and booze issues so maybe he was hopped up? People do stupid things under the influence. STILL. I don't know. i don't buy it. & christ - it doesn't matter anymore. Unless of course if it was true, the adult children are permanently damaged. IT was/is so interesting to me how CERTAIN people would get so angry, accusational, divided about this alleged pedophilia. All it made me think was:

what happened to YOU? & what are YOU not dealing with?

like maybe look at that, people(s).

can i repeat that a hundred times more?

so ya. anytime michael stuff has come up over the last couple of decades...i just felt DEEPLY sad for him. my heart always went out to michael. but this is what one does when they practice extreme EMPATHY. ever heard of it? (not you...the general mass).

i remember watching that..what the hell was that? that crazy MJ expose that came out around 2003 ...watching in the basement of my old house in vancouver with jeremy..in the middle of the day. it was so depressing. i felt so sick inside. even watching it, participating/perpetuating felt so wrong. & strange to come from someone so interested in 'celeb'.

around age 11, i had a short-lived michael obsession. (obsession aside, i have always enjoyed michael's music and spirit (well, you know..before...b4..before i-don't-know-what)) i had many, many posters. that school year i adored my teacher - Mr. Moore. He bore an uncanny resemblance to Herman Munster. He had a booming voice and played the piano and sang at the top of his lungs with pure joy. I liked him so much i became one of the top students. He saw something in me. I worked so hard. Perhaps just to please him. If i hadn't worked so hard for Mr. Moore, I wouldn't have ended up in the gifted kidz program the next year. My whole life would've been different.
obvs. I coulda been a drug addict in the smoke pit. Instead i got to hang with all the nerds and dorks. Amen.

I somehow knew that Mr. Moore's daughter really liked Michael Jackson. My short-lived obsesh was coming to a close. I carefully untaped and unpinned my poster collection and lovingly rolled them up and brought them all to school. I said, "Mr. Moore, these are for your daughter because I know she likes Michael Jackson more than I do".

was that too much?
is that what a kid does so desperate for attention and validation ?

i would stop at nothing.

(epilogue: Mr. Moore is still my favourite teacher. I think of him fondly and often.
He loved Ray Bradbury. All old science fiction. I stayed up all night memorizing The Highwayman and dramatically quoted/parroted it back verbatim as a class exercise (SEVENTEEN stanzas of six-lined rhymed couplets. There was no turning back). I would raise my arm and beg to read aloud to the class during "Reading". Raise my arm to read out my writing, to recite poetry. All that jazz).

an idea came up about me posing like the film poster for RABID (1977, david cronenberg). I've made alot of art from this image. (2nd from top). I finally went online to do a lil research. Marilyn Chambers. omg. I had no idea. She was the IVORY SNOW (99 44/100ths pure) model and later starred in Behind The Green Door. PURE PORN.
(DC wanted Sissy Spacek to play the lead but was nixed b/c of her accent).

Marilyn Chambers JUST died in april. aged 62. found in her home by her 17-year old daughter.
In a 2004 interview, Chambers said "My advice to somebody who wants to go into adult films is: Absolutely not! It's heart-breaking. It leaves you kind of empty. So have a day job and don't quit it".

People die all the time everyday every s e c o n d.

When I met her she was a lot harder than I had hoped. She had plucked eyebrows and her hair was very pre-Farrah Fawcett. She had been doing Las Vegas. Chuck Traynor, her husband/manager, was not my favorite kind of guy. Very tough. They were both into trading gold-plated revolvers with Sammy Davis Jr., that kind of thing. It's a world totally foreign to me; not one I'll ever get to know too well. But Chuck was very protective of Marilyn, and very supportive of the movie. And Marilyn herself was very shrewd and sharp, and worked really hard. She'd obviously had some rough times since that first little movie that I saw of hers. But she was a real trouper, and invented her own version of Method acting. When she had to cry it wasn't a problem, because Chuck would say, "Remember when Fluffy died"—Fluffy was her cat—and then she'd cry. I thought she had real talent, and expected her to go on and do other straight movies. But she went back. I don't know if it was Chuck, or that the industry still wouldn't accept her.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"We Cut Up The Same Magazine"

I write this to u from my deathbed.
naw not really. i was going to go lie on the bed and type from a camille-like/can't lift a finger pose but i have to lift all my fingers to demon-type (which is what i do. type fast)

got this email from my old, old, OLD penpal - JC aka Jeff Jank

backstory: we've been penpals since about..oh 1993.
we hv the boxes to prove it!

boxes of letters.

i'm harassing him right now to send me some of my papers for a book project i'm working on and he emails me THOSE (see above) pics w/ the subject:

we cut up the same magazine

his: 1995
mine: circa 2000? don't know. i had a bad habit of never dating anything cos...why?

the third pic is 2008! i am STILL working with this same LEATHERFACE imagery.

my story w/ Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a harrowing 12 year-old memory which i wont get into now (it's funny, tho). I have a thing with chainsaws. My dad and grandpa were loggers. We heated our house with trees that we logged ourselves. Chainsaws are so hilarious to me. And scary. And ridiculous. So, ahem, with my collages - i was just collecting imagery that was playing with golden light. The Leatherface pic is taken during 'THE GOLDEN HOUR' when the sun is just going down and casts the most spectacular, beautiful light...Terrence Malick ('badlands') did an entire movie using that light: Days Of Heaven. A beautiful movie.

oh so yes collage bits PROSE...a tequila sunrise (madonna's drink of choice in Desperately Seeking Susan...which pal Susan and I would drink...b/cos of & my most favourite movie ever "D.S.S") ...sid and nancy...Jank's 1995 collage text reads:


(hahaha. jeff's so funny. I guess he's my soulmate). Jane Fonda (or "Jane Fondle" as my dad says) and angelina's dad jon voigt in a wheelchair in 'Coming Home' anti Vietnam movie. Jon Voigt is super messed btw. Politically. And there is something really weird between VOIGT and his daughter JOLIE (who will no longer speak to him). CELEBRITIES!!!!! get your stupid shit together.

THIS JUST IN!!!!!!! friggin michael jackson is dead!!! what the ?????????? i'm still dealing w/ farrah fawcett. (mind you...i thought she died awhile ago b/c of her extreme cancer...she has been at death's door for some time now. I was grieving in advance. I have an uncanny knack for predicting celebrity deaths. Sometimes way off the mark but sometimes bang the fuck on. F.F. had a touch of the Marilyn Monroe legacy. just a twinge. ya know? Her celebrity messed with her celebrity. Deeply. She was famous for being..famous. Her acting in the Burning Bed and Extremities blew the collective mind. Just found online she curiously had a hand at sculpture a few years ago. she did, afterall, major in art history in the late 60s.

I've been vaguely, lazily wanting a bottle of her Farrah Fawcett shampoo from the 70s..just to have it..so i could display it and stare at it..or make art with it..i was never proactive about it. I settled for a late 70s magazine clipping...just to save space. Julie Morstad and I used the clipping in a collaborative (that word never sits right) collage show we did together. ya! that was good.
(apparently FF never endorsed this product and never made a penny from it. There's something like that with her poster, too).

i hear ambulances in the background. It's too late! Michael's gone. What if everything was just caving in on Michael? That is what i am visualizing. His deathbed.

One of my favourite musicians these days is Scout Niblett (as mentioned in past). She has a song with just her drumming and she's singing:

we're all gonna die
we're all gonne die

(on repeat).

PS ok twitter RULES right now. everyone is going apeshit on 'trending topics' RE michael...i really...oh god..it's terrible, terrible. People - pay attention to michael! this is what happens to an abused child shoved in the face of celebrity!

bruce la bruce just wrote:

Michael Jackson's death is totally upstaging Farrah's. It's like when Andy Warhol died on the same day as James Coco.

(bruce has great twicks and tweets)

(or since it's 'jeff' day..i generally sign off all emails with: XOX...to sometimes total strangers...a few years ago jeff writes: what is this 'xox' business? cat food?
so i just started signing off my emails to him: catfood)

that felt like deja vu. dear god i hope i haven't repeated myself here. cos i already do that. all the time.

and one more thing: i was steaming vegetables today: purple cabbage, radishes (hi C!) and broccoli. The water i poured out was BLUE. Like blue lagoon blue. Beautiful teal..i couldn't believe it!!!!! You have to try it.

Monday, June 22, 2009


I like Margot Kidder. She was born in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories! She has become an advocate for natural and herbal treatments for psychiatric conditions, including orthomolecular medicine. Plus she starred in *Sisters*, Superman(s), Amityville Horror, Black Christmas etc. She's ballsy.

I hope my collage wasn't too sick. For y'all. I hope i don't get in trouble. It's just life. The world is messed.

anyhow(s) - i wrote this @ the mall today.

Blogs. Who knew?

Pamela des Barres promises she will think of a better name!
Can’t wait!
Blog it up!!!

This is the shit I learn on twitter when I’m re-directed to her (totally weird/random) website. She does rock’n’roll weddings!!!! She’s a minister. I told Robert Dayton on the phone yesterday. In exchange he told me what “RAP” stands for (after I told him a lot of the writing I have is..pretty much rap. Or ‘sweet rap poetry’).

RAP= Rhythmic American Poetry.

But I’m not American. Maybe I will be one day. I wont rule it out.
Maybe the man of my mayhem dreams is there. Or not. Who cares?

Smack dab. There’s some rap

PS Miss Pamela is also teaching creative writing classes. I thought that might be interesting...funny..then i saw a picture of her first class and...ya i wont be able to relate to those people. And...i can relate to almost anybody who is on the earth. I'm good at finding commonality. It's my *gift*. Not that i always want to find the time and energy it takes to DIG. i'd rather not.

Edie brickell and new bohemian style. I’m not aware of too many things I know what you know if you know what I mean.

Oh ya plus P.D.Barres (who is just so sweet and darling. Just turned 60. There are crap snap shots on her site at her sixtieth bday..wearing …kind of a baroque/milkmaid/marie Antoinette get-up…and there’s frggn DON JOHNSON who she used to date..but his back is to the digital camera. Regrettably I went on line searching 4 DJ pics during my Miami Vice Obsession (2005-2007) – I lived to regret. Time is not treating him well. I think he may have anger issues.

But oh Sonny Crockett. I still love you! I even named my computer after you! SONNY.

I am at the MALL working. Emily is showing me the ropes. My writer friend. She’s hardcore. We’re hardcore. She’s sitting behind me. I told her not to look at my computer screen. I thot it would distract her while I googled images of the dish and the spoon and skunks and wind blowing etc. I have to wear headphones b/c G*y starbucks is LOUD…making frappaccinos by the second crunching ice and other people in their ‘offices’ on cel phones calling all over the planet. But it helps. I’ve always done stuff like this – worked in random places - and small cafes don’t cut it. At least at starbucks no one gives a rat’s ass WHAT you do and I love the anonymity. Working at home all the time gets to be a DRAG. I’m no fkn carrie bradshaw gazing wantonly out my new york apartment window wondering what word I will choose next in my sentence. But I’m not really a writer.

Anyways, it’s a great mall. Emily took me on a tour. It’s upscale posh which is a bit dangerous. I already blew some cash at H&M. That took about 10 minutes. I don’t like when I go into ‘High & Maintenance’ and I walk out w/ some shit thinking: what just happened? That’s what that place does to you. (So does Ikea). So you have to be really strong and not get seduced. I might have to swap my new dress/top for a full-on maxi dress w/ peacocks on it. Ya I think so. But the $7 full-brimmed panama hat will do the trick..and the $2 halter-style tops will be decent AFTER I tie-dye them (no. just dye. Regular) (epilogue: did swap dresses. The new floor-length is LOUD: blue with peacocks and roses. Thank you to the sleeping lion that is China.

True blood was good last night. I forgot there was a TV in the apartment where I live. I have a piece of cloth draped over it so I don’t have to look at it. I’m so used to being fused to the laptop – I just went straight to streaming. When a girl wants something bad enough – she’ll find it. I was able to stream 5 minutes after it aired…it was good quality except the dialogue was slightly off. I’m glad Lafayette is still alive. But damn! He’s not part of the chain gang anymore! Now HE’S a vampire!!!! I guess it makes sense. He’s a great character. That show is premium.

So I’m sitting here (@ the mall) staring at some Twilight merch. What a bunch of junk. A tote bag that reads: I heart boys who sparkle.

On second thought – maybe I need that bag.

I’ll mention this again and I’m not allowed to - I signed a contract but a fierce bunny WILL be in bella’s bedroom. How awesome. I love twilight.

Oh it’s time for cheap sushi shortly. Emily says it goes on sale after 7pm.

We took the bus here even!! It’s a 25 minute ride. I still have shitloads of work to do.

I’m just sorting my writing out on the laptop. I have barely tapped it. I have to just print it off and deal with it. What a mess. Prose, poetry, gripe water, ‘raps’, letters, songs. A regular carboot sale.

I don’t know how to sort most of my writing. Forming. That’s a Germs song. I really don’t. I’ll have to ask some questions. I will need feedback. I will need to ask for help.

I really want everyone in the world to be happy and fed and loved and clothed and housed.

I need to say this b/c this blog entry is full of fluff and materialism and other bullshit and the above is what I think about most of the time. My heroine is Louise L. Hay!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

holy mother of mary

i just found fifty bucks on the ground today. tht NEVER happens anymore. i was waiting in line at the debit machine (where i seem to find myself EVERYDAY in the city) & my eagle eye spots something red on the ground..what the???? i swooped down and casually pocketed it. There wasn't (really) anyone around...then i got back in line. then i thought: oh ya. i dont need any money NOW! and went on my merry way to the organic produce store.

i have been wasting mass time on TWITTER. it's pretty fun! i'm 'following' pamela des barres, yoko ono (both free giving spirits on the innernet), uhh..oh ya anna paquin. still. her tweets are pretty dumb. samples:

Good morning! Hello Winnipeg! Can't get enough Starbuck's!

(i'm trying to visualize *her* drink. Years & yrs ago my fwend Christopher Flett (sorry: XOPHER) worked at a starbucks and fairuza balk came in often. she'd order a venti vanilla latte w/ extra, extra, extra vanilla and ...i'll have to email him and get the specs. my friend and i ordered the same drink just to try it and cos we were a lil bit 'obsessed' w/ fairuza...it was sick-a-tating. of course). I think there was some junkieness going on at the time..as in 'H'. as in: HORSE. Not for me. The sugar drinker.

also: paquin and balk both played GROUPIES in Almost Famous. Pamela des Barres. see. it's all connected.

other sample paquin 'tweet':

Why, yes, I am familiar with the movie "Twilight". I really should watch that.

(she was responding to some dumb fan twit)

also following diablo cody. she's funny. she's always posting about some sweet junk food. still. she's hilarious. i like her spirit, too.

also: mcsweeney's, chronicle books, poppytalk...ya. these folks post every ten seconds so it's really boring and annoying. i like reading posts from the INDIVIDUALS.

evan rachel wood or cat power dont post at all.

there's a girl named Laura Jane Felds who lives here in TO and she is just awesome. "Sexy Sadist" ...she writes for a fashion blog:



Attractive Attracts Attractive

iDon't date dudes with iPhones

she's a genius. it goes on and on.

and this artist kid in vancouver...writes funny stuff:

Brokeass Mountain!

See. I love twitter for that. I can 'status update' all day if i want w/ the other status updaters.

but most of all - it wastes too much time.

speaking of time wasteage - i somehow got my paws on Season One of ENTOURAGE. it was an accident. i swear! my friend was moving and...it was just..sitting there.

of course i finally watched it - while working in the background...i was cringe-ing so bad. i actually felt nauseated. One thing leads to another...i kinda 'relaxed' into it..now i'm into it. vaguely..sorta..well, you know. it's still pretty barfy. i only check into these things purely for social..blah rah rah commentary. so dumb...MALE SexATC. blech. I just want to get into the heads of these males. ya right.
my fave character is the kevin dillon one. he is hilarious. calf implants? he's super ugly but his charisma!

WEEDS is back on. Weeds is okay. Showtime is the poor man's HBO. it's catching up a bit though. I prefer premium. It's very, very dark this season. It seems to be getting darker and darker. I dunno.

well, lynette's on her way over to do a read-through of The Break-Up book. I need to figure out how much meat i need to add to this effer. That's my epic book. "Netty" got me into 'Ride the Lightning'. She's so awesome. the perfect unusual blend of classy, composed, grounded, professional, perfect and METAL!

PS those bunny photos make me laugh. I found these little sunchairs in my favourite place: CHINATOWN (is that a racist term now? I caught shit for using the word LAME awhile back. a friend has an injured arm. i'm not kidding. i looked him and said, 'can we PLEASE not have this (lame) conversation????')..Seriously. choose your battles, man. ..so ya those little chairs..they're meant for CEL PHONES. As in: go to beach, set up your deck chair, set up mini deck chair for your...cel phone.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sookie Stackhouse

i'm over the moon on True Blood. I just watched season 1. PREMIUM HBO. fun!!! i love it. it has depth and kitsch. Sometimes my timing is impeccable as far as tapping into 'collective consciousness'...i didnt know there was such a murmur that's getting more and more audible...didn't realize season 2 starts...TOMORROW. ya.
it's weird to connect anna paquin - the little girl in the Piano to sookie stackhouse. she still has gaps in her teeth and a very...unusual mouth...she has Blonde hair in a (cheerleader) ponytail and a Tan. she was born in winnipeg and then moved to new zealand. she's on twitter. she can't spell. ('payed') and she just sounds like a sweet robot responding to inane fan tweets.
btw, in Real Life she is dating her Vampire Boyfriend. YA! That explains the total authenticity of their scenes together. It's hot stuff!

(found out, too, that dexter married deb in Real life..shocking 'dexter' fans. ha ha). I love on-screen-to-off-screen romances. Everyone's just bored at work).

i've been wasting ALOT of time on twitter lately. it's like a huge suction vacuum that i am clawing my way out of. i now have to SHUT DOWN & HIDE the computer and leave the room or house. what happened to the days where i would sit contentedly making art and listening to music not thinking of anyone or anything else?

i have no choice but to bring those days BACK.

immediately. once again bit off more than i can chew. I need to do a full-scale window installation in three weeks (on a very busy street), work on website (dont look at it. just do not), custom bunny orders (w/ swarovski crystals!!!?), FINISH A BOOK (s)(i get heart palpitations thinking about it)..PAPERWORK, admin, accounting, maintain and spruce up Etsy store (?!) and THIS BLOG, scan a bunch of things, re-teach myself how to draw (ya right), look into a special secret project and make a quick decision, go to niagra falls, kill a fly, haggle, more unpaid labour (& more boring things you dont even want to know about) and my favourite: start making bunnies for CHRISTMAS. wtff? A girl needs get-a-ways, an intern and a manager. and some fun in the sun. i would like to lie on the beach.
Summer Romance is OUT OF THE friggs QUESTION. True Blood all the way!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Make Up

lisa smolkin did make-overs and quick energy healings as a cool performance/decoration the other night at Trampoline Hall. (get it: decorate the audience members).TH is one of my favourite things to do in Toronto. It is a monthly curated lecture series with set dec @ um..Sneaky Dees. Three lecturers. It usually sells out in about three seconds and people line up for 90minutes plus. I've seen some hilarious sheet go down there. For some reason i kept showing up starving but i was able to eat my dinner while the lectures were going on (vegetarian burrito @ sneaky dees. okay. kind of gross to do that..well, i mean - most people are drinking so..). One of my favourites was this guy (well known music critic whose name escapes me..well the last part cos..well read on) who drove from New York (Unpaid Labour!!!) to do a powerpoint presentation about the history of..his..name - JODY. I almost died it was so hilarious...i guess he got harassed for having a girl's name from The Get Go. (My friend Holly had a little scruffy dog named Jody. I thought that was the cutest thing ever). Jody harkened back to days of slavery and chain gangs..where JODY came to life. (In the armed services, a military cadence or cadence call is a traditional call-and-response work song sung by military personnel while running or marching. In the United States, these cadences are sometimes called jody calls or jodies, after Jody, a recurring character who figures in some traditional cadences.I practically fell in love with the guy. Well, for about 10 minutes.

Lisa made up some posters of 'Before And After' shots. She set up her make-up in the back. It was fun to watch people be transformed. They loved it. It was fun to watch Lisa work. It was like watching Picasso (only way more interesting). The text she wrote on the posters is as follows:

cigarette butts
The 70s

precious and semi-precious gems
heavenly earth states

ya lisa smolkin! kick ASS! Take names!!!
Lisa and I have been calling each other GUY since 1991. Seriously. We met in a women's studies class.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

white things

i "stoleded" those two last images from ETSY..just people...selling..things...those are ancient stockings...i saw the image and thought: WOAH! Hold UP! is that someone's ART??? incredible! but naw. it wasn't a limited edition photo. she was just advertising her antique socks for sale...the Mr. Sneeze is a kleen-ex dispenser...late 70s? great image....I couldn't be bothered to buy it and have it trucked halfway across the planet. My days of POSSESSIONS are over. (unless absolutely exquisite and necessary). The top image is a photograph that Ingrid Percy took. It was a porch ceiling we all used to sit underneath...me and the other girlfriends and boyfriends of days long gone. Long Gone. It was on East 16th Street in Vancouver, BC. An old dilapidated Victorian house basically operating as a roominghouse. I was there all the time on account of the boyfriend :). There was a man who lived upstairs that I never saw. No one did. Suddenly one day I heard Deep Purple piping out his window. I guess he was having a good day.
Later the house was sold and everyone was kicked out. This happened all the time in Vancouver. happens. to all my friends. We went back and watch it get levelled to the ground. It was so sad. I often think of that day. Crushed wood, splintered, destruction. The smell of dust, decades of filth and cedar, old dead wood. Some guy operating heavy machinery, bored plowing it down in a Caterpillar. The Usual. I just stood and stared at the space in the air where we used to sleep. A space suspended in air, nothing.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Kickin' Ass & Taking Names

ok so i'm part of a team right now - Team Rose Quartz - headed by team captain Lisa Smolkin (spearheaded the projekt) & it's a A WORLD TELEKINESIS CONTEST and we are fully kicking ASS. We remain undefeated. Half our team (there are three of us) isn't even in the same city! Our original plan was to be out together doing karaoke and freaking out etc...but that hasn't happened once. We were all together last weekend at Shary's birthday party - so that worked out. Lisa instructed us to carry an empty bottle around and anytime we were having FUN, we had to take the lid off. I had an empty spice bottle (clean!) that i wrote 'fun' on the lid. It made me aware of how often i was having 'fun'...mostly making up dance moves/interpretative dance to an Air album i'm (still) obsessed with. Anyways! When weren't together over the weekend - Lisa and I got on the phone and played RUSH on Youtube. That obviously worked again.

Here's the deal - the contest is held in Victoria, BC - my birthplace and home of questionable activity (Good, Evil, whathaveyou). The kids at the Minstry of Casual Living have created these boards (see above) and they are lighting the candles - whatever teams' candle burns down first or creates a pool of wax in the direction of the other teams zone...i dunno something like that. how's that for half-baked?

I actually need to run b/c i'm heading down to Trampoline Hall to help Lisa with a bit of set dec. She's in charge of the decorating for tonight's lecture series. She's doing MAKE-OVERS on audience members. Can't wait!

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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