Monday, January 31, 2011

six weeks later...

I just finished this custom order for *HOLLY*! This little one is named "Lemon" as per Holly's request...a character from '30 Rock' (shockingly i've yet to rock). What makes this bunny especially special is that she's made from one of my baby coats. A little chick yellow angora handknit coat jacket number. My mom sent it to me 3 years ago with a bunny request. There was NO WAY i was going to cut it up. Instead i displayed it in my Toronto bedroom for a year. It was then packed up and brought to the Yukon. I'm not sure what shifted inside...but enough for me to be able to cut this puppy up but.  Regardless, it was very hard. These things have to happen. These things need to be done. My mom said i wore the matching bonnet often but found the coat too warm (I'm hot-blooded). I will not cut up the bonnet. Promises. There's enough angora to make one more fierce bunny and a small group of 'Peepers' some accoutrements  (bunny capes and collars) and a bit left over for a quilt i'm making.
ignore the night photo/day photo yellow colour changes. the true colour is in between those.

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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