Thursday, April 17, 2008

MAGGIE (and more Skaggie, Alaska)

Maggie I miss you
All below you will see the varied landscapes we went thru in 24 hours. Overcast gray, all white snow with no differentiation between sky and horizon Whitemare to SKANKZVILLE, Alaska...even the tip of BC for 20 minutes. Which made me feel homesick (sort of). I had forgotten about rain since i have seen neither hide nor hare since halloween.
You do this thing where you pretend like you're having the time of your most people in photos like to do. The Way Of The Skag: when did i become/ all about landscapes?
Driving home
Driving there (uggs. this is actually boring compared to what comes after)
Chera - who is truly more hilarious than Amy Sedaris - she should be on the cover of this month's Vanity Fair. FUNNY LADIES. Here she is DRIVING and playing inflatable air guitar to the lame ass but awesome Eagles' 'witchy woman' (from my Evil Woman mix)
There. Alaska
Driving home blowing my mind.
A room with a view. flatlands. There again. Alaska.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The View from the hotel room @ Sergeant Preston's Lodge. You know, I lived in VANCOUVER for awhile and I learned about PHOTO CONCEPTUALISM by sheer osmosis. Just from hanging around. I got THAT GOOD. Fancy that.

The furniture we had been sitting on the night previous at the Elks Lodge's Luau (more on this later)
Pretending to work on a puzzle. Those aren't my smokes either.

SKANTZVILLE is very strict on butt removal. They don't want some fool to burn down the town.
This house was high on the the middle of nowhere..very close to Ragged Ass Road. I was trying to figure out how old it was. It's a bit VC Andrews
The Right Stuff. A satellite dish and 'VC Andrews' house (near Ragged Ass Road).
those g-damned 'shoes'. who can decide on a colour? NO ONE! You wanna know why? Cause NO ONE should wear them. Future landfill. Future as in tomorrow, as in NOW....crogging the universe.
That's The Sea Of Tea doing a Nicole Kidman impersonation..(& me in the very background - i had to vacate so the sisters could pull off this shot. I was trying to take the photo directing C like I was stanley kubrick meticulous but in the end, i knew i had to delegate this job to the OTHER C). Only thing here is you can't see nicole's new lips her. A sorry lip enhancement. Nicole! you don't need that! You're a good actress! Margot at the Wedding! Amazing! Virginia Woolf! Great! The Others!! Excellent (that movie is scary in the best ghostly haunted way... it took me three goes to get thru it). Eyes Wide Shut!
A Fool In The Street Of Skagsville
Some more Skanks. Wooden sidewalks..much nicer than Dawson. I love Dawson but it's kind of the ghetto version of Skagway. Skagway caters solely to the people who cruise thru via the cruise ships that all cruise up to ALASKA. You know the ones. (that's why I was able to buy Crabtree rose water products..cos you know who buys that stuff! The Ladies, that's who!)

stay tuned for just a bit more.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


That's AllHers wearing a CRYSTAL BELT as a headband admiring her new CRABTREE and EVELYN rose water products. I found these belts that were 70% off...with crystals and i've never seen before. They weigh a ton. C bought a lavender one and i bought TWO. We found the one store open: KLOTHES RUSH and scored majorly on gumboots, danskos, and other incredulous bits.
Chera couldn't decide what colour "holey soles" to buy.
(that pic coming up)
There is Queen Candice and Maggie and me holding my 'guitar' on the beach. We were just finishing up our video shoot.
Here is an incredible Still Life Of Stuff that Chera put together of shoes we bought and shoes we brought. What does this picture make you think of? Does it make you think: What the fuck?
Maggie on a GOLD blanket (are these the kind they make out of plastic pop bottles?)

Thank you to CHERA who sent me these edited pics ready to roll.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


That was a good weekend.

More on this.

But i'll leave you with a photograph - the best one of the batch. Chera playing an inflatable guitar..doing Chera Guitar..on her BIRTHDAY!

yeah! plenty more where that came from!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Skagsville, Alaska

We're on our way to Skagway in a carload full of skaghags listening to boz skaggs.

One of my favourite artists, Meesoo Lee made me that image today (as per a request)

Thanks, Meesoo.

I'm just stealing 'Devil Woman' off the internet for my Evil Woman/Black Magic Woman mix I've been working on for a few months now.

And here is the devil woman herself:

Each Other

i want to watch the entire episode.

i love george clooney in it ("The Cloonster" as i like to call him) - he's kind of like Schneider from One Day At A Time.... both handymen..lisa smolkin and i have a joke about Schneider..all we have to do is say the word:


and it's peals of laughter for 5 minutes
at least

S- if you are reading this - i got the Hello, Blue Roses disc in the mail yesterday. It's so beautiful. I cried. The sweetheart duo is.......IS RULING!
And I wore the H.B.R. t-shirt (w/ tiny bell sleeves) you screened right away and then to bed.

I'm designing a book cover for Lisa Foad. She is a writer from TO, ON. Her writing is INTENSE! It's the real kind. It's rock'n'roll writing. So hells yeah i'll do the cover! One of the characters is named GOLD. Gold is a constant, predominant symbol in my life right now: Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes - a feminist bunny story from the 1930s. The Sea of Tea bought it for me just before Easter. It's a beautiful book about a mum bunny with 21 children..she does it all. Cover is above Schneider. Where else would it be?
Also gold: neil young's Harvest (my favourite album cover of all time), lisa prentice's costume at the C>R>E>A>M> party - come dress according to your relationship to money - rich or poor she came as gold, living in the yukon - the gold rush, after the gold rush, an idea to do a painting of a gold toilet seat..well, you get the picture. I came here to strike gold. The Yukon. I'm striking it in my own way. The only way I know how.

I walk thru the snow to get to work (a barely part-time job which suits me just fine since i have about 7 of my own jobs). It's all melting now. It's mudslide and clay now. I am still waiting for my new Hunter gum boots to arrive. They're made in *Scotland* by appointment of Her Majesty the Queen.
Sea of Tea, inspired by.

I go to the pool alot in the Yukon. It's up the street across the Alaskan Highway. When I first got here - just after Halloween - I went almost everyday. I sat in the sauna and the heart-shaped whirlpool. It was all i could do - aside from cry every day. The water is a big help. It was especially helpful to jump in the cold water and then back to the sauna or steamroom.

The other night there was this amazing treat lady there! she must be in her early 50s but *looks* and acts like a 25-year old. She looks like she lives in her bikini and on the beach all day all night. She has long, permed banger hair, toes rings, coral nail polish, bikini from mexico and major fake'n'bake. You can't help but notice her while doing AQUASIZE or aquafit....she's cruising back and forth.

Best part: i go into the sauna and there she is stretched out occupying 5 seats like she's in a bacardi rum or malibu ad. She's got her tunes cranked. I am dying to find out what she is listening to. I sat there and sat there waiting..trying to hear it over the din of lifeguard's choice outside that accessible flaming lips album...i'm about to pass out from the heat but i won't give up till i find out. Finally she gets up and unplugs...i said with a big friendly smile:

Watcha listening to?

She widesmiles back banger style: Oh yeah, whatever i can download...(flips her hair back) know...NICKELBACK

That's the Jackpot! That's GOLD.

It was a moment i wish i could have shared with someone i no longer share those kinds of moments with. we shared many, many NICKELBACK moments together. Many chad kroeger moments..culiminating with the fool as my facebook friend.

you must laugh
to keep from crying.

maybe i'll make some art about it (the lady in the sauna that is...i really wish i had my camera)

my goal is to post photos from my time up here in the yukon. I take lots of photos out in the woods on my walks. I've captured some really beautiful scenery. My time here
could possibly be in its final stretch...we have the house till mid-summer and after that Cathy Lee Coats the Flower Fairy is coming up to meet me and we might drive back. I don't know. I'm a roller and a gypsy queen so WHO KNOWS?

In the meantime, I am completely enjoying the extended daylight. It's already starting. It is still light out at 9:45 pm. And the aurora is kicking in. Ben and I saw a glorious version the other night. Finally! it's been months that i've been waiting. This aurora was stretched across the sky - like neon buried under carbon. I swear to god, you can feel the electro-magnetic force. I have evidence.

PS i'm really into making Lisa Foad's book cover. I get to do whatever I want. I've been scanning all night. She is so lovely to work with - so respectful of my art. I can feel it coming in the air tonight.

I'm also trying to locate a pair of size 7.5 Air Jordans online...or the very least nike a dark colour. I hate ebay so remote, i have to rely on the internet for locating what i need/want...what are ebay tips?

It's late. Time for bed.
love sonja

Monday, April 7, 2008

Grace Zabriskie' Art

Sweet Gee

"I do less waiting by the phone than anyone I know in the business. I don't wait for a job. I just go on to my own work. Some people are suspicious of others who have more than one talent. I've had poets tell me to my face that an actress can't be a poet".

-Grace Zabriskie

My mother dreamed years ago that I abandoned my baby in a train station's bathroom. She found the baby under a sink. I was nowhere to be found.

we laughed about it at the time..but that dream has always stuck.
it would never happen..but it's how i feel about the blog...
it's been almost a month since i last posted. i've thought about it! i imagined posts in my mind....but once again, i feel so vulnerable right now. i'm just not sure how much more vulnerable i want to make myself. i don't know how much i want to release the beast. the beast is under wraps right now. tightly leashed.

maybe i need to let it rip.

this is why i love's a back and forth..specific...this is just me putting it out.

to who? where? i don't know.

i'll figure this out somehow.

in the meantime - here are the posts i thought about:

an expose on Grace Zabriskie and her art (see pics above)

my 2 day fixation on trepanation (the act of drilling a hole into one's head to activate optimal blood flow. An artist named Amanda Fielding performed one on herself as an art project. I read about it in a fancy art journal "Cabinet". I was deeply disturbed. She used a dentist's drill. She performed it flawlessly in 1970. Later she ran for British parliament using "Trepanation for National Health" as a platform. After a bit of digging deep research (feeling quite ill about it like i was watching a horror movie), i learned she was a super flake landlady and quickly lost interest.

dawson city photo diary

Big Love. I watched season two while last in Dawson. I went to *JIMMY'S* video store and tried to rent a single disc and the lady said, 'no. you have to rent the whole thing'...OKAY, says I. sounds decent. I have to say, Big Love is flawless.
A show about a polygmyist family living in the Utah suburbs with chloe, bill paxton (Weird Science), harry dean stanton AND grace zabriskie. it's too much for me to handle. It's a beautiful hilarious soap opera not unlike...Dallas. I see that david byrne has taken over the music component of the show. he's doing an okay job...i don't know about the avril lavigne tune he chose. He did choose my favourite 10 CC song (also used well years back in the Virgin Suicides) in a poignant moment: I'm not in love...


Here in the yukon, i have never felt better - healthwise, that is (which leads to otherwise). I sleep and exercise and eat well. Lots of clearing.

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


going on about Random Avenue, friends, art (maybe), rock (sometimes), movies, current events, childhood memories & other things like bunnies