Friday, May 23, 2008

The Clouds Here

are something else.

Here's where i live right now (as above so below).

(get ready for some prose and typos)
buster and i went for a good walk tonight. i walked the opposite direction the path of least resistance the road less travelled haha and ended up trailblazing through loam and cushy moss, branches snapping in my face (hate) and down by the SWAMP which is the beaver pond now!! The photos i took above show the snow and half frozen lake - which is what the swamp was for the last several months i have been an unplayed unplugged electric guitar resting quietly inside a snowglobe. All has been flipped upside down. The frozen lake i have been walking around for months is now a beautiful marshy swampland nature sanctuary and the BEAVERS are out! Seeing them is what i've been waiting for! Unfortunately i saw a real beaver pelt at the trading post in dawson and it left a deep dark imprint. their fur is thick, thick like nothing i've ever felt - and i felt bad..the eye holes were still in the pelt. unfair. they are amazing, industrious creatures who need to be here. seeing them swimming around and diving made me happy. i stood in the tall dry grasses for a long time watching them wishing i had binoculars. buster ran around in circles bounding. i might go back tomorrow with my book. I bet i could sit out there till 10:30 or 11pm and still have light to read .

Thanks to Mizzuz Cliff for the 'ok, it's gonna be' comment...and for having scout niblett in your itunes.
i'm ok.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sure Thing

Today's Mood (of this moment): slightly sleep depped, had to work all day at the arts centre doing a bunch of random tasks and the pressure's on and i was up late watching SATC and trying to write a travel grant and do some bookwork and admin and correspondence and ....)so these activities make me feel a bit frazzled...i deal with the repercussions.

I am so tired of crying.
(oh woah. i didn't make the connection with the kleenex..i took this 'aloft' photo in where else? you like it? is it too late 90s? too early 2000s? what will we call that time in a decade?)

friends - i know you've heard me say this before a million times..but i'm saying it differently this time. I'm not complaining. I'm being PRACTICAL. It might even be a public service announcement..or a 'wanted' ad.

i need help. i need people to help me. i might need to hire people. i can't do all of this by myself. i have leads, of course...and i can FEEEEL the support..but bottom line: i need help.

the bunnies, books, visual art, design work, Randomz to the power of a's ridiculous. i have an etsy store:

and i feel like i've abandoned it b/c i can't keep up with it - i've sold out of almost everything...i'm not very good businessperson..a good B.P. would STAY ON IT..this is my new motto and it's sitting on my desk right now..but right now i need to STAY ON IT with my BOOK.
i've told a few friends already: i made major headway with my book on sunday. I was so happy i almost started crying in STAPLES. The song playing:

you've got to pay your dues
if you wanna sing the blues
and you know
it don't come easy

No. It don't come easy.
Some people have golden horseshoes shoved up their ass and you know it don't come easy.
Oh well..time for more Sex And The City Season Sex! yay!
i hated that show when it was actually on TV and after leaving behind my crappy 90s coat - i looked at in a different light: pure popping colour candy fairy tale.

PS maybe i need to cut more stuff out. continue to cut away the deadwood. but i think women are naturally multi-taskers. it's just the feminine way..i just don't like to ABANDON THINGS. I just threw away my 'fickle' ginch. Those are GONZO now.

PPS i also stayed up late writing a blog entry that i decided to not post..i do that quite often actually..90% complete and then i...change my mind.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

27 Is My Favourite Number

i just watched a bad movie and i can't even use the excuse that i was stuck on a plane.
it was so bad my mouth was often agape while half-watching it while patching a pair of jeans* and hand in mid-air-sewing motion (27 Dresses). The weirder part is that i watched THE WEDDING PLANNER not that long ago (i take movies out of the library and we get and go to the video store. Watching/reviewing movies is my 'main gig' while i do mundane tasks) anyways...Wedding P stars J. Lo and gross matthew mcaughneeyehee (he was good in Dazed and Confused. He should have packed it in after that)...the two movies are the same!!! only 6 years difference: all women want to get married and dream about getting married their entire lives and all they want to do is GET MARRIED. These are the messages. It's a bad message. I love dumb movies. I like cute movies. I still love Beaches. This movie is embarrassing.

Katherine Heigl (star of 27 Dresses) was quoted on the COVER of the January 2008 Vanity Fair:

"Knocked Up was a little sexist. It paints the women as shrews, as humorless and uptight".

And then she does the cringe movie?
I'm sure that quote did PR wonders. Don't think KH will be doing another Apatow.

I was holding out a bit of hope for this lady.
While I'm on the topic - I want those Apatow people to STOP making movies. Just stop. Freaks and Geeks is great. No question. Everything after that - it's been a slippery slope and someone put rollerskates on those people....Super Bad is a HORRIBLE movie. HORRIBLE. I can't believe I sat thru it...eating tortiere on xmas eve watching that shit. Seth Rogen sucks now. He was my favourite character on Freaks and Geeks but that's done. This slobby guy star dude stuff matched aligned with beautiful, smart lady is TIRED. Please make it be over.

on a better day - the idea of marriage is deeply appealing...if it can WORK.
this from the person who still reads Sweet Dreams books. I read an excerpt of PS I Love You (1981) at Maggie's funeral and i completely lost my shit. It was an excerpt about a teenage boy and girl out on a hike in the mountains of Palm Springs..way, way up. They find a dead bird on the trail and decide to bury it. She wraps the bird in her yellow silk scarf they dig the hole together and have a small ceremony. Later in the book the boy dies of cancer. It's very tragic.

Shifting gears here - i slipped up and ate a whole bunch of sugar on friday night. This messed up toffee/chocolate cake/vanilla bean dessert at Hurl's. I went insane afterwards - forcing everyone in the booth to make their ugliest face and taking pictures and laughing so hard i lost my voice. I had to drink 6 glasses of water and then go home and leave again to WALK IT OFF and was still dehydrated. I couldn't sleep till 4:30am. That's me partying these days. So no sugar. Ben told me there are 18 sugarcubes in a can of Coke. I never drink pop. It gives me instantaneous hiccups.

(i passed the camera to chera to take a pic of me and candice and i was saying 'take the picture' and posing with a dumb face holding it forever and ben is saying, 'sonja stop making that face. you're disturbing me...' then i find out it's all video. So we're making videos. The next video is me whipping out the Canada Council grant recipient list I just happened to have in my bag...candice got the grant (yay!) i didn't (boo whatever.i'm so over it)..but i don't understand why Ian Wallace was on the list....why would i be applying for a grant that Ian wallace is applying for? The recipients are mostly established, somewhat legendary art stars...all these And so FEW!!! There were only NINE people who got this 'career development' grant. I gots to know how many people applied. So Candice and i applied for the exact same grant for the exact same project BEFORE we met! howzabout that? neat huh?..anyways..the video is hilarious of us going over the list - of which i am still perplexed by.

GRANTZ! i throw my arms up in exasperation.

Third gear: I love it on LOST when Jack cries. That's my favourite part. He cries every third episode and it's a beautiful thing.

why am i writing this ?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Whitemare With No Name

i love the kids in the hall.

i'm working on my book and youtubing KITH @ the same time. It's going kind of slow. It's the boring kind of 'working on the book': scanning, sorting, integrating my very complex 'bookmaking' system of which I am the only person on the planet to use. Because I made it up. Just like a snowflake - none two are the same. So no other snowflake would make a book the way the other snowflake would make a book. Back to The Kids:

I've watched about 20 sketches.
This is a good one:


actually, it's hilarious. I think the twins from Degrassi are the party girls (holding up the gazebo trying to get it over the fence...)

WOAH WOAH wait! I just found my favourite one about 'relationships' w/ mark mckinney. he's my favourite...or scott or bruce...they all are..they work as a team.

Relationships (reminds me of a few people i know - and they're not female)

Marv is my bud these days. That's him above.
Marv is like a largescale caterpillar/Muppet. His expression never changes. 'are you mad? are you sad? how are you feeling?' It's always the same. He isn't capable of mood swings.

It's pretty much:
All Marv All The Time

everytime i turn around, there he is. It's not ME when i turn around - it's HIM.
Fighting for the tap so he can suck water drips out of it, wafting in like a feather with his fancy 'champagne-coloured' persian glory, materializing out of nowhere...

Because of his litterbox (which should all be banned from the universe) i overzealously hoisted a massive box of kitty litter up the stairs and damaged something deep in my lower back. I can barely tie my shoes in the morning. Lowering myself into the car is a challenge. But i think it's getting better. Ever since i told the yoga teacher what happened..ever since she said, 'you may not be letting go of something'...suddenly i feel the shift. I know it's connected. I already knew that. Probably before I was born.

(saw the chiro today. she was good. she said it is a sprain. she did a crazy manipulative folding up of my body and threw down all her weight on top of me. it was great! i said, 'i wish i could do that to myself!')

Today i went to 'Dean's Strings' to look at guitars and ask about teachers. The guy working (not Dean) kinda muscley/nerdy/older guy with big gaps in his teeth (the best) and tinted glasses like 70s Paul Williams was nice. He pointed out the acoustic guitar he thought was the best. He said, 'It even has a pick up! I just discovered it this morning!' and pulled out a little amplifier. That really got the wheels turning. Next thing, he's pulling out a guitar for himself and he's strumming along trying to teach me "Horse With No Name"....'it's only two chords'..i have slight dyslexia and mental blockage when someone is force-teaching me against my will so i was blanking out but trying.....i think he wanted me to start playing along with him. No can do. Doesn't work that way. He was really nice and getting settled in: 'Yeah, i've only been playing 6 years' This is inspiring...i'd guess he's in his late 40s. Right on. ALL I want is a hobbie out of this. I don't care what happens. I had 4 minutes to get to an appointment and ran out saying i'd be back later. I don't think i would have done this in any other place on the planet (gone into a guitar store hi..tom lee? and actually was treated to that kind of service).

I went back and his sister was there...early 50s. She's a musician. Any lady playing a guitar over 50 basically rules. As for lessons, she told me 'oh yeah, just go online..there's all kinds of know when my brother was going thru his turmoil a few years ago, i handed him a guitar and i said, 'you're gonna learn how to play this now' and he did and he's been playing ever since. I said to him, you can leave all your troubles behind and you can play your guitar and let it all slip away. Instruments are good for that'. and i said:

yes, the guitar is a good friend

it was a nice exchange..then she pointed to a stack of boxed mandolins and said, 'i'm gonna try that next'.

Battle of Evermore. That's the one. The Heart cover is better than the original led zep version. The sisters sing it as the 'Lovemongers' act the put together in the 90s. There is a recording of it on the SINGLES soundtrack!!!!!! My favourite grunge movie...I once took a CAB to see that movie in Montreal - after having already seen it a few times. So embarrassing. My friend Christopher and I still quote it to this day. I'm a total sucker for Cameron Crowe. He's married to Nancy Wilson. Nancy has a tiny part in Fast Times At Ridgemont High as the hot babe in the hot car wearing the angora sweater. She always scores his movies. Because she is "never not awesome".

Random awesome movie review:


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Zero Comments

)this image is from a shack in was freezing and windy and that lace curtain was blowing up like a ghost. i feel all the dawson ghosts when i go there. i made a video of this - it's better than the static shot b/c you can hear the wind and see this lace GHOST. i uh...also entered it in a Yukon Heritage photo contest and it won THE BRONZE in the professional category. So hilarious. I haven't won things since i was a kid...and even then it was like a balloon toss between me and my brother at my DRY GRAD (we both won gift certificates to AB Sound so i bought a bunch of cassette tapes..stuff like that...well, i won art contests, too anyways......i guess getting grants qualifies as 'winning''s a lottery, afterall. Being an artist is like playing the lottery. Everyday of your life. Even when you don't believe in it).

i just made a small installation in my small room for a friend who is going through a hard time. it's the white rabbit fur pelt, a big rock i dragged home - gold tinged - some tiny shells and coral from an Asian beach from said friend, a pair of Norwegian sandals* that i know will bring good times (they have to), a furry crocus i found on my walk today..i held it in my cupped hand for as long as i could. i felt like i was holding a fragile caterpillar. I put it in my pocket and forgot about it. It is in the shrine now. I always feel bad picking flowers - especially when there are so few around the Yukon right now.

the weekly here is called: What's Up Yukon? For real. So it's joke after joke: WAZZUPP-YOUKON??
The Yukon News is better. It's more classic in design: black and white with occasional flashes of red coverlines. Two covers have made to my book wall: an eerie photo of a dark wolf crossing the highway staring directly at the camera and a bearded man during the coldest spell all winter. He is all furry frost. It's a beautiful image.

Good Things About Here:
  • the city picks up the compost. One week is compost. One week is garbage. There's a big sign up on the main drag to remind everyone (i just noticed it. whoops). Most people are diligent about recycling. the local cafe (w/ a name so dumb i won't type it out) offers compostible 'To Go' cups. There is even compost at the Canada Games Centre's pool change rooms - for paper towels!
  • the ravens are everywhere. They communicate with 20-30 different sounds. I always stop to listen to them talking. It's like listening to water trickling or bubbling. They are the size of small dogs.
  • The parking meters take nickels and dimes.
(but not for much longer)

  • i can't get over the skies. i can't get over the light. i can't stop talking about it. it's getting dark at eleven. i should just sleep on the front lawn. i should throw my bed down there. i want to stare at its beautiful deep blue midnite gown navy streaked light luminescence all night long. I don't even bother with the blinds anymore. I sit and gaze out the window.

hmm..that's all i can think of for now...i'll add to my list. oh yeah. there are a few yoga teachers i really like. i've learned new things from them. i like going to different teachers and picking up their strong points. that goes for everything.

there are some really neat people who live here. i am grateful for my new friends.
my grandfather has apparently completely pulled through his heart surgery. jean - his 2nd wife called and left an excited Scottish message: YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE IT!
honest to grandpa..he's a miracle. I've been listening to him for the last 20 years telling me from his lazy-boy chair with lifted wine glass:

"I'm ready for the ashcan".

(about a 100 times)

He's had so many freak accidents...he is a miracle.

I just watched TOOTSIE. That movie seriously rules. it's a real women's libber kinda movie.
ciao for now,

PS *they're insane, the sandals: like hippie -working -in -health -food -store-slash-dominatrix i hate that word ugh..typing it out even..There are certain words or names that i don't even want to expend the energy typing out. funny how that works. so it's like this: DON'T.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

going for gold

Dear xxxxx

i've always thought you were a good writer.
it's overcast today here in whitehorse..just like vancouver. it's NEVER like that here. it NEVER rains. the sun is always shining brilliant.
oh well. a nice change. because i love the rain and i love gray overcast skies. But i only like it sometimes. Not every single day for weeks on end.

i just did a neat graphic job for an art centre in norway. i love the internet.
TouScene is in Stavanger, Norway. A place that has been deemed the 'European Capital of Culture'. I'm going.
The very nice man - Simon A. Kjaer - who hired me found me thru the Graniph website out of Tokyo. I've done a few designs for them. Graniph is always having contests so I keep entering (so dorkie) because they keep coming my way (superdork). I've won three times in the last three months. ALL BRONZE. How is this possible? i was going for gold. i was going for god.

two seconds ago i just sent away two jehovah's witnesses. I feel bad. they were older ladies..but they seemed okay when i said, 'i'm sorry. i'm not interested..but good luck'..and i gave them a thumbs up. That was a strange intuitive response. I think it was my apologetic tone that made it okay..because i truly meant it. It must be so hard going door-to-door. That would be like me going to door-to-door trying to get people to listen to my favourite band. You will LOVE Heart. I swear, it will change your life and i just want to share that..'

i was raised roman every sunday with just me and my grandpa..(and cathecism on wednesdays after school).. full-on latin mass - the Irish priest - Father MacNamara in his beautiful robes with his back to the congregation. it was scary and romantic and totally boring*. i would sneak in books to read - betty and veronicas...discreetly eating candy..Eventually I learned the entire mass book by heart. I could repeat everything: "Lamb God/Take away the sins of the world...' i sat by myself because my grandpa Hilaire sang upstairs with the choir. I was easily the youngest person there. Everyone else had white or gray hair. After mass I had to pay my respects to Father MacNamara. I liked him very much. He would give my hair a tug and give me a handful of change and tell me to go buy a car. My cathechism latin name was "sonaria". In the church basement there were framed text pieces in olde english font reading: 'Easy Does It'.

My dad thought the whole thing was hilarious. He's an atheist. Curiously, i was the only family member forced to go to church. My brother never went. My dad joked it was because i was 'evil'. Easy does it, dad.

i know what you mean about email. it's too fast. if i had it my way - i'd have my letters hand-delivered by horse.

*one of my favourite bored church stories is the day i was wearing my retainer and flipping it around in my mouth. I was able to master the fine art of doing 360s till it popped out of my mouth in the middle of mass and skidded across the floor under several pews. I was completely mortified and shamed. After mass, a nice gentleman came up to me with his palm extended offering me back my retainer.

Friday, May 9, 2008

'let me steal this moment from you now'

I am very in love with this image right now. I found it in a back issue of C magazine. The credit reads: Image Bank, Color Research At Babyland, 1973-74.
70s collaborations...General Idea time.

I really love that photograph. It's like yin yang for me.

The best thing about C Magazine is Emily Vey Duke's writing. I am a huge fan of her work. Duke and Battersby. She is all balls...a fearless writer. I wish there were more of her in the art world. I am especially in love with their new sculpture work. A massive throne made from maple with mink pockets and taxidermy. Since being up here in FUR CENTRAL Yukon, i've had to do a bit of turn around with the fur. It's everywhere and unavoidable. Every third person you meet is a trapper. I myself will never go near a trapline. I can't handle that. Ever. I stopped eating meat up here..but i am guilty of purchasing some fur: a white rabbit pelt at the Trading Post in Dawson and a pair of tiny bunny-sized mink mittens from the Indian Craft Store. I also rescued a lynx kitten's paw from a pile of scraps heading for donation. I hold all of these precious pieces in awe and carefully, gingerly handle them saying a silent prayer each and every time.

I just watched that new madonna/justin timberlake song about having only 'four seconds to save the world'. it's hard to take your eyes off that a 'wtf?' kinda way. she really tries. she tries really hard. maybe it should change to: she hardly tries. she doesn't even NEED to try anymore..but she does.
that lady gives 'er.
just givin' 'er.

she looks beautiful since undergoing more knife...her hair is pale blonde and she's wearing flesh-coloured/nude/ballet pink tight tops (pls don't make me type out 'bustier') and messed patent-leather thigh high, over-the-knee 'pretty woman' boots/kinda road warrior/hooker/chanel.

it's one of those songs you might forget about in 10 minutes.
they had the cd for sale at Stupid Store for $14.99. I mulled it over it for about..four seconds.

i watched that movie 3:10 to Yuma. it's a cowboy movie. i really needed some respite (from my brain). i was relieved to be engrossed in an elmore leonard (!?) adaptation. christian bale is dreamy. i'm in love. i'll take one of those. he is a peg-legged determined poor rancher family man who has lost almost everything. he is SO HONORABLE. his character made me forget all about 'american psycho' which is a very dumb movie. THIS is a great cowboy movie. it's all gunfire and suspense. the cast is great. superb acting (russell crowe, peter fonda, gretchen mol..the young son..blah blah blah) i was crying intermittently all throughout. I had just got off the phone with my grandpa who used to be a cowboy but mostly an intellectual logger. he's going in for major heart surgery tomorrow. he is getting a pig's valve put in and a by-pass. it's all feeling a bit kamikaze to me. i started crying on the phone with him after 3 minutes of our conversation. he only has to say three sentences to me and it's all unintentional knives to my heart. he hears my voice and he hears his estranged son's voice - my father. so he repeats the same story of how my father bankrupted him. it's really too much to bear.
the cycle of generational abuse ends after seven years.
so this is it.

I was up till 4am last night b/c i couldn't sleep. i was youtubing scout niblett. I learned that there are only 4 hours of Dark O'Clock here in the Yukon. It gets dark nearing 11pm and the birds are chirping around 3am. That's what i learned. This is the complete opposite schedule of the winter I just experienced. Four hours of daylight.

I'm stuck with my book so i had to develop another system of organization. this involves smaller clotheslines stretched across the window right in front of my desk. It's working really well. My page about "Hairway To Steven" is going great. He is 'up to no good/in a doomed room/born with horns/gone for good".

Come to think of it - it's a song.

Big shout out to WENDY for making me/taking the time to procure a MIXED TAPE and LENDING ME a little tape player so i can listen to the tape! The tape deck in the Neon we drive around is screwed. It plays Platinum Blonde for 3 minutes then flips to the other side..same for the ZAPPACOSTA tape, same for Bonnie Tyler FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF NIGHT. Darce got all these busted tapes in - where else? Darson City.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"A California Wigger/In A Haze Of Potsmoke"

The title of this (b)log referencing K-FED from the piece Smolkin (Lisa) and I just did ...Brit Brit

As far as I'm concerned SCOUT NIBLETT is the coolest little lady going in contemporary rock realm. This live performance features a perfectly epic song. I don't know who the did 'psychrockvisuals' w/ a Flake chocolate bar floating around..but that's okay. B. 1973 (another great year) in Nottingham, England..currently residing in Portland, Oregon..she works w/ steve albini often enough. I love her pared down minimalism...usually her vocals with just guitar or just drums..this has both.

She has a bit of shary boyle vibe in this.

Scout often performs in a blonde wig.

There's nothing else to report except wendy's $250 jeans i ressurected from the DUMP at the Mt. Lorne bakesale turned out sweet. Somewhat banger on me, i'd say.
The great thing about the smaller Yukon communities is that they have great DUMPS..the one in Dawson City especially. They are all hyper-organized with bins for all recycling you can imagine and always a Free Store.
There is talk of doing some sketch comedy. Wendy's beau ANDRE is meant to be writing his sketch on Dump Boy. I have to work on my sketch comedy.

The Hunter boots arrived a month late - wrong colour (garbage can green) and too big. They're going back. I'm thoroughly choked. I needed those boots two months ago...i've been walking ankle deep in mud for weeks now. Good thing i picked up a pair of gumboots in Alaska. The mud here is excellent! It's the best mud i've ever seen - basically clay.

I finally saw one of the beavers today on The Loop walk around the now unfrozen lake. I've been waiting to see them for months. God dam.

Monday, May 5, 2008


That is artist Brooke Nechvatel's incredible watercolour text piece. It's tiny: 3"X3". She really knows how to handle a brush and move the paint. I wish i had a website to direct you can facebook 'er! Brooke has done alot of amazing illustration for me. I am indebted to her...she did alot of work for my Fatal Distraction book. She's the kind of artist who just doodles masterpieces while she's watching, say, Welcome To The Dollhouse. "Yeah..that tooks 3 minutes", she shrugs.

Last night i was digitally sending out via the "In Defense Of Brit Brit" collaboration with Lisa Smolkin for the "Gossip" issue of Kiss Machine when there was suddenly a BLACKOUT. I love it...i had just written out:

I love Britney's album 'Blackout'. The best song of this week is "Break the Ice".

I was in the dark for several hours but insisted on staying up late - as i am apt to do b/c old habits die very hard. I force myself to stay up. Forcing. The extended daylight here in Whitemare, Yukon is throwing me off. I love that it is light out till 11 pm and look forward to taking photos during the "Midnight Sun" but because the light gives off so much energy, it's hard to wind down at must be why everyone is so active up here...running around outdoors all day to burn themselves out..i'm finding myself doing the same thing. Soon I'll be out playing Ultimate in the street. Sweet gee.

During this BLACKOUT, I threw the I Ching and hit the jackpot - the final hexagram which is 64 "Before the End" which is basically rebirth. The lights suddenly came on. I looked at the clock and it read 2:07am which is a minute before I was born on September 24, 1971. "Before the End" is ominous sounding but the oracle likens it to just before you hit the top of the mountain.
The I Ching is 5,000 years old. It is the oldest book in the world and also my favourite.
I use pennies that my auntie Diane gave me for my 30th (hell year) birthday. She took the time to choose all pennies from 1971 (awesome year).

My fingertips are finally callousing up from re-teaching myself guitar. This is satsifying. I've been watching Kristin Hersh on Youtube. I especially enjoy her live solo acoustic performances. I love watching her play the guitar. She plays like a solid lady would..not like some idiot dude dork noodling all over up and down the neck..and it leaves me saying: 'whaaaaaa?' Kristin has been playing since she was 9 years old and started writing songs shortly thereafter. She started the Throwing Muses at age 14 with her half-sister. They were hugely popular with the critics. They were a force - circling tornadoes of fury and sound. I have never heard anything like it. Her '94 solo album Hips and Makers is one of my top 10. I've had two autographed copies. The only autograph i have ever requested in my life. That album snapped me out of my electronic music phase back when me and my friends threw raves/or as we insisted on calling them: PARTIES (e. 90s). These parties allowed me to dance for 8 hours in a row, which suited me just fine. During this time, I forced a friend to drive me to seattle from victoria in his red TR6 convertible. We got to the show and it was sold out. I was crying outside the venue watching industry losers on the patio not even listening to the music. Eventually they let me in so i could purchase a disc..that's when i first met her and i told her, 'we just drove 7 hours to get here (ferry ride included)". She has those otherwordlyEYES. I have seen them before..Miranda July has them..they are all-seeing and pure clear blue. Kristin was apologetic - for no reason! sweet and way too sensitive.
I finally got to see her play two years later. There were little posters up in the venue asking 'please don't smoke/Kristin is pregnant'. It was one of those shows. I sat on the floor of the Starfish Room in Vancouver bawling. It was the type of weeping where you can't get a grip on yourself and you're shuddering and wracked and embarrassed. My friend Darin Klein told me he did that once at a proper sit-down DEAD CAN DANCE show. I laughed my head off when he told me years after the fact - not because i thought it was funny - but because i could relate and my brain went to my KH memory...just one of my typical knee-jerk reactions that makes everyone wonder why i laugh at 'everything'. You gotta laugh to keep from crying.

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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