Wednesday, December 9, 2009

cat's out of the bag

time for a sneak peak of my new book cover!

i'm SO STOKED on this cover. it happened like magic on the scanner. basically i had nothing to do with it. tell me what you think.

i found this link via 'The Comicbook Reporter'. if you scroll to the very end, you'll find me. That's right.

i attempted 'edge of seventeen' last nite at karaoke. that was so bad. hardly anyone was there (fortunately) but i definitely disgraced myself several times over. i apologized to the folks who were there. what else did i wreck? i seemed to have blocked it out. that song is OUT OF HAND. the only person who can pull it off is stevie nicks herself. although elisa - body double duet - rescued it. i just stood there shaking my head.

today i went to a really nice toy store on roncesvalles 'scooter girl'. i was meeting a lady who ordered a custom black angora bunny. i picked out a few SCHLEICH animals for my collection. The Sea Of Tea got me into those. I got a polar bear, an ostrich and a tiny black bear who looks like Frances (manx cat gone). The polar bear is good value - only $6.49 for basically a small sculpture. But this might be a gift for a polar bear friend. I know. this is fascinating.

um i better get back to packing. again. not quite a master yet.
that entry just felt like a bad note i passed in class. SORRY! i might as well be karaoke-ing 'edge of seventeen'. o. wait lindsay lohan can do that song!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Apocalypse Now/Roses Rise Above

just for Part B of Marathon Life. Part Zee? i dont know. no. cos that'd b The End.

I really, really love the text i received from a pal whilst trying to sleep after Hell Day Of Work. whilst falling asleep: beepbeepprockersong cel phone goingoff. text reads:

'what do you think about The Pick-Up Artist?'

i look at txt and shake my head 'not' and go back to sleep.10 minutes later...wake up AGAIN to:

'from 1987, that is'

this is a penpal friend from 1994. the only communication we have these days is relating thru movies. last week he lied to me (via txt) that

Krzysztof Kieślowski

does indeed have a post Three Colours piece: "Puce". K.K. had to make it cos he was broke. sofia coppola has a bad acting job death scene in it. Lying. (btw of that trilogy "Red" is my favourite. I even had the soundtrack).

i informed him i'm still making my way thru 'i spit on your grave' aka 'day of the woman' that rape revenge movie. (starring giallo actress Camille Keaton - granddaughter of Buster. She was married to the filmmaker: Meir Zarchi. Why would a husband put his wife thru that? I"m serious. there's a 30 minute 'rape scene' that is total B-movie but also barf-inducing. I have to keep turning it off.

'the pick-up artist' stars robert downey (pre'junior') and the effervescent (of that time): MOLLY RINGWALD. JC says: 'it's bad. trying to make an adult john hughes movie'.

ART above are sketches by the outstanding artist BROOKE NECHVATEL. i'm sure she 'doodled' these whilst on hold (on phone). Or lazily doodling whilst watching...i dunno...Falcon's Crest?

i love my new hat by julie sinden! thanks to anabela who is connecting the good ladies making stuff up one by one. i wore it in the house. i switched to pajamas and the hat stayed on.

please click anabela's name and you can see what i've been doing for the last...11-days...prior to those days were many many many days of sewing, sewing sewing like that vermeer lacemaker.

hey woah. Rose Melberg's on the radio just now. she's my birthday pal. her voice is one of the most beautiful voices EVER. one time we did a duet once. A Heart song from Little Queen. Treat Me Well. I couldn't find it on youtube so listen to THIS instead. Best Heart song ever. MISTRAL WIND.

ps. took me two days to get this post up.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

coach taylor

my friend asked me once, 'do u wish coach taylor was your dad?' he's the coach from friday night lights. i thought, 'no'. he's quite spazzy and when he's very angry his face twitches. but. he has a heart of gold. honorable.
i hv no idea why i'm bloggin it up at 3am when i have to wake up in 5 hrs or so do work a 12 hr day at an 11-day korporate kraft market. self-torture. hard-wired. still. working on that. one step forward ten backwards.

the self-healing cookbook is my favourite cookbook in the whole world. i dont follow recipes. ever. i buy what i want at the store. i bring it home. i do something with it. i make something up. i hate looking for things and gathering. i hate butter and sugar and anything white in food. etc. i hate following other people's instructions - unless that person is my friend. i'd say this cookbook is a friend. the lady who wrote it - kristina turner - was part of that wild findhorn place in SCOTLAND (get me to scotland. now. highland cattle asap. get married for free at gretna green. yesterday). findhorn is the place where the earth was totally barren but the couple who started it somehow grew the most beautiful lush snowballing garden. ever. so the lady cooked there. when she wrote this cookbook she sang the whole time she worked on it.

(i'm too tired to fact check. i just made all of that up).

my friend lisa just started a blog and it's super killer. I LOVE IT. the aesthetic. zero text 'cept concise, diamond-like quotes. nice one. macrobiotic psychedelic. i wish i had that restraint. it'll never happen. we are working on a project. i gather images from here and there wherever. i save them up. i edit. i put them in an envelope. i mail them to her. she receives. she sorts. my instruction is: anything 'wrong' goes in the circular file/is filed under 'g' although in 2009 filed under 'r' for 'recycling' otherwise it's citizen's arrest. we are to make art from these piles.

i'm preparing for a haircut. each strand cries tears when cut.

a totally dumb and very unedited poem called 'at the corporate craft fair'

people seem
to love the bunnies
i make.

it is kind of shocking
to me.

i stand and sit for hours on end
and listen to them
speaking of 'receive'
i had no idea.
how much

i shake my head
and go to bed


basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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