Friday, April 30, 2010


okay going to do a workshop/artists' talk in Toronto @ Narwhal Art Projects with Selena Wong as part of "The Selves" mania. May 25. Info on card. (if you double click it you can read it clearly and you wont think you need glasses)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Selves, The Selves, The Selves

busy! My new book The Selves will be born May 1, 2010.

The first book launch will be @ the Western Front in Vancouver.

I will be at The Toronto Comics Arts Festival May 8 & 9 (signing books and doing two panel discussions). Should be a hoot.

Toronto launch @ Magic Pony May 13th 6-9pm (gallery installation and signing)

more to come!

Kevin Chong wrote a great piece on 'selves' for the CBC. You can read it here.

Pictures above were scanned from Australia's Frankie magazine by my pal Kelly Smith in Tasmania. She contributed to the book (beauty drawing of StephanieKaye). You can see more of her fashion illustration work HERE.

(it's hard to read the txt but if you click the image, it will magically enlarge itself. Please read Kevin's CBC article for more information)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Camille Claudel

i'd like to work in clothes like that.

see. she's being freed from the rock.
People Staring At Art.

just came in from the bush with all these pussywillows..kinda like this

last week on FACEBOOK (or 'faceplant' as my friend's dad likes to call 3 years ago), i posted:

"the pussywillows grow wild in these parts"

(which they do in the yukon)

this induced a truly ridiculous mini train of head in gutter/wheel in the ditch style. i wanted to post the above visual as my new STATUS UPDATE but decided NOT b/c i dont want to play reindeer games on FACEBOOK..but honestly...i got that many led zep 4 guy.

Camille Claudel

Apparently if you are a very good sculptor (a master), and you are gouging away and chipping and hammering onto and into your medium of choice..say..marble...then you are basically releasing the people stuck inside the rock.

that sounds like a good job. i wouldn't mind hammering away on something.

Camille Claudel is a really good movie.

She makes an appearance in The Selves

Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Her goal was to help people discover the purpose of their lives and to guide them in achieving spiritual and emotional independence."

that subject was swami radha's goal.
the picture is the world's greatest record store (from A Clockwork Orange. ignore that txt)

yesterday and today the interests lie here and here

after several days of Total Brain Overdrive, the only thing that helped was some yoga..and i'm talking some crazy turtle pose biznazz. the teacher reminded me of another book i really like. this that set me back on this ashram in the kootenays.

anyhoozle (new word. got bored with 'anyhow')...these are the fun things to distract me from work chitter chatter minutiae of getting ready to put out a book!

as for the Men, Women and Chainsaws: Gendre In Modern Horror Film ...i want that book but I will have to re-do the cover or make a book jacket. that is some serious whack(job) bad cover design. WOO. BAD. (photoshop gradien?? ahh help!)

The author Carol J. Glover (teaches @ UCBerkeley) wrote a pre-cursor essay "Her Body, Himself". The title alone is done. gone. enough.

I wrote a song. It has one line:

He likes
Her Art
When it looks like
His Art

Women making Man Art.

(woah i gotta hit the hay. tomorrow is 'swan haven day'. will drive to see the thousands of swans migrating and a stop at the dump! aka 'tiffany's'. yay. yukon).

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"People don't think we can have any serious emotions. Nobody gives a damn. But that's all right, I've got friends."

Look! It's THE CRAFT! *
I sometimes think about my grade 6 teacher yelling at me for spelling 'etc.' wrong. I kept spelling it: ECT.
He couldn't understand how i could make such a mistake b/c i was OBSESSED with E.T. (the extra terrestrial). ETC. etc. e.t.c.
Also strange because i was an egg-cellent speller.
go figger.

my twitter joke of the week is:

in a previous life, i invented Latin.

He was a great teacher! He wasn't really was more of that sort of passionate...shouting. you know when teachers get all into it.

* or as i liked to joke in the 90s...'the kraft dinner'. That movie The Craft is kinda bad (not scary)..unless you're, like, 11 years old..or 9 years old...but Richard Scarry is great any time.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

& jank's response is....

he thinks the baby carriage looks like PACMAN. thanks janks! (pacman. who came up with that name? Pack Man..or...Pack, Man! I'm packing!). Jank's link is better.

"I've been to Vidal Sassoon!"

my pal jank and i were emailing half the day (lie) about rosemary's baby. fool finally saw it NOW. lucky him. shocking b/c he has seen EVERYTHING. As for me, I've been watching it on repeat since i was a teenager.
i usually watch it a couple of times a can watch it on youtube. i see something different every time i tune in. that is what good art should do. this time i got very into the opening credits. so beautiful! so douglas sirk! (also obsessed w/the twin peaks' credits..neon green on the pacific northwest backdrop)
jank pointed out the first bloody scene on the pavement outside The Dakota and made the john lennon parallel. i thought the same thought. (People think the same thoughts).

I love the part where Minnie/Ruth Gordon's freaking out about the drink spillage on her carpet:
"The carpet! The carpet!"

I like the graphic so very much. I want that poster framed hanging over my bed: PRAY FOR ROSEMARY'S BABY for all eternity. sleep tight, little one!

PS. Can you please do me a favour? Can you go on Facebook and join my fan page that this nice boy Craig in New Zealand set up for me about a year ago? It's called 'Sonja Ahlers'.
My website is still DOWN (good lord help us) & i have to attempt some type of web presence while i continue to be a perfectionistic noncommital RE website. I'm going to try to stay on 'fan page'.

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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