Thursday, October 20, 2011


i like to decorate fridges. It's my personal art gallery and IT'S ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY. i was thinking of organizing a group show years back (1996?). Everyone would drag their own fridge (to wherever gallery) & decorate and fill their fridge. Someone talked me out of it pointing out logistics and all. but i wonder why i let them talk me out of it?  People make insane movies that bleed money. Herzog made FITZCARRALDO. Oh. and then there's Ishtar. Lesson: dont listen to anybody. Another lesson: if you think your idea is dumb or logistically dumb, think of Ishtar.
Here is the current stage of the fridge. This exhibit titled ART WORKERS WONT KISS ASS is ending tomorrow. (it's already getting covered by the new slew). Most of these images came via amazing mail and mostly from my pal SUZY. Shary sent 'the hand of the artist'. I have no idea whose hand that is (probably picasso's. It is usually Picasso). Lesson #3: It's a really good idea to send me mail.


 Pinnipeds. i love seals. always have. always will. when i was a little kid my favourite stuffed animal was a black seal. they seem so defenseless! It's difficult for them to move on land. Their eyes are windows to every lost soul.
 J. Crew cata. hello. sweaters and tutus??? YES. That's Suzy's drawing as a fridge magnet. she's dancing with the stars.
 brilliant suzy art
 EGRETS! I am very drawn to these birds. How stunning. The wingspan. Stick an 'r' in front of 'egret' and you know what you have (and i have many and none). I love this image. I might have to blow it up into a huge poster.
 GD CATHY!!!she's a tard but u must luv her. This is a collaboration between me and the's a CATHY sticker in and amongst the great artists of our time. Ha. That's Paul Cezanne seated and white bearded Camille Pissarro..and some hangers-on. Art. The End.
PS the ART WORKERS WONT KISS ASS POSTER was a gift from grant heaps. It's good isn't it?

Monday, October 17, 2011


here are some elle fanning collages i was tinkering with while in dawson @ the residency a month or whatever ago. i had a break through while shifting the papers around and then realized 'oh, just photograph them'. Sometimes collage work can drive a person mad. There are too many possibilities. You have to force clarity and just commit.

Here is song of the week (just scroll past the chrissie hynde/joan jett image and 'ode to lydia lunch' text to 'all too human'. I cannot, for the life of me, place the jangly guitars..and what they remind me of..but it's so good)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

singles & ROOKIE

so weird. i've been driving around listening to the SINGLES soundtrack (might be over it..but ya..that 'click' will take u to my favourite song on it. DORK!)..and then ROOKIE gave me a few assignments one of them being an illustration on THE JOYS OF BEING SINGLE. so weird b/c everything i illustrate for them is basically my life..(w/ the exception of an upcoming story on 'cutting'). Heavy stuff.  wonder why. (Lived thru it). So the above image. i just wanted to look at the illustration again b/c it turned out so well. I cant tell you how fun it is to work for Rookie. It's like a psychic/ESP communication/connection. Total dream. I've been going on and on about it but if you knew me personally and my life - you'd understand why I am going on about it. It can get very lonely way the fk hell out in left field waving my arms around, 'hey! hey! guys!!! OVER HERE!' (for decades)..and then just saying 'forget it' and go live in my own little self-constructed universe. Which is fine. And I do. Very well. But sometimes i want to connect with other like-minded individuals. I care about this project very much. I care about true connectedness and community and building self-esteem and self-worth for THE LADIES OF THE WORLD.

My local friend little stevie brought up the 'judgment day' soundtrack mentioning that it's one of the first 'cross overs' melding/fusing several genres. Like..y'know..metal and rap. Et cetera. I'm glad genre crossing is more at the forefront. BRING THAT! It's important to throw things off.

I've been internet trolling a bit (all inspired by ROOKIE) and I've found some fun things! Do you like The Notebook? Then you probably like fellow Canadian Ryan Gosling. This 'Feminist Ryan Gosling' blog is good stuff. I think the blog is about 5 days old now. the thing blew up mental overnite. That's The Sign. (& if you havent seen BLUE VALENTINE yet, get on it, please!)

Here's a great little NPR interview w/ Tavi talking about Rookie. I love her speaking voice. She is so composed and wise and thoughtful.
This hilarious NINETIES blog...the front page screams at you: YOU'RE NOT PUNK AND I'M TELLING EVERYONE ('save your breath/i never was one') . That's a lyric from an old Jawbreaker song. I'm just lamenting - Blake was my penpal for a minute. Penpals. Sigh.

PS back to crossing genres..this is really the best song off the SINGLES's a cover of 'battle of evermore' by the Lovemongers aka HEART. It's better than Zep's.

POST SCRIPT! as in next day/now. That post was the frk'n most random thing i've ever done. i think this might be my new goal in life. MORE RANDOM. Or wait. Is that a bad thing? it is too scattered? 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

'my fascination with Fatal Attraction knows no bounds'

i love these images from an EW 'fatal attraction' reunion (sans brunette). Reunion?? If you know the movie, this is surreal. It's a happy ending! A framed chef's knife! Hell ya! (speaking of which - my brand new chef's knife is M.I.A. since my move). Glenn's even wearing a similar shade of dried blood red nail polish she wore as Alexx Forest in F.A (her outfits in that movie are outstanding). There's even a puppy dog under that bench. Glenn Close is in my top 5 favourite actresses('AcTOR!', says the actress) and michael douglas is still alive.

We're all still alive.

White bunnies abound right now. That little bunny looks pretty chilled out. Okay time to watch DAMAGES now.


I've been posting bunnies on the etsy store because sometimes this is what i do..and then months pass and i dont have time but i have time right now!
(do you love the profile pic of a Pocohontas-inspired bunny? Can you even tell what it is? Thought not).

Also still on my Courtney jag! I watched this BEHIND THE MUSIC from blew my mind. It's so heavy and incredible and embarrassing and sad and beautiful and brilliant. It's a huge part of my own personal history and make-up having grown up so much alongside of it in a weird nosebleed seat kinda way but also feeling front row and inside of it as a collective biography thing that life seems to be sometimes.

I have a thousand things to say about Courtney Love.
I am working on something.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


i'm waiting on pins and needles for November's VANITY FAIR w/ this Love piece that i want to read..but I may know all the info i need to know - or not know (meaning: i know enough). I did find this tiny short film 'courtney in wonderland' via VF's site. It's weird. But I watched it twice. It's like i'm going to get some special key or insight into humanity and WHY and WHY and WHY?? How do people like this do this???? GET THERE? It's unbelievable. The Secret. My CL fixation has been going on and off and on since about 1992 or 1993. My hate and my love. She boggles my mind.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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