Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sasha Dolls

I love Sasha dolls. That logo/font/photo/catalogue design makes me swoon. The Swiss know how to do it Right. When Sasha died, she requested for all the molds to be broken. Legend has it. Maybe I just made it up. All molds should be broken. Molds are made to be broken.

"Sasha Morgenthaler designed her dolls with a 'dream' in her mind - a vision of how a children would look and move in the age of innocence".

"Sasha dolls are characterized by a serious, open expression that seems to make them more adaptable to imaginative play than if they were forever smiling".

"Morgenthaler's original idea was for the dolls to represent an image of universal childhood, so from the beginning of mass-production, the vinyl was coffee-coloured so that they would not appear to belong to any one ethnic group. In the early 1970s, black dolls were introduced, first in an extremely dark complexion, then in a lighter complexion in the latter part of the decade. Around 1980, the "skin tone" of most of the "Caucasian" dolls was lightened".

That's Thurston and his daughter Coco up @ the top (I'm still on my SY jag). She has a fierce bunny. I sent one to Rita Ackermann and she wrote and said, 'Coco stole it'.

She was just tiny @ the time. It's all flattery.

I just spent the last idontevenknowhowlong salvaging a bunny. Hundreds and hundreds of ('why?')fixing up stitches only to be wrapped in fur. I played this game alot as a child. It's called 'Superfection'.
I can't just let these things go. I was born and raised a Salvager.
But. I can let everything else go.
Or try.
Die trying.


Monday, October 4, 2010

The End Of Things/"I'm Making A Crazy Quilt And I Want Your Face for the Centre"

I like looking at the back of things and the end of things. A thousand leaves means leaving a thousand times. (end credits can give you book titles).
I love this cover of 'broken english' that was played at the end of the movie of same title (the synths especially awsm). The movie is decent. The love interest is sublime. The leading lady is parker posey. The director is a Cassavettes (zoe). The lovely Gena Rowlands has a supporting role. She was in THE NOTEBOOK! (another cassavettes). What's your take?

the 'crazy quilt' quote in the header was a show Ulla Von Brandenburg did. I. love. it. Go look at the slideshow for my current favourite art. The title alone is straight up The Show.
I've been researching shivs lately.
I have no idea why i'm on the computer. i have a billion things to do right now til Christmas. No end in sight.
Yes. An end is in sight.
The End.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

See Grown Many Men Cry/Tear Bottles/Sunday/Mondo

New friend! Thanks, and my friend ALISSA made my day today. it was a good day already but you made it..gooder.

on my walk i came up with an idea...An Important And Necessary Idea. Elaine wrote in an email 2 dys ago re. PROJ RUN = Cryfest. I had to wait for surfthechannel to get that sh*t up online so i could stream it...which meant 2 days of 'Not MONDO!'..but Mondo continues to slay. but CRYFEST. that's my point. I'm going to organize a CRYFEST. All male Boys2MEN ONLY. only boys need apply. So i'm the organizer and it's going to be an All Male Cry Fest*

I have to do some research. there were quite a few NINETIES books..male 'fire in the belly:on being a man and IRON JOHN: a book about men'..buncha stuff like that. i need to read those. or knowing me, flip through, get the gist and take it back to the library or make a my book sculptures.(currently only doing VC Andrews books b/c those need to leave the planet..or firestarter).

so till i get research and backing, CRY FEST (all male except for lady organizers/those who corral) and get paid the big bucks allowed.
*we can have those victorian tear bottles...fill them Men Tears and we'll have a Man Made Lake and we will dump all those tears in and then we can go wading or at least get the tip of our big toe wet! we'll need all the men (and boymen)

if you know me
you know i'm being silly
but if you dont know me by now
you will never, ever, ever
really know me

A girl can dream.


basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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