Monday, May 25, 2009


i mean 'keds'

i made these for a shoe auction event to be held at the Bata Shoe Museum..lotsa neat artists involved...a great cross section which i always like.

i keep every last scrap of angora (try to) and I used the bits for the shoes. it gives me a great satisfaction to use it all. Sometimes i send off the tiniest bits of fluff hoping that it will make its way to a bird's nest.

I spent hours on these Keds. Painstaking. Taking pains w/ the hot glue gun. I'd say definitely 'Abstract Expressionism'.
i've been wearing a pair of the non-keds versions around. They're fun to wear. I have a few more pairs - let me know if you are interested. I haven't uploaded them to Etsy yet but if you're my pal we can figure something out. Feel free to drop me a line.

The non-keds versions are sitting in The Other Room now...which is...a spaceous studio space. I used to sleep in there. It's a room near the front porch and it felt weird to sleep next to the front door. Ill-at-ease. I would feel vaguely paranoid knowing that *someone* could easily tap on the window while i slept. Now I sleep in the livingroom and i'm not sure about that either. Rae the adorable gentleman below me wakes me up calling for his cats: Forlorn and Whitey. Basically this entire apartment is a studio. There are books piled everywhere...papers, angora, work stations.

and me fretting amongst it wondering where to focus next.

so while i wait 54 minutes till MEGAVIDEO lets me back on to 'dexter', i figured i'd finally update this blog. That and the fact that two dear friends asked this week: where?

Where? 'Where' is fretting.

i cant believe i went to valuevillage today. this is what happens when it's 3 blocks from where i live. it was 50% off day and total obvious mayhem sounds of cheap plastic hangers scraping the rods. i went straight to the book section and it was very quiet there. Everyone else wanted a new outfit or more landfill junk. I was able to spend a good 25 minutes browsing and filling my boots. These days I'm working on a book sculpture project as a way to relax. My big joke right now is that i 'quit art'. Again. Now i'm just making it around the house - the way i have always done (since, like, age 3). It feels better this way. Maybe it wont see the light of day. Who cares? I can tell my friends about it. I'll try to put pictures up. Ok so i bought a bunch of feminist theory books. It looks like someone dumped off their entire collection. all the classics 'female eunuch' and such - personal 90s fave: BACKLASH that no one really read unless your name is courtney love who wouldn't shut up about it and got plenty of young ladies purchasing it...and Sweet Valley High books. The content is pure garbage but i cannot resist the words: SWEET. VALLEY. HIGH. A Perfect Fit with my highs and lows chapters. 'i climbed the mountains, skiied the valleys'. I'm dog-tagging each and every page in a perfect fold - into the gutter of the book - the accordian-like effect is most pleasing. They stand up as perfect sculptures. I've cleared all the shelves in the kitchen getting ready for the book sculptures. This is something i can make while i'm on the phone or...FRETTING.

I'm also working on an aluminum foil ball which is getting bigger everyday. I like these small projects that take nothing - two minutes at a time or even 2 min per day....and you can see it growing. that's where i'm at right now. I have huge years' long projects that loom over me like a giant dark shadow. enough of that. (and i'm also making a rubberband ball but apparently i 'cheated' b/c i started off with a sphere form. what difference does it make? everyone else cheats. grant started his from nothing..oh..wait..he said a bead..his rubber band ball is so impressive. oh..and i'm also starting a quilt from the angora scraps that are a bit bigger than the sneaker scraps..the fluff bits are being made into friendship pins again).

and my obsession with aluminum cans is NOT going away. The theme to all of these little projects is The Depression. Grapes Of Wrath style. that's all i can come up with for now.
pictures later, skater.

PS i didnt know germaine greer was born in melbourne, australia. interesting.

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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