Wednesday, December 9, 2009

cat's out of the bag

time for a sneak peak of my new book cover!

i'm SO STOKED on this cover. it happened like magic on the scanner. basically i had nothing to do with it. tell me what you think.

i found this link via 'The Comicbook Reporter'. if you scroll to the very end, you'll find me. That's right.

i attempted 'edge of seventeen' last nite at karaoke. that was so bad. hardly anyone was there (fortunately) but i definitely disgraced myself several times over. i apologized to the folks who were there. what else did i wreck? i seemed to have blocked it out. that song is OUT OF HAND. the only person who can pull it off is stevie nicks herself. although elisa - body double duet - rescued it. i just stood there shaking my head.

today i went to a really nice toy store on roncesvalles 'scooter girl'. i was meeting a lady who ordered a custom black angora bunny. i picked out a few SCHLEICH animals for my collection. The Sea Of Tea got me into those. I got a polar bear, an ostrich and a tiny black bear who looks like Frances (manx cat gone). The polar bear is good value - only $6.49 for basically a small sculpture. But this might be a gift for a polar bear friend. I know. this is fascinating.

um i better get back to packing. again. not quite a master yet.
that entry just felt like a bad note i passed in class. SORRY! i might as well be karaoke-ing 'edge of seventeen'. o. wait lindsay lohan can do that song!


anabela / fieldguided said...

I love the cover. Love it. That pinky-peachy colour is PERFECT.

girlyhandwriting said...

OMG, I cannot wait! I have to wait until May?! For both books? Yowza.


I love the cover SO MUCH that I am going to write it here AND tell you in person when I see you in half an hour.

kristin said...

gorgeous cover! it's perfect.

Amy E Jones said...

The cover is so cool! I can't wait to see the book in its entirety!

jan said...

Exciting! Wishing you the best in 2010!

kdove said...

sonja i love this cover!! it is pure gold (and you know how much that is worth these days). luv and miss you lots kristin

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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