Monday, January 4, 2010


i was going to ask, 'hi. can someone tell me why i like this song right now?' but i already know the answer. i am only six months off. i'm catching up from the last year.
her older brother got her into fugazi. says her 'style icon' is keith richards.
in her TIK TOK video she is wearing broken down cowboy boots with duct tape (punk). she grew up poor. her single mom was a singer. as a teen she snuck into prince's house. was kicked out but left behind a demo. never got a call. for a spell she slept in her gold 1978 trans am.

in her video she is having fun.

(we should all be having fun)

the video is:
v. mall/american apparel/DOVE style. it makes me think of 'i wanna rock' by twisted sister. her hair is a lil like dee's. but it's all GIRL.
she rhymes 'crunk' with 'touch my junk' & mentions 'mick jagger'
and she brushes her teeth with some 'jack'

i dont think this is all an appropriate booze message for teens of 2day. dont say i dint warn ya.

she's a kid. you say her name like you are about to say 'ketchup'.

unfortunately the other songs aren't as good as The Hit. 'blah blah blah' is okay. I wish her well!!!!! (Post-script: Prentice says 'tik tok' reminds her of L'Trimm. Lady Tigra and Bunny D)

welcome to 2010!

oh. just read an excellent book that was a gift from carla gillis. THE BOYS OF MY YOUTH by jo ann beard. love love love it. it came out in 1998. short stories/memoirs. highly inspiring. sad, tragic, beautiful, hopeful, perfect. to me. as i sit here about to start my own. a project i've been mulling over since before 1998. we'll see. who knows? i just re-play the memoirs in my head. i try to make sense out of them.

i have a hard time getting in to books. i keep trying to read 'middlesex' by j. eugenides. dragging it around. i just can't get into it. Let me know if you know a book that i will like. i prefer books written by women about girls or ladies.


Plumtree said...

So glad Boys Of My Youth struck a chord with you, Sonja. It's the best. All her disparate small stories come together in the end to create something profound. Happy writing and drawing up there in the north. TO misses you. Carla.

kristin said...

i loved st. lucy's home for girls raised by wolves (karen russell) - and anything by alice munro. xo

Amy Greenan said...

Sonja, I am reading "Cherry" by Mary Karr right now and I bet you would love it... coming of age in the early 70s autobio, told in a really compelling way. If you can't find it, tell me and I can send you my copy when I am finished. :)

Tessa said...

I couldn't get into "Middlesex" either... I really loved the book "Alias Grace" by Margaret Atwood; I should re-read that one soon!

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