Monday, July 12, 2010

major ketchup. major catsup. need to majorly CATCH UP

(i dont even like ketchup)
a million 'blog-worthy' moments has happened in the last 3 months..i was too busy living them that blogging them. i could use a blog intern. i could use a doppleganger..i could use five of them: 'go do that in the yukon, while i do this in montreal'. etc etc etc.

i'll be back on it shortly.

miss you. stay tuned.

PS that Lennon 'Mindgames' album art was brought to you by my EX BF who i was having a visit with the other night. more like: MINDFK. AND DONT ASK ME HOW but he tried to save it to my desktop (how was he even on my computer? oh yes. we were youtubing tom petty & GOWAN videos) and MINDGAMES is still there but it's all pixilated and knowing me it'll stay there for the next 2 years b/c i 'cant be bothered' to change it/wont get around to it...or until i find My Blog Intern.

the pic of me is kinda sic but it went up by accident so it stays. Because right now everything in my life is an accident.

PPS wouldn't it be so nice to find a love like the love John and Yoko shared? It's a fantasy. It's a double fantasy. I dont believe it exists. I want to believe it exists but with my track record - it dont.

For me, my art always comes first...but then again...double fantasy: they were able to make art together and were inspired by each other to make more art. Mindgames.

PS and if i were you, i'd hit that GOWAN link. It's making me cry right now.


basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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