Wednesday, December 8, 2010

peanut, pussywillow

i love this photo that sue took. she bought the little mini casserole dish with bunny and handpicked yukon pussywillows over the weekend at the...da da na na..oneofakind show..which is now over. what a crash. i was having so much fun w/ the little bunny store and then it...ended. always so sad. endings.
i did a reading last night for the burner magazine 02 launch party. that was a nice time. sarah and leah are such good ladies. you can read the feature article where i talk about if anne sexton and sylvia plath were who they were in the 90s, they could've had a band. and so forth. jason did a blog post at the party. click that link to see some funny pictures. i'm wearing my friend kristin's dress..METTE. i love that dress and am always looking for opportunities to wear a dress. it has POCKETS! feel free to create an opportunity for us to all wear dresses. fancy or otherwise*

i have to go sort some bunnies now for a bunny delivery tomorrow. on my bike.
(what a treat to ride my bike in the winter! thanks toronto)
*i dont get alot of opportunities to wear dresses in the yukon. but i do wear my lavender corderoys alot.

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kristin said...

sonja! i thought i recognized your dress - - BEAUTIFUL photos! i hope that you had the most wonderful christmas + that you visit soon. xoXO

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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