Monday, July 25, 2011

pink beatrice

 my views on my walk along the bluffs of the yukon river
 elizabeth taylor, drying rosemary, bunny by selena wong, fieldguided calendar, owlie from tasmania/kellysmith, rabbit art by jackie (hi guy), my woodpile in the backyard
 MY BENCH. I love this bench. it's in the middle of n o w h e r e .
 my depression-era 'patsy' doll. i have a small collection of dolls - just a few.
 me and my yarrow. i picked so much yarrow before i left YT. It's all drying for later tea.
 a favourite bunny, a playmobil NUN, ribbon, lamb, broken egg shells, ice cream cone, a note to self (next book title that i will not divulge)
 bunny in a nest of scraps
 more depression-era things (do you see a theme? shack, scraps, depresh. I'm fine)...doll's tea set on a stack of golden books
messy shack
my current ongoing obsession: FEAR. My friend Suzanne (aka Pink Beatrice) just wrote me a note that she hosted a FEAR PARTY once. I'm waiting on the details (on pins and needles). Mark Wahlberg lives part time in Toronto where i am currently writing this.

JUST IN: Suzanne's FEAR party notes: party hosted in 2004 (genius. 8 yrs after its release date. right on time) w/ ex-boyfriend (they're still friends. check), invites sent out on tear-shaped cut outs with movie tagline: TOGETHER FOREVER (OR ELSE), a white cake with NICOLE 4 EVA on it in bloody red writing (btw. Suzy has probbs my favourite lettering evah)..u see..markiemark gave himself a 'nicole 4 eva' homemade tatty. nice work, bro! across his CHEST.

that cake sounds like kathleen hanna's Pearl Jam cake from about what? 97? from 'bake the cake that says DONT DIE'..and reminding me of my beloved TOTAL HELL cake from 'theselves' book launch at drawn and quarterly last yeaer that peggy got. I LOVE CAKE. i'll talk about it till the day i die.

Also just in: ANXIETY is caused when you go against your GUT FEELINGS.

That's intuition
which is always
100% correct



dianne tanner said...





x Dianne

girlyhandwriting said...

Yay! My name.

I'm e-mailing you soon.

Yukon- man, that looks like my dreamworld. So pretty. Need to get out of this stink-pit!


Sonja Ahlers said...

oh if you only knew..the BENCH ENVY. i sit on that damn bench and think big thoughts. some people call them AFFIRMATIONS.

Robert Dayton, Junior said...


basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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