Monday, September 10, 2012

Recent Rookie Illo

i'm really into this 'illo' as we call them. i am so happy to have been able to incorporate virginia woolf, kate moss from a corinne day photo w/ feather headdress, THE BELL JAR (w/ woolf. again), ripped up flyer for strawberry ice cream sale (from the annoying GD flyers that get stuffd in my mailbox even though i just put up two signs: NO MORE, please), feminine vershz of gerhard richter candle (pink) fr the SY daydream nation album cover (that i love. and his work made me cry when i saw it in the real) but best of all being able to incorporate two of Lisa Smolkin's girls. I love her drawings. Thank you, guy.
These 2 are especially important to me b/c they were retrieved from a secret art burning we did in the summer with shary boyle. Lisa was doing some burning and i pretty much jumped in the fire yelling: nooooooooooooooooo! once again: i love her drawings.

AND!! and!! you can read the breathtaking piece of writing that I had the honour of illustrating. It blew my mind.


Paula Gruben said...

I am a huge fan of collage, & this one of yours is just so awesome. x

Unknown said...

Hi! Me and my friends are writing a book and we would love to have you as our artist. We are only 13 and 14 year olds but we are very smart, fun, and creative. My email is or if you want to contact me. Thank you Ms. Ahlers!

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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