Monday, April 7, 2008

Grace Zabriskie' Art

Sweet Gee

"I do less waiting by the phone than anyone I know in the business. I don't wait for a job. I just go on to my own work. Some people are suspicious of others who have more than one talent. I've had poets tell me to my face that an actress can't be a poet".

-Grace Zabriskie

My mother dreamed years ago that I abandoned my baby in a train station's bathroom. She found the baby under a sink. I was nowhere to be found.

we laughed about it at the time..but that dream has always stuck.
it would never happen..but it's how i feel about the blog...
it's been almost a month since i last posted. i've thought about it! i imagined posts in my mind....but once again, i feel so vulnerable right now. i'm just not sure how much more vulnerable i want to make myself. i don't know how much i want to release the beast. the beast is under wraps right now. tightly leashed.

maybe i need to let it rip.

this is why i love's a back and forth..specific...this is just me putting it out.

to who? where? i don't know.

i'll figure this out somehow.

in the meantime - here are the posts i thought about:

an expose on Grace Zabriskie and her art (see pics above)

my 2 day fixation on trepanation (the act of drilling a hole into one's head to activate optimal blood flow. An artist named Amanda Fielding performed one on herself as an art project. I read about it in a fancy art journal "Cabinet". I was deeply disturbed. She used a dentist's drill. She performed it flawlessly in 1970. Later she ran for British parliament using "Trepanation for National Health" as a platform. After a bit of digging deep research (feeling quite ill about it like i was watching a horror movie), i learned she was a super flake landlady and quickly lost interest.

dawson city photo diary

Big Love. I watched season two while last in Dawson. I went to *JIMMY'S* video store and tried to rent a single disc and the lady said, 'no. you have to rent the whole thing'...OKAY, says I. sounds decent. I have to say, Big Love is flawless.
A show about a polygmyist family living in the Utah suburbs with chloe, bill paxton (Weird Science), harry dean stanton AND grace zabriskie. it's too much for me to handle. It's a beautiful hilarious soap opera not unlike...Dallas. I see that david byrne has taken over the music component of the show. he's doing an okay job...i don't know about the avril lavigne tune he chose. He did choose my favourite 10 CC song (also used well years back in the Virgin Suicides) in a poignant moment: I'm not in love...


Here in the yukon, i have never felt better - healthwise, that is (which leads to otherwise). I sleep and exercise and eat well. Lots of clearing.


Jim Bowery said...

Did you set out to move to the Yukon? If so why? What were the practicalities of the move?

I like Grace Zabriskie's art. What's wrong with it?

What does Amanda Fielding do as a landlord that makes you say she is such a flake? Is it because of her hole or is her hole due to her being a flake?

These are the questions that spring to mind when reading your latest blog entry. Don't ask me why I bothered to read it.

sydney said...

oh yay, i check everyday and what a nice surprise!

i love Grace Zabriskie. what is that though? a box?
i like her attitude.

I am watching The House of Elliot.

ok, miss you!


Jenny said...

jim bowery: why bother to post a comment, especially after you could barely be bothered to read the blog in the first place ...

wandajaco said...

Hello Grace and Marion... love the Boxes... it is me Wanda your old next door neighbor... Jane Larue's friend.. I still have the silk screen of the lady with the red hair you did Grace... Hope all is good with you guys.. Hugs Wanda

wandajaco said...

Hello Grace ..Hope all is good with you.. It is me Wanda your old neighbor from Seal place. So proud of all you have accomplished. Big hug as always .. Wanda

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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