Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The View from the hotel room @ Sergeant Preston's Lodge. You know, I lived in VANCOUVER for awhile and I learned about PHOTO CONCEPTUALISM by sheer osmosis. Just from hanging around. I got THAT GOOD. Fancy that.

The furniture we had been sitting on the night previous at the Elks Lodge's Luau (more on this later)
Pretending to work on a puzzle. Those aren't my smokes either.

SKANTZVILLE is very strict on butt removal. They don't want some fool to burn down the town.
This house was high on the the middle of nowhere..very close to Ragged Ass Road. I was trying to figure out how old it was. It's a bit VC Andrews
The Right Stuff. A satellite dish and 'VC Andrews' house (near Ragged Ass Road).
those g-damned 'shoes'. who can decide on a colour? NO ONE! You wanna know why? Cause NO ONE should wear them. Future landfill. Future as in tomorrow, as in NOW....crogging the universe.
That's The Sea Of Tea doing a Nicole Kidman impersonation..(& me in the very background - i had to vacate so the sisters could pull off this shot. I was trying to take the photo directing C like I was stanley kubrick meticulous but in the end, i knew i had to delegate this job to the OTHER C). Only thing here is you can't see nicole's new lips her. A sorry lip enhancement. Nicole! you don't need that! You're a good actress! Margot at the Wedding! Amazing! Virginia Woolf! Great! The Others!! Excellent (that movie is scary in the best ghostly haunted way... it took me three goes to get thru it). Eyes Wide Shut!
A Fool In The Street Of Skagsville
Some more Skanks. Wooden sidewalks..much nicer than Dawson. I love Dawson but it's kind of the ghetto version of Skagway. Skagway caters solely to the people who cruise thru via the cruise ships that all cruise up to ALASKA. You know the ones. (that's why I was able to buy Crabtree rose water products..cos you know who buys that stuff! The Ladies, that's who!)

stay tuned for just a bit more.

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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