Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mushroom Studio

this is katie bethune leaman's beautiful mushroom studio. she graciously let me do a mini-residency here at the sculpture park near St. James' cathedral. i know it's gross to show a bunch of photos of oneself but who else is gonna do it? fountainhead style. besides, this is all about the mushroom which is so special. it felt heavenly to sit inside and do some work.
all photos by: T. Marcel Bois. Thank you, Ted.
i'm very concerned about the polar bears. Sea Of Tea, for you.
working hard or hardly lurking? doodling 'babe, you've got the love/i like'. guess who.
Majeur de Poseur

ps happy birthday, grandpa. i'm glad your heart surgery went well, pig's valve and all.
i'm listening to jimi hendrix
also...the MUSHROOM vancouver there lives the famous Mushroom Studios where HEART recorded all their dope albums.


faith said...

hate leaving comments on blogs but i'll do this one because you're not a commentoverloader
love the glob and your thoughts
and mushroom studio .
how cool that you are riding her bike now. toronto luvs you. child of the universe.
great voice too

sydney said...

you left the yukon for the big smoke only to end up in a mushroom. perfect!!

you look beautiful.

Kelly said...

I think that is quite possibly the coolest thing I've ever seen. Do you purposely wear blue? So as to channel your inner smurf?

Jenelle said...


Sonja!!! You must be the luckiest lady I know.

I wanna be there in the mushroom with you!!!!

Ruth said...

What a beautiful little studio, the light is great there, it is so simple and quirk. Thanks for the photos :)

Magda said...

Nice dress!

And nice mushroom... :)

Karawane said...

yer amazing

Life is long said...
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Life is long said...

Hi Sonja

I don't think we've ever met but we probably have mutual friends/acquaintances and likely crossed paths somewhere in Victoria and maybe Vancouver.

I was reminded of you by Robert Clifton's recent mass email (I've since instructed him on the use of Bcc rather than Cc) and thought I'd see what you've been up to.

I noticed your quote which is from one of my favorite songs, This Flight Tonight. I like the Nazareth version, however, I believe it is actually written my Joni Mitchell.

lyndsay said...

holy crapples. this is like the most amazing thing. sonja did you ever see the meringue mushrooms i made for a potluck?? i'll send you the pic

Anonymous said...





basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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