Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One Fell Swoop

photograph: ahlers

i've been in transit for the past few weeks. packing up my sheet again and again and now i'm in sunny Toronto for the summer. what luck!

I went to the TO Outdoor Art Exhibition the other day and i took a picture of...more garbage. What's going on? I've been taking pictures of garbage and dumps for the past year now. I am tapping into the collective consciousness.

I am having a great time here. more soon.

but i would like to leave you with this phone message that daniel barrow found online and emailed to shary boyle who sent it to me. It's called 'Douchebag Phone Message'. A lady was approached on the streets of TO by this creep and was no doubt harassed into giving him her number. She uploaded these two messages online. How could she not?

It is the largest display of deluded male egomania I've ever heard - and i've heard alot! Years and years of endless droning self-promoting talking about what he's doing what he's done what he's gonna do talking talking.

But to get back on track - this guy believes he is the greatest guy in town.


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Kelly said...

HAHA omg Sonja I nearly wet my pants.


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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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