Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i'm alive and I LIVE HERE.

boy oh boy oh boy oh B O Y!
i haven't been able to post b/c i've been IN JAIL. it's a libra/pluto/lil wayne thing and i am SO joking.
i'd never end up in jail. AZ IF.
maybe when i go to hell, i'll end up in JAIL. Hell's jail or A Jail In Hell would be hard.

this is jokes to the max. and i'm so unprofessional.

actually. i've been too busy playing the GUITAR. it's a miracle but i'm remembering all my 90s songs. how did this happen? it didn't happen 2 years ago when i tried to pick the thing up again after seven years OF NOT. there's something in the air. and you know it.

the photographs above is what i get to see everyday on my walk. this is over the little bridge i cross. i do VISUALIZATIONS for 2 seconds standing in the middle of the bridge. ok. really just prayers...like: PLEASE HELP ME FINISH MY BOOK.

and imagine the water rushing below me..as though everything was finishing and moving away in the current. it must've worked.

of course by now..everything has melted. those days were very magical. ice queens.

PS i spent more time today thinking about jail. i bet ppl do illegal things just so they can go to jail. a safe place of sorts. if you're lucky in the cushy ones. saving us from ourselves.

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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