Tuesday, September 28, 2010

hi michael hi bichon frise

here's some ART. buddy shary has a huge show at the AGO. GO if you are in the toronto area (it will also be in vancouver and montreal later in time).

and here are images from lucas soi's new blog ARTAFTERMONEY (i love the name). He's documenting shows in and around vancouver. ya lucas! bring that!...so yes...also photographs from SEA CHANGE which is a group show he curated with work by me and other artists who are female.

the bichon frise is really my friend nadiya's alter ego.

i'm in robot mode. Tweekie's in the shop. Tweekie (sic) is the real robot and my own peronsal Personal Assistant. When Tweekie returns to work he will have an inbox from hell (not unlike obama's day after inauguration).

PS my friend james sent me a link to this Best Coast video. It's silly and adorable. i think someone said the girl reminded them of me. when ppl say things like that, the inclination is Go Check It Out. i guess i can see that if i squint my eyes. she's a cool girl so that is a nice compliment. Also, I like the name of their band. Good name.

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kerri said...

that was me who said she reminded me of you! and it was definitely intended as a compliment!!! i saw an interview with her, and she was hilarious and awesome, and super cool, and i thought 'hey, she reminds me of sonja'. so it was also a compliment to her, you know?!

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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