Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A psychic heart go round to you My prayer to you Is that you do all the things you set out to do

i could fill a gallery with my love for PSYCHIC HEARTS by thurston moore. that's my occasional anthem. Sampled: 'live your life the way you love'/what the hell/summer spell/losers/*ssholes/SUCK ALL THE LUCK/Out of the world the world for you
If i can get it back to you i will etc. (i'm writing this in chalk on my wall)

Phone convo (see 'work face'/not hot foto above feminist thurston):

'Ok so you want this bunny guy sent out? He's ready. You're at your Singapore address? ok michelle. roger that. he's going out tomorrow STAT with lynx fur capelet'.

"Your heart is ripped now wrapped in fur"

i have a real potato chip on my shoulder...i mean, a fierce bunny eating a ripple potato chip on my shoulder.

*Michelle is one of my top bunny collectors. she sends me messages via iphone & we hash out the details. Custom. Pimpin' her ride. She's great.

PS thanks Kerri Reid for
reminding me it was YOU who said I reminded her of the best coast girl. vice versa vice. sometimes. i forget. and thanks lyndsay sung for comments...and always SUZY!!!!

PPS Thurston is wearing a GZA shirt. Game Recognize Game.

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girlyhandwriting said...

thank YOU sonja.

p.s. i almost dropped a letter into the big blue mailbox to you without postage! yikes.

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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