Monday, February 4, 2008


Dear N

that mix sounds good. i'm still working on
it's pretty hilarious so far. all over the map. Mostly male. i'm super obsessed with this Adam Ant song right now: Kings of the Wild Frontier.
i've seen/heard it used in two movies lately..used to perfection. i love it when filmmakers nail it.

(deep purple, four tops, foreigner ‘Dirty White Boy’, brit brit ‘piece of me’, king crimson, sniff'n the tears (do you know the song 'driver's seat'?), sway by the stones...jan hammer, thin lizzy, mr. mister, aphex twin,'ll see where this goes... i take these things very seriously. Do you know the musical outfit Budgie? They are from Wales, 3 decades back.

eckhart tolle is cool. i guess best described as a metaphysical teacher. he studied religion for XXXX years? something wild...he's all about The Now. Which is The Only Thing There Is.
i like his theories...he's known worldwide now - lives in vancouver, strangely.

years ago i illustrated one of his essays: why women are closer to was for some international women's day paper.

One day a year?

i'm glad to hear your art show went well.
seems like you and your friends know how to have Good Times.

i'm plugging away here.
lots of work to do all of a sudden.
major insomnia going on.
spontaneous dance parties
with one person in attenDance
lots of ice fog
especially when you open the door to The Outside
and pool, swimming, that is
there is a heart-shaped swirl pool @ the aquatic centre up the hill across the Alaska Highway.
and a good slide to scream down.

speak soon.

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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