Monday, February 25, 2008

Say You'll See Me Soon

Those are burnt matches from wishes i made
and blew out.


Your perfume sucks.
I saw the fancy display, i've been seeing the ads.
I squirted some on my wrist but mostly missed and got my ski jacket instead. I know i am sensitive to scents - but..this is NO GOOD. I had to gun it home to scrub my wrist down.
This is quite foul - just one step head of mary-kate and ashley's spray ('fruit smoothie' smells)..or a scratch 'n' sniff the daisy/powder one. I detect notes of lily-of-the-valley. I wondered if i had grabbed the eau de toilet bottle instead of parfum.

But I do like your bottle concept - i like how you always use the rasta colours red, yellow, green. awesome...and L.A.M.B...that's mine but you can use it. But those colours have nothing to do with this scent(less apprentice).


gwen, i don't mind you...even when i mostly listened to punk and/or techno, i threw on tragic kingdom while cleaning my grandpa's house. I made fun of your clothes in 1995...'funky' fluevogs, wifebeater, hair that took five hours and track pants). But I knew way back then, you would be a huge star.
I always know these things.
I'm psychic.

For everyone else.

Deep Purple have an album called: When We Rock WE ROCK

PS i watched Margot At The Wedding again and it was even BETTER the second time.
Jack Black is a tour de force.

PPS i watched the oscars last night (finally. i keep missing it). I had to stream it on my laptop so it got a bit annoying and then thru all the good parts it was cutting out...I always cry when i watch these things..It's so emotional.
So many underdogs were awarded! It's a MIRACLE.
The ONCE musicians...that was lovely.
and the diablo lady.


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Candice Tarnowski said...

who's gwen and what's her perfume - febreeze?
oh, celeb margarine.

I just died (with marv) in my/your arms t'night (cutting crew)

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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