Saturday, February 23, 2008

We Could Put A Pillow Between Us

i promess i will try and post more often. i'm still scared. i don't want to hurt anyone's feelings..and sometimes my opinions and views..just might do that.

i need to develop a persona...any suggestions?
any suggestions for this here blog? i'm still trying to figure out a tone.

i watched that movie last nite 'margot at the wedding' it's GOOD.
i enjoyed it. i might even watch it again..just like the old daze when you would rent a videotape or two and watch it on friday night as a bored teen and then again the next morning..just...because.

i have a friend who did that.

Be Kind/Please Rewind

i don't have any problem with rewinding....all i do is rewind. i STILL want to wake up with amnesia.

i don't think about the fastforwarding. i never did. i never cared about the future. oh maybe this is changing. i say it out loud..the word:


back to margot. Kidman is a total c-u-next-tuesday. she's brutal. Jack Black is hilarious. He's crying or spazzing throughout the entire movie. Noah Baumbach wrote the part for his wife Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Now that's what i'm talkin' about.

i'll take some of that shit.

There are three scenes of music and movie so perfectly paired. A 'Bucks' song off TUSK (most awesome fleetwood mac album..better than rumours..

that's all
for everyone
that's all
for me
that's all
for everyone

and they use my favourite blondie song UNION CITY BLUE off eat to the beat:

re-arrange my mind
in turquoise

i am totally fucking convinced that what has made my life interesting (to me) is REWINDING and the moments that are most amazing are paired with music. I look back on a stretch of time and the soundtrack to that - and then it looks perfect.
When they do that in a motion picture - it is MAGIC.
Miami Vice (TV) did it all the time. They make the song a movie. sophia coppola does it really well.

are moments' monuments"

tomorrow in exciting WHITEHORSE (or Whitemare - new nickname i heard) is a continuation of some kinda heritage appreciation weekend 'rendez-vous'...Ben and I are going to a pancake breakfast, a chainsaw throwing contest and an extended yoga class. I call that a banner day.

oh yeah and the academy awards.
i might want to see that diablo cody lady wearing a pair of million dollar shoes.

i hope to make a short video clip of a chainsaw hurtling thru the air..just sky behind. we'll see. I think about chainsaws alot. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre scarred me for life (age 11) to the point where i have a SOFTSPOT for Leatherface.
My dad or grandpa constantly had a chainsaw going full-force.

i made a spontaneous video of MARVIN ((he's a persian cat that looks like a crazy cottonball w/ reagan's eyes in the Exorcist). I was sitting at my tiny desk working on my book and he was grooming himself on my i whipped out my camera and shot a tiny video.

when i played it back i found out that SPACESHIP SUPERSTAR by PRISM was playing the whole time so it sounds all shitty in the background...that coupled with the Marv..i couldn't stop watching it and was hyperventilating with laughter. Then i showed ben and candice who agreed.

I'm a spaceship superstar
i've got a solar-powered lazer beam guitar

one more thing: i was working today at the Yukon Arts Center - my extremely part-time job (??!) dealing w/their collection and i get to do my two favourite activities: deal with art and office (that's a half joke). There was NOBODY there...I was typing stuff in and listening to duran duran on youtube to break up the silence...the whole day i felt like i was in the Overlook Hotel in the Shining.
that's the one.

talk about ice-olation.

i love to love you.



poppy said...

i think you've got a persona going already! you are funny! keep going!


Candice Tarnowski said...

i love marvy. and i'm with you in the whitemare, but mine's called the crotch.

sydney said...

hi hi hi


marvin spacecat

lyndsay said...

sonja, i'm waiting for my class to start ( i teach little guys "computer arts"!) and i'm reading your blog on the projected big screen on the wall. lovin' it, lovin' it. thanks for sharing your hilarious thoughts. can't wait to read more when i have time. BTW is that your actual CAT?? what a NUT!!! xo

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