Tuesday, June 17, 2008


That's my brother. I have a brother.
We were kind of like twins b/c there are only 16 months between us. Apparently I tried to kill him a few times as a baby. I pushed the baby pram he was in through a plate glass window. I opened up the basement door for him to fall down two flights of steep stairs. He still brings it up. I have ZERO memory of these things.
His name is cubby. it's David. it's 'cubby' b/c he looked like a baby bear when he was teensie.

thank you to my friends who wrote in about SATC. Susan Farmer said i read her mind. That is a comforting thought since i'm sitting here bored in yukon isolation (my choice. i take the effin responsibility). IT'S FINE. I'm WORKING. IT'S A GREAT DAY. ok moving along here. Also comforting b/c my mind is...uh..well...it's an unusual one. Susan is the only person who can help me make my books..but i am learning..that...possibly..there is a new generation of fragmented visual like-minded minds...so come on down (or up).

susan brought up another pertinent SATC point:

One of the things I found most baffling about the movie was the complete shock & disgust everyone had when Samantha returned from LA having apparently gained a whopping 15 pounds. When she arrived & everyone was so shocked at her appearance, I thought that maybe they were insinuating that she'd had a boob job or something - aside from them showing a few scenes after that where she's kind of out of control shoveling food down her throat, I didn't really notice any difference. They did ultimately throw in the token line from Carrie saying that she'd be gorgeous whatever size she was, but we were all quite stunned by it - I don't think any of us really noticed anything different with her appearance.

Me again: that was a strange moment in the movie..kind of added as another 'female issue'..weight gain. There wasn't enough time for this. That was wrong.

Susan also mentioned how carrie's hair was out of hand at the very end of the movie..i didn't notice that..probably b/c i was asleep at that point.

and thanks to LILY FAWN for giving me her opinionz, too. 'opinions were like kittens/we were giving them away'.

and oddly, strangely...both these ladies are the ladies who i played music with in kiki bridges..which i've been listening to today and yesterday...our old band. high five! i'm making a copy for AJA ROSE who sent me an incredible parcel of angora and treats and HER MUSIC!

and even more oddly, strangely...the day i hated SATC the most was watching it one morning before we went to record our album...i had to have my carcass dragged to the recording studio (The Sea Of Shit is the name..of the studio).

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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