Friday, June 20, 2008

'...thinking about the years...' that's from a HAYWIRE song

Sissy Spacek and Carrie Fisher. What are the chances?

i think of the best writing while i'm out on my's mostly to entertain myself. this is something i have always done - ever since i can remember.

i wish i could repeat it all here now for you.

i was watching st. elmo's fire last nite. it's so bad. in a bad way.

rob lowe/billy hixx playing the saxophone like he's about to blow a gasket replete with thin black headband and mass sweatin' it out while demi moore/jules(or is it jewels?) dressed like cyndilauper/madonna like-a-virgin dry humping a speaker while all of st. elmo's is cheering on the sax (and violence).

ally sheedy/andrew mccarthy getting it on for two passionate days. she KEEPS her pearls on the whole time...and managed to push out the glass shower stall door.

demi's apartment decor..bubblegum pink paint job, slight deco/miami vice vibe (always good), very large vases w/ minimalist stick arrangements and a MASSIVE (as in: are you kidding me?) wall mural of billy idol. Massive with real neon accents...his earring in the shape of a cross (pink neon) and some squiggles above his head (blue neon)..i might be making that last part up..I was too busy scanning my book. The scanner was drowning out the sound (thank god. i hate sax) and i was only half-watching it (b/c i've seen it before).

ally sheedy is a graphic designer and judd nelson is her live-in republican boyfriend..THEY too, have a MASSIVE mural: a NIKE ad filling an entire wall of their open area concept whatever loft space. I don't understand it. Maybe Ally designed it.

i also like the scene where they are all stuffed into Demi's hoodless jeep. Somehow they all got crammed into the shot - all six of them - on their way to their choklit shop/st. elmo's.

Friends forever.

PS there are about a hundred other cringe-inducing embarrassing moments but i'm too lazy/couldn't be bothered to...type it out.

I myself have been driving around listening to a Sissy Spacek cassette i found at the Sally Ann yesterday. I was happy to find it. It was put out in 1983 probably post Loretta lynn/coal miner's daughter. I KNOW she has a great voice but it isn't captured on this recording. sad face. it has a bit of a honky tonk vibe but blanded out and overproduced. There is one song that isn't shirley templed out - she's singing about being a star and how people want their picture taken with her and they know everything about her including her mother's maiden name and they hand her bouquets of's a good song. I always want to hear the real deal. That's why i lived my 20s in the 90s - when things were REAL, man.

Sissy is awesome. She's one of my favourite actresses. I like Shelley Duvall, too..and BOTH of them are in one of my top 10 movies: THREE altman 70s movie he wrote from a dream. (Sissy's character's name is PINKY).

Some dumb dork from the generation before mine had a nickname for Sissy:
Sissy Spacechick.

Sissy was the SET DECORATOR for de palma's Phantom of the Paradise. This is the kind of information you learn from sitting through credits all the way through (and reading LINER NOTES).

I also love Meryl Streep. Obvs. 'you can't touch this'. I just re-watched (ahem) Postcards From the Edge and sat mesmerized by the dialogue. Carrie Fisher's novel turned movie. It focuses on the mother/daughter relationship. Carrie's a hollywood kid - her mom was Debbie Reynolds played by Shirley "Out On A Limb" Maclaine (also awesome as Aurora in Terms of Endearment - another good mother/daughter movie).

Meryl sings a few times in Postcards (from the edge). She has one of the most beautiful, pure voices in the history of the universe. When i hear her sing 'Amazing Grace' at the end of SILKWOOD, i start crying. Her voice is one of my all-time favourites. Period. Those stars. They can do it all. They just give it.

Meryl sings all through Altman's last movie (and final) A Prairie Home Companion. Lindsay Lohan is in that, too - and a bunch of other shtars. I was excited to see it in the theatre. Jesse birch and i went to see a matinee but i wasn't in the mood and leaned over and said, 'let's split'. We didn't totally split. We snuck into 'an inconvenient truth'. I did give 'Prairie' a second chance and it was okay/pleasant enough...okay it's boring but worth it to Meryl sing.

seeing a performance of lindsay lohan singing 'edge of seventeen' on youtube really nailed it home about the singing/performing monkey stars. Her song about her dad is really heavy. I applaud that. She's really putting out the party for that song: Father to daughter/father to daughter..'

and her dad was in JAIL at the time.

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lyndsay said...

hi sonja! i love your musings, totes hilarious... me and my sisters have seen st.elmos fire probs 20 times, watched it lots when we were kids. WHY, WHY?i was in love with andrew mccarthy from pretty in pink days, "BLAINE"... st. elmos: we even had the piano sheet music at our house. crazy right. i haven't seen it for so long. i doubt rich would watch it with me! what about when demi character tries to "kill" herself by leaving all the windows open in her bedroom??? NICE ONE...

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