Sunday, June 15, 2008

Overdue review SATC


Miranda in the witch hat in the dollar store


Seemed to me/ in the 90s/ the women that banded togeth to watch SATC one night per week/to me/ were like covens
(doesn’t rhyme with ‘oven’)

(@ SATC Yukon premiere)
Me slumped against the wall of the theatre
It was really hot in there
(I happened to be sitting at the end of the row)
and pressing a can of soda water against my forehead

Samantha’s humping dog. Way overkill. Way. That was bad. Real bad.

But she was good.

She had a GREAT sunhat on. the widest brim I’ve ever seen.

And I liked her swank totally modern apartment on the beach in LA (could very well be my new style)

I felt as though SJP’s true self shone thru a few times throughout and I didn’t like her.
Kind of a bitchyMadonna bitch vibe
I find scary (personally)

Screaming, hissy fits, S throwing sushi, CB smashing Big w/ her wedding bouquet

The men were like paper dolls. Barely there.
This bothered me

Trying to cover way too much ground: fashion week, decadent 5-star hotel holiday in mexico, massive wedding, pregnancy…I’ve already forgotten the rest

Gaudy outfits

SJP’s studded belt: awesome (SJP she said it was her favourite but in ‘real life’ she doesn’t shop. At all. This is confirmed b/c I have often seen her photographed
in uggs and dumpy comfy outfits pushing her little boy around in a stroller. She loves her kid.

LP said SJP had to live in a CAR with her family as a kid. Broke ass style

81 costume changes for Carrie Bradshaw

what is it about TV to silver screen? Never translates. The intimacy is always lost. It always come out so hollow.

Charlotte’s kid is a brat

That Vivienne westwood gown is a stunner. I like the emerald green bird headdress touch.

I like that pink sparkly glitter phone w/ duct tape strategically placed (that makes it look so fake set dress style..well, that’s the props department. It was brand new duct tape. Details. It’s all in the details).

Kinda felt like a funeral

What’s up with all the starbucks?
That shit is bad.
Product placement is so seventies…so stepford wives.
(sidenote: while watching 27 Dresses, I noticed there was some ‘seventh generation’ P.P. while our heroine was occupying herself with some frenetic cleaning at all hours). A real close-up shot. Oh well, better than …Nescafe or coffeemate)

here is one of my all-time favourite SATC moments (and strangely, oddly makes me think of the craft/etsy revolution):

When it was over
I wanted to clap because

it was over.
Waiting for it to end
Clapping when it ended

I got misty-eyed cried during the part when carrie and her PA Louise from St. Louis were exchanging gifts. C gave her that fancy louis vuitton gift box and luxury bag it was such a sweet, pure-seeming gesture.
Now the PA don’t have to rent a designer bag.
Jennifer Hudson was great.

Watching SATC confirmed the fact that I want a Personal Assistant.
It also scares me how many young women embrace and are influenced by Sex and the city. Sure, yes. It’s important and groundbreaking if you go over the entire series and find the choice moments – but this movie didn’t hit any of those choice moment notes. I really wanted it to. When the movie started I turned in my seat and told my friends, ‘I feel like I’m at Star Wars for the first time’..but this feeling fell away so fast. I just ended up eating a big bag of popcorn the whole time.

When SATC was actually ON-AIR, I refused to participate. I thought it was the biggest load of shit lies I’d ever bore witness to. I remember watching an episode or two and feeling so disgusted. All lies. Who lives this way? Not anybody I know. Bur that was the early 2000s and I was in a dark place. The moment the show was cancelled, I mysteriously had a hankering to watch it. There was no turning back. My viewpoints/frame of mind had changed – I was feeling much lighter in life and was able to embrace it for was it was: nothing. All fun. But it IS something. It’s important. We will see why.


girlyhandwriting said...


I went by myself to a Monday matinee screening of this. I was secretly AMPED. It most def was hollow, like they were going through the motions, but not enough subtle nuances.

That studded belt, I am still thinking about it.

After I left the theater I wished that I had friends to dye my hair and make fancy drinks with.

Feel kind of like I felt when I played with Barbies- indulgent, but great.

Candice Tarnowski said...

"Look, Little Shoes!!"
"I cut up my bedspread for this!"

"When did making bags become the fallback career?"

I just read your blog for the 1st time in a long time's really beautiful, Saan. I'm glad you're doing it.
hope the tee hole is still good.

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