Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"I've been to Vidal Sassoon!"

my pal jank and i were emailing half the day (lie) about rosemary's baby. fool finally saw it NOW. lucky him. shocking b/c he has seen EVERYTHING. As for me, I've been watching it on repeat since i was a teenager.
i usually watch it a couple of times a year..you can watch it on youtube. i see something different every time i tune in. that is what good art should do. this time i got very into the opening credits. so beautiful! so douglas sirk! (also obsessed w/the twin peaks' credits..neon green on the pacific northwest backdrop)
jank pointed out the first bloody scene on the pavement outside The Dakota and made the john lennon parallel. i thought the same thought. (People think the same thoughts).

I love the part where Minnie/Ruth Gordon's freaking out about the drink spillage on her carpet:
"The carpet! The carpet!"

I like the graphic so very much. I want that poster framed hanging over my bed: PRAY FOR ROSEMARY'S BABY for all eternity. sleep tight, little one!

PS. Can you please do me a favour? Can you go on Facebook and join my fan page that this nice boy Craig in New Zealand set up for me about a year ago? It's called 'Sonja Ahlers'.
My website is still DOWN (good lord help us) & i have to attempt some type of web presence while i continue to be a perfectionistic noncommital RE website. I'm going to try to stay on 'fan page'.

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Jackie D said...

I've watched Rosemary's Baby with you.

Also, "A Handmaid's Tale" and "Fatal Attraction" - all super relevant films to your art.

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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