Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Her goal was to help people discover the purpose of their lives and to guide them in achieving spiritual and emotional independence."

that subject was swami radha's goal.
the picture is the world's greatest record store (from A Clockwork Orange. ignore that txt)

yesterday and today the interests lie here and here

after several days of Total Brain Overdrive, the only thing that helped was some yoga..and i'm talking some crazy turtle pose biznazz. the teacher reminded me of another book i really like. this that set me back on this ashram in the kootenays.

anyhoozle (new word. got bored with 'anyhow')...these are the fun things to distract me from work chitter chatter minutiae of getting ready to put out a book!

as for the Men, Women and Chainsaws: Gendre In Modern Horror Film ...i want that book but I will have to re-do the cover or make a book jacket. that is some serious whack(job) bad cover design. WOO. BAD. (photoshop gradien?? ahh help!)

The author Carol J. Glover (teaches @ UCBerkeley) wrote a pre-cursor essay "Her Body, Himself". The title alone is done. gone. enough.

I wrote a song. It has one line:

He likes
Her Art
When it looks like
His Art

Women making Man Art.

(woah i gotta hit the hay. tomorrow is 'swan haven day'. will drive to see the thousands of swans migrating and a stop at the dump! aka 'tiffany's'. yay. yukon).

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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