Monday, August 29, 2011

"The One I Love Is Gone"

 I'm in Dawson City now
for a month long artists' residency.
(i think my entire existence is an artists' residency).

sort of

after a very long drive
(driving into the sunset)
i crossed over

to here.

Now that I am here and have halfway unpacked and it's late
I was looking for NEW MUSIC and remembered these sisters from a Q episode. Oh how i love The Secret Sisters! Their heavenly voices. This one made me cry.  So I'm sitting  by myself in a huge house (the other artist arrives shortly..that's Micah Adams. New favourite artist. Check out his business)...and another remembrance: This house is haunted.

The drive was 6 hours (anne claims it's seven. i think i did it in 5 once driving a stick. shift. not a witch's but what's the diff?). I sang pretty much the entire way. It helps with the anxiety i occasionally experience...that affects my breathing. meaning: the anxiety inhibits my breathing.  but i've been so busy the last few days PACKING ETC ETC (i wont divulge. it's good and it's bad and then it's good and then it's great and then it's 'whatever it is' and you just have to KEEP ROLLING WITH IT) i havent been doing the things i do to keep it in check. BUT I SWEAR IT! SINGING saves the day..and the Secret Sisters are a revelation.

Songs 2 sing along to while driving to dawson today only:
 The Mountain - PJ harvey ('for in my heart/every tree is broken'. The best part is when she goes all hi crazy voice at the end. i want that business on the BODY DOUBLE ALBUM. My band w/ elisa rose). Not Ready To Make Nice - Dixie chicks (i know. if you knew me you'd laugh. btw, that docu they did a few yrs ago is really good. It is called SHUT UP AND SING),  Scout Nibblet, Gillian Welch - My First Lover (any of her songs are great car singalongs)..i was happy when DJ Random delivered a 'skinny little bitch' via HOLE to me...It is fun stuff to sing to. ..unfortunately that song wears thin after one listen every six months (or years). Dont let it bring you down. I love CL.
I took a crack at 'broken wings' (Mr. Mister) thinking i might karaoke it but there's just no way. 
Please note: probably most hilarious is that i was wearing headphones the entire trip.
i'm pretty sure i drove thru some light dusting of snow..or FROST. i'm not KIDDING! August!


I may blog with some more frequency! Soonerly i get to announce this f'n AMAZING PROJECT i've been involved with. It's too too good to be true. see what i mean? GREAT.
PS. Dont ever fall in love.

you can be in love
just dont

(am i seriously posting this entry? there's so much REVEAL in here)


emily said...

reeeeeveeealleeedd! happy yukon.

Swan said...

aha! now i get it, the far away cold thing, at least this present incarnation. i fell in love this summer. it was fun. weirdly i had the best summer ever. it was insane. like all the winning and losing was all mixed up and somehow it came out good. like, i have a plan. which also includes trying to find an awesome girl motorcycle rider person. i have one in mind already.

Swan said...

Wait a second. I just actually saw the title of your blog entry. I hope you are not too sad.

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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