Saturday, September 3, 2011


Collage: Over the Edge is the movie I have been watching since i was eight years old. Since 1978. The youtube trailer does not do it justice. I will talk about this movie again. Back to this: the textiles are mine - angora sweater scraps from making bunnies stitched back to gether to make a quilt (it'll be years in the works). Look at Madonna's eyebrows! Aren't they something! (not even a question). I spent a fair amount of energy looking at photos of her the other night. I read the comments rather in-depth (never do). It was revelatory. The consensus of the common people: She is a BITCH.

Ain't nothing wrong with being a bitch.
Although being a bitch for extended periods can eventually go All About Eve sideways.

I'm still in DAWSON CITY..Here's some Dawson for you: me wake up sitting at kitchen table drinking my coffee phone rings: "hi sonja. it's eryn. can you come and play softball? We need a girl. We need a girl in five minutes".
me: what?

so i hop on the junkie bike at the residency to join a freaking TOURNAMENT that's in progress...the opposition was a team of TOTAL PROS from fairbanks, alaska.
I did hit the ball. so hard. Eryn said, 'you've got the power. that's all that matters'.
The last time i played softball was in 1982. I was on a team. Just as i was really getting into this tournament, the game was over. We were C.R.E.A.M.E.D. Admittedly, I did do a lame thing which was whip back to the rez mid-game to  get my gumboots. i didnt want to destroy my multi-metallic adidas high tops with subdued gold laces. REFUSED. No one told me the field was all mud. (it only took 4 minutes to do this. Dawson is a tiny, tiny town).

ok! so the ROOKIE site/mag is going up Labour Day (that's RIGHT NOW. i started this post yesterday). I want you in front of your computer on Labour Day. Right now. I contributed some lovingly orchestrated collage compositions/illustrations and two book reviews (for two of my favourite books) and a song for the staff playlist. I want to hear that playlist. It hasnt been posted yet.
As for this project: I'm thrilled.  "Thrilled" as in:  i just got off a rollercoaster ride..or mid-way ride or at the beginning..of the ride.

Here is info on the site:



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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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