Tuesday, September 6, 2011


 like posting (stupid) pictures of yourself (cos no one else is gonna do it (my tagline))
And by using the word 'stupid', am i depreciating the self?

i'm quite into these hilarious LOOK AROUND YOU instructional videos (link is below) made by some brilliant UK jokesters from the earlier part of the 200000s. Micah Adams here at the residency showed me one yesterday. The details are outstanding: scientists pointing out everything with pencils...to the point of pointing out the pencils with pencils.
When you have 10 minutes to yourself i suggest kicking back with one (especially if you have a bowl of soup to eat).  MATHS is my favourite. I was watching the 'ghosts' one b4 bed last night. Bad idea. APPARENTLY the Macaulay House is haunted. I've been having bad dreams and i'd say there is something ghostie going on. It probably didn't help that we were out at an abandoned mining compound last night poking around through all the rubble. It's safe to say that ALL of Dawson City is haunted. There was a whole bike graveyard with turn-of-the century bike parts. So much junked machinery. Rust never sleeps.
PS that's a picture of me trying not to crack up and trying to capture some ghosts in the mirror. When you are bored you can do anything you want.

I wasn't bored. 

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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