Thursday, October 20, 2011


i like to decorate fridges. It's my personal art gallery and IT'S ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY. i was thinking of organizing a group show years back (1996?). Everyone would drag their own fridge (to wherever gallery) & decorate and fill their fridge. Someone talked me out of it pointing out logistics and all. but i wonder why i let them talk me out of it?  People make insane movies that bleed money. Herzog made FITZCARRALDO. Oh. and then there's Ishtar. Lesson: dont listen to anybody. Another lesson: if you think your idea is dumb or logistically dumb, think of Ishtar.
Here is the current stage of the fridge. This exhibit titled ART WORKERS WONT KISS ASS is ending tomorrow. (it's already getting covered by the new slew). Most of these images came via amazing mail and mostly from my pal SUZY. Shary sent 'the hand of the artist'. I have no idea whose hand that is (probably picasso's. It is usually Picasso). Lesson #3: It's a really good idea to send me mail.


 Pinnipeds. i love seals. always have. always will. when i was a little kid my favourite stuffed animal was a black seal. they seem so defenseless! It's difficult for them to move on land. Their eyes are windows to every lost soul.
 J. Crew cata. hello. sweaters and tutus??? YES. That's Suzy's drawing as a fridge magnet. she's dancing with the stars.
 brilliant suzy art
 EGRETS! I am very drawn to these birds. How stunning. The wingspan. Stick an 'r' in front of 'egret' and you know what you have (and i have many and none). I love this image. I might have to blow it up into a huge poster.
 GD CATHY!!!she's a tard but u must luv her. This is a collaboration between me and the's a CATHY sticker in and amongst the great artists of our time. Ha. That's Paul Cezanne seated and white bearded Camille Pissarro..and some hangers-on. Art. The End.
PS the ART WORKERS WONT KISS ASS POSTER was a gift from grant heaps. It's good isn't it?

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lyndsay said...

your fridge is great!

seals and their deep, black limpid-pool eyes... (didn't every sweet valley high book have limpid-pool eyes?) they are fast and glisten and glide under water though! but dammnit they are so cute on land, dragging their weight around and clapping and stuff.

my fridge is covered with photos of my nieces and nephews, all little people under the age of 4... i go to the fridge way too much. and look at it often and talk to the pictures on it! (i spend a lot of time in my kitchen baking, heh). open fridge: spoon of almond butter, chop up an apple and eat it, vaporize some homous, almond milk for bowl of cereal. serial snacker.

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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