Thursday, October 13, 2011

singles & ROOKIE

so weird. i've been driving around listening to the SINGLES soundtrack (might be over it..but ya..that 'click' will take u to my favourite song on it. DORK!)..and then ROOKIE gave me a few assignments one of them being an illustration on THE JOYS OF BEING SINGLE. so weird b/c everything i illustrate for them is basically my life..(w/ the exception of an upcoming story on 'cutting'). Heavy stuff.  wonder why. (Lived thru it). So the above image. i just wanted to look at the illustration again b/c it turned out so well. I cant tell you how fun it is to work for Rookie. It's like a psychic/ESP communication/connection. Total dream. I've been going on and on about it but if you knew me personally and my life - you'd understand why I am going on about it. It can get very lonely way the fk hell out in left field waving my arms around, 'hey! hey! guys!!! OVER HERE!' (for decades)..and then just saying 'forget it' and go live in my own little self-constructed universe. Which is fine. And I do. Very well. But sometimes i want to connect with other like-minded individuals. I care about this project very much. I care about true connectedness and community and building self-esteem and self-worth for THE LADIES OF THE WORLD.

My local friend little stevie brought up the 'judgment day' soundtrack mentioning that it's one of the first 'cross overs' melding/fusing several genres. Like..y'know..metal and rap. Et cetera. I'm glad genre crossing is more at the forefront. BRING THAT! It's important to throw things off.

I've been internet trolling a bit (all inspired by ROOKIE) and I've found some fun things! Do you like The Notebook? Then you probably like fellow Canadian Ryan Gosling. This 'Feminist Ryan Gosling' blog is good stuff. I think the blog is about 5 days old now. the thing blew up mental overnite. That's The Sign. (& if you havent seen BLUE VALENTINE yet, get on it, please!)

Here's a great little NPR interview w/ Tavi talking about Rookie. I love her speaking voice. She is so composed and wise and thoughtful.
This hilarious NINETIES blog...the front page screams at you: YOU'RE NOT PUNK AND I'M TELLING EVERYONE ('save your breath/i never was one') . That's a lyric from an old Jawbreaker song. I'm just lamenting - Blake was my penpal for a minute. Penpals. Sigh.

PS back to crossing genres..this is really the best song off the SINGLES's a cover of 'battle of evermore' by the Lovemongers aka HEART. It's better than Zep's.

POST SCRIPT! as in next day/now. That post was the frk'n most random thing i've ever done. i think this might be my new goal in life. MORE RANDOM. Or wait. Is that a bad thing? it is too scattered? 


Janice said...

the sonic youth/cypress hill "I love you mary jane" on judgement day is the best ever and completely impossible to find. I only have it on TAPE.

lyndsay said...

i was just talking about Singles recently... need to watch it again. had the cassette and jammed it so hard! nice to know it's cool to like it again. WHY DID I GIVE IT AWAY in the early 2000s!? goddamnnit...

Sonja, have you seen DRIVE? (with Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan). it's amazing. i deep-googled it afterward, found a great article on Gosling's wardrobe supervisor for the film.

I even read an interview with Albert Brooks.


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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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