Friday, October 10, 2008 bare bones

all i can do is think in facebook status updates.
my favourite update was from awhile while back:

'sonja is mowing the lawn'

it sounded very facebook* and the visual is hilarious. Me (resentfully) mowing the lawn on 12th Avenue in Vancouver in big strawhat.

(*although fbook has done more good than harm -for me).

there was a bear on the deck last nite. it's my fault. i slipped up and did a stupid human thing which was: leave the compost out. i was mere inches from the bear - the only thing separating us was the dutch door. i could hear Bear grunting and snooping in the compost. i was so excited. i wanted so very much to swing the door open and Invite Only/come on in!!! let's finish watching this movie together.
instead i wrote this and sadly listened to the big bear walk away from me.

Smokin’ on the wrap-around deck @ gansta house.
It's bad but good in a fridakahlo way who was never ever without smoke. Smoke is a screen for the heart. I needed that protection. This will pass shortly.

I love being in the sticks b/c I can do whatever the #%@$ I want.
Then I go to the city.

Awhile here
Awhile there.

Back & forth.

‘..i’d never hurt you or mean you any harm…I wouldn’t wanna lose your love’

April wine in October
not the cruellest month


I’m freezing
But I just saw

The bad side of the moon
I mean
The good side.


Been walking in the pitch black kootenay night with perfect diamond stars and cold dark shadows of evergreens coming up the hill. All shadows and listening to the cave singers almost crying choked up and wondering is some crazed axe murderer gonna bust out of the woods ? or will a black momma bear cross my path again and i won't hear anything for the Lindsey Buckingham-like music loud cocoon in my ears blocking out all other sound. Dangereux, I know. But I am not afraid of being afraid. Nor is yoko.

Or fear.

A frayed not.

Turning mold into gold

and a
Fam dam

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner

basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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