Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Skinned Rabbit

first pic: shary boyle's art. mind boggling.

i know it's horrible and it is horrifying. i forced myself to take the photo at the butcher shop. i never go in butcher shops. i hate them as much as i hate going into the liquor store. the smell of the licker store...brown paper bags and miasma of booze.

rare times i ate pizza as a kid, i would take everything off the pizza before i ate it. i skinned it like a rabbit. pointed out my dad's omnipresent friend peter smith.

i spent alot of time with peter as a kid. me and cubby. we were always going off with our parents radical babysitter friends. sometimes we'd get up to no good. peter was easy to torment. he was a blonde hippie surfer type. very good-natured and FUN and hilarious. He once put a squeegee on a finger and said, 'with this squeegee, i thee wed'. i was 9 or 10 when we were all goofing off in a mcdonald's parking lot with ketchup packets. i laid a few down and jumped on them with all my might and sprayed his pure white clean perfect bell bottoms. i felt really bad. i turned into a boy when i was with them. oftentimes folks thought my brother and i were either twin girls or twin boys. mostly boys. we are 16 months apart.

i did another wretched thing to peter. that horrible thing came up that kids did in the late 70s/earliest of 80s: "if your hand is bigger than your face/you have cancer"
i said it to him (awful child) and he curiously put his hand up to his face and i did 'the trick' and slammed his open hand into his face enough to give him a bloody nose. We were on the bus.

why? where? do these things come from?
i was a talking head.

apparently there is a new trend in music. a murmur only. it's a sound from the late 80s/early 90s..that 3,4 year window.
i guess people are mad again.
there needs to be some raging.

i've been listening to UNWOUND lately..have been craving it for months now. the screaming is music to my ears. bring it ON. The Royal We realized this past summer the only time it is 'acceptable' to scream nowadays is on a RIDE like..the zipper at a crappy exhibition.

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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