Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not That There's A Reason For It

dear stephen harper
this is what artists do with grant money. they lie around on golf courses and count their tens and then they take digital photographs and call it 'art' and post it on their blog. some of them have to do illegal things to get money. it's what makes the world go round and round, afterall.
do you know that song by the butthole surfers 'Hairway to Stephen'? it's not about you.


elisa rose and i have been recording music. we are called Body Double. Then she said what about Body Triple? cos Dusty started playing with us, too. I said, 'what about Whitemare?' cos i'm not calling my new book that anymore. I'm calling it a different name (TBA. it's secret).

we have a 'pearl jam' inspired song but it's NOT - just some lady version of 'goat rock' which obvs is a thousand times better than any lame 'pearl jam' song (uh..even tho i like Ten cos i'm like that)'s called "Gemstone" and there are alot of collective soul: YEAHHHHHHHs...and 'climbing up that ladder' and me repeating: I'm PEAKING for about half the song like jennifer herrema royal trux style and me playing the acoustic guitar (badly) and dusty noodling and elisa going's kinda bluesy, actually. It's basically FREEDOM ROCK.
then we have a song with Stella (age 12) who has been writing raps over the last week. this rap is about 'nerds'. her teacher is so impressed with her he is getting her to teach a CREATIVE WRITING class on 'how to rap'.
(she rhymes 'locket' and 'pocket').
and we have an indie folk song about a page in my book about boy art and girl art and how boys likes girl's art if it looks like boy's art. i started working on this song in the yukon when i would sit in the basement and play into the night - re-teaching myself and only playing bar chords and such that were comfortable for my precious hands...this is a wild elisa pieced it all sounds sucky but it RIPS. we 'laid down' a guitar riff i wrote that sounds like a chainsaw..ripping into it...but then it is very pretty and haunted and sad but not.

and we have a dance song that elisa wrote
and a song about a little whore that i just sang back-up's a torch song.
OH! and another song where i'm kind of screaming all the way through.

when we went on RIDES in the summer (the zipper and such at The Ex in Toronto), shary and i realized that is the only time it is okay to SCREAM.

yeah so there's our album.
i also made a video tonight of elisa having a one-lady dance party in her gansta house..i shot it outside and the house looks like a jackolantern w/the warm orange lights and her dancing alone in the picture window. it's perfect.

i'll upload a different day.

ok so the bear came up the road while we were out on the deck partying.

i can't describe him..lopey dopey big bear claws turned inward plodding plod up the stairs to the apple tree. that why they make teddy bears. b/c everyone wants their own bear that they can hug.
'come here/gimme a hug' fitty cent

ok so here's the golf course photoshoot with pretty lavender ten dollar bills and such.
and my damn dress i have loved ever so over the last month or so.

these things don't last.

PS i'm still obsessed with HAWKWIND
and the new brit brit song is great: WOMANIZER
go steal it off the internet TODAY!

AND this is one of my most favourite things of the last 6 months:



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i fucking knew it ahlers. slut for money. i called it form the get go.

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sydney said...

brs r WLD ANMLS!!!!

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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