Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hits Of The Day

'sonja is about to have her internet privileges revoked'

Hit of the day is 'bang bang' by Trouble Andrew.

omg i love this song. thanks to ELISA ROSE.
he's some snowboarder idiot from whistler who moved to new york and put out an album.
i'm embarrassed. 'bang bang/wanna see my gun?'

it's kind of like old germs/darby crash but way more "together"> Meaning: super produced.
i'm obsessed with this stupid song. i just found it on youtube and was slightly disturbed by the VIDEO. It's all Vice Culture and American Apparel...which I hate.
close your eyes and listen. or not. i gave you the pre-amble.


as far i know - it's Santogold singing on the Trouble Andrew song.
so cleanse yourself with Santi White aka SANTOGOLD my new favourite album of 2008:

I don't have patience to watch it through right now (no time). So close your eyes and listen to the song. Imagine you are in a speedy silver car (possibly a yaris) zipping around a windy kootenay road mountain range lake beside.

clearing out.

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Elisa Rose said...

Not that I thought about it too much, but Trouble Andrew is uglier than I expected. Sort of like R.Kelly when he takes off his sunglasses. Not that he was good looking with them on, just that he's even uglier than you'd think.
I got lead to Iggy Pop's Bang Bang and he's wearing some great earings.

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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