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first things first, my etsy store:

Ayumi! She resides in Tokyo with her new black bunny. Here is a photograph she took of BB in his new crocheted swing! and with her cat!
Ayumi says:
I am a housewife who loves my family(my husband and my cats), music(a big John Mayer fan) and anything sweet&natural&handmade.

(john oscar mayer weiner)

Obvs Ayumi is perfect.
She special ordered a custom bunny today - a white furry one that is more childlike. She's so amazing she went through my etsy store and noted the different grades of angora. she was able to detect the angora content! WOAH. Why don't i just move to japan? this is stupid. Details-oriented. highest of quality. cares. all day. all night.

plus she signs all of her emails: Your friend, Ayumi.

She also took note of the eyelet skirts i designed...she noted TUCKS :
(see first photo. why can't i stick the photo in here? does anyone know?)
I am sorry....seems I made a mistake! The apron I mentioned was the lacey 'skirt' as the mummy bunny is wearing. The lace braid is very pretty and the skirt is sophisticated with its tucks not gathers.
I just noticed that the mummy bunny was also made of white angora as well but looks somewhat different from the touque bunny's angora. Have you a lot of angora sweaters? The touque bunny's angora might go well with the child bunny. So if you still have that kind of fluffy angora in stock, I hope you will make the child with it. Thank you!
Well, it is very windy now but very sunny, lazy golden afternoon......

AND she noted how much WORK it looked like i had done for the etsy in: made all the bunnies, photographed all the bunnies, edited the photos in photoshop, uploaded all the pics...etc.

i need to be in japan.
i want an onsen tour (public hot springs/baths), constant karaoke, kyoto, my friends who live there, my favourite store, sushi trains, ice cream lamps/lit up cones, temples, gardens, zen gardens. you name it. all.


i need to do more work on my blog. i realize that. i need to make time for this. i am very busy like an octopus lady. anyways, if you want to be linked or have any Blog Betterment suggestions can you please email me?
Also I am looking for people who would like to buy my bunnies. People who appreciate Steiffs and other handmade special doll and toy items.
Maybe they are in Germany? Maybe in England. Not sure yet. Maybe because I'm German/British and Japanese.

thank you!

Post script: i am completely into The Office. As in: the American One. wtf? i vowed. i said. i said. no way man. i'm a purist. it's UK or nothing! not this watered-down biznazz. i guess i got swayed for a few reasons:

1. my friend lisa smolkin made me take a pact to watch it six months ago. i did nothing.
2. listening to cbc last week they kept going on about a special episode where Michael Scott (steve carell who i used to strongly dislike. i was wrong. he is *TALENT*) takes a business trip to WINNIPEG.
3. I finished Mad Men and i need to be 'watching' things while i sew those bunnies you see above.

This show is hilarious.
PLUS i see that gervais/merchant are involved in the project,so it's all good.

speshul thanks to sydney vermont for introducing me to SURF THE CHANNEL DOT COM

i'm also into late 90s 'horror' movies...i just watched Scream and watched the poor man's Scream: i know what you did last summer (really bad. opening scene w/ a late 90s mall 'intense' cover of SUMMER BREEZE by seals and croft) the whole neve campbell..i guess cos of party of five..i was watching that for a moment. the show that 'defined a generation'. is this the show that kicked My So-Called Life off the air????

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