Monday, November 24, 2008

christmess coming

'all the lonely people/where do they all come from?'

'you talking to me?'

i have to find ways to make christmas okay.
i think because i've worked retail in previous lives - my body goes into instant adrenalin trauma mode because of unexorcized cellular memories.

but it's really okay!

i love many things about it. i like egg nog lattes. umm...alot.
(reduced fat ones..i do try and only smalls and only once in awhile).

coral is my red for christmas. and a single mitten stocking with a bunny hiding inside.
(coral and lavender look nice - an unusual combo. I used to think that red and lavender should be outlawed till i saw it together one day).

plus it is magic. no matter. i think that everyone's heart is far more open in december than any other time of year.
I don't know what that statistic is for world population of who even cares.

i just discovered last night by accident.

woah yeah. hello! it rules as much as it can rule.
come be my friend and share playlists.

(my playlist is a mess right now and kind of guilty pleasure messy like an embarrassing *obscure* song by HOLE from the 'any given sunday' soundtrack..that oliver stone football movie cameron diaz al pacino, ann-margret, crazy cast (not that i've seen it or plan on it but i wouldn't put it past me) the song is called BE A MAN from 1999. The Video Is Scary. The kind of thing i watch w/ my mouth slightly agape. Sociologically speaking. I'm 100% wtf courtneylove?

"Be A Man" this is a weird coincidence b/c i'm doing alot of writing on men cliches using 'mad men' (DON DRAPER) as a song came out of that too on a bike ride home one night in the pouring rain after a pink mountaintops show (steve mostly alone playing). i make up songs while i'm riding my bike around (and promptly forget most of them but if i remember when i get home i sing it into my computer for reference for a secret project i'm working on).

but back to

it's better than downloading. there are more songs available...i was able to find more Unwound and other slightly obscure..well.. you know. i'm re-listening to old music i haven't heard in years. it's fun. i love unwound. sometimes it is the sound inside my heart. (especially 'corpse pose').

i have to curate my playlist.

why is everyone GenY all helvetica? is all helvetica too. (plus a million dumb ads) do they think we are so removed from cursive now that the serifs will further confuse? too extraneous. i dunno. it sucks b/c i used to like helvetica. now it's just boring.

kids won't even know how to handwrite in the future.

they'll just type a post-it note on the computer.
mind you, i can barely pick up the phone anymore. i'll email someone in the same room as me.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

be my music buddy here:

Lucas said...

lol "Be a Man" is a wicked song, from a boss movie. I just finished watching "24" season 1 & 2 -- I abandoned two drawings I was making in the process, d'oh! Now I have to force myself to get back to work before I can start season 3.

Kelly said...

Oh wow I want a bunny in a mitten!
I'm LOVING coral at the moment. It's so much brighter and warm that red. And not as sweet as pink.

You know what you need to make Christmas ok?
Listen to the Drifters' White Christmas.

That'll get you in the mood X

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

I love these bunnies. Love them! Marking your etsy shop.

*mary* said...

Sonja, just wanted to say that I received a bunny for Xmas and I adore him! (You can probably tell; That is him in my profile pic now.)I love your books and all your art. Thanks for making it awesome!

janice said...

ok christmess is over.

Ashley L. said...

Your little decoration is very cute. It was a perfect touch :)

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basement studio with monster hiding in the corner


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